20 Times Amber Rose Tried to Take a Selfie and Her Boobs Got in the Way

by (@chrisrosa92)

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Let’s play a game: Look through Amber Rose‘s Instagram selfies and try not to focus on her boobs. You won’t be able to do it, and we don’t blame you. She has the most magical breasts on the Internet.

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10 Stars Who Got the Blues on the Red Carpet


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It’s award season, which means tons of your favorite celebs will flock to the red carpet to get their picture taken. Those of us in the real world believe the red carpet is a magical place. But occasionally, celebs look downright pissed while posing for fans and photographers. Read more…

The Most Awkward Adult Celeb Appearances on Kid Shows


Katy Perry on Sesame Street

-Aly Semigran

Popular kid shows like Sesame Street, Yo Gabba Gabba!, and Spongebob Squarepants aren’t always just for kids. Grown-ups have been known to not only tune in to the children’s-friendly programming (hey, some of them are really good!), but even appear on said shows. While stars like Jon Hamm, Ricky Gervais, Sarah Silverman , and Amy Poehler made the best of their time and had some seriously awesome cameos, other celebrities haven’t made quite the same impression. Read more…