Everything That Happens in a Shonda Rhimes Show

by (@TaylorFerber)


Thanks to the successful crop of television shows she’s created and produced, Shonda Rhimes has set the bar for addicting TV drama in the last 10 years. We’ve loved watching powerhouse female characters Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), and Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) strive to take over the world while trying to fix their messy personal lives. Viola Davis is the newest addition to the fold (as How To Get Away with Murder‘s Annalise Keating), playing a high-powered defense attorney with troubles of her own.

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Hannah Ferguson Judges Jarvis’ Upside Down Twerking Skills



Did I ever mention my obsession with burger commercials? And Hannah Ferguson‘s “Carls Jr.” ad featuring Paris Hilton?? WHOAAA! A gorgeous country girl, cleaning a truck, and eating some meat — can life get any better? Yes, in fact. How about meeting that gorgeous girl in person? Read more…

If Full House and Modern Family Got In a Fight, Who Would Win?

by (@kat_george)


Modern Family Full House

There’s something about goofy family sitcoms that really tickles us. We’ve been thinking about Modern Family of late (with the show’s sixth season premiering tonight), and at the same time getting nostalgic about our childhood favorite, Full House. If we were children now, would we hold the extended Pritchett clan in the same esteem as we once did the Tanner household? Would we religiously DVR episodes and watch them over and over again until the dialogue became so familiar we could recite it in our sleep? Most importantly, which of the two shows would win in a fight? Read more…

10 LGBT Films Every (Gay or) Straight Person Should Watch

by (@sllambe)

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With Pride, a film about gay and lesbian activists who come to the aide of families affected by the 1984 UK miners’ strike, storming into theaters with positive fanfare and critical accolades, it may easily find its way among the top LGBT films out there today. For those who might scratch their head when it comes to queer cinema — yes there’s more than Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain — it’s time to catch up! While the list of the best gay films is a long and debatable one, we rounded up 10 essential movies that everyone — gay or straight — should watch.

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What Should Nashville Do About Hayden Panettiere’s Real Life Pregnancy?


66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
Ah, Nashville. We watch you for the great music and Connie Britton‘s luminescent skin, but we continue to tune in to see how you’ll one-up yourself in terms of ridiculous plot lines. Seriously, what can you possibly add to a nighttime soap opera that’s already featured a country star in a coma, a fake miscarriage made more convincing with pig’s blood, and a murder-suicide carried out in order to prevent a sex tape from leaking? The only two possible answers here are a) a pregnancy of dubious paternity or b) the arrival of a heretofore unacknowledged evil twin.

Lucky for us, Hayden Panettiere is pregnant in real life, and her character, Juliette Barnes, had some drunk sex with evil Jeff Fordham (Oliver Hudson), the nasty record label exec who is most definitely not her boyfriend — how could she cheat on Avery (Jonathan Jackson)??? He became so likable! — so we’re definitely getting a pregnancy this season; it’s been confirmed that her pregnancy will be written into the series. We are thrilled for Hayden in real life, but also, way to give us the next amazing plot twist on the show, girlfriend!

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