So How Much Does Rob Kardashian Hate Kim Kardashian?

by (@emilyexton)

By now we’ve all seen Rob Kardashian‘s not-so-subtle Instagram photo comparing sister Kim to Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) from Gone Girl. (In case you missed it, it’s still up!) So what’s the deal? Is this a playful joke that was taken too far, or the sign of deep familial conflict? Read more…

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Believes He Can Stop Sofia Vergara from Marrying Joe Manganiello

by (@emilyexton)

Are you excited about gorgeous Sofia Vergara’s wedding to fellow hot person Joe Manganiello? Jesse Tyler Ferguson isn’t so sure. On Big Morning Buzz Live, Vergara’s Modern Family co-star told Nick Lachey it’s not too late to break up the upcoming nuptials. Read more…

Can You Guess the Celebrity Engagement Ring? (Spoiler Alert: This Is Depressing)

by (@TaylorFerber)


One of the best/worst things about celebrity culture is living vicariously through their glamorous lifestyles. Fancy wedding dresses and secret nuptials are nice, but when the ladies sport engagement rings the size of a bowling ball, everything goes out the window (because that’s all we’re looking at anyway). Read more…

Tom Hanks Reenacts All of His Films in Six Minutes and It Will Make Every Movie Lover Explode

by (@TaylorFerber)

If Tom Hanks isn’t your idol, he should be. He’s not only a Hollywood icon, but a damn nice guy (why else would Forbes name him the Most Trustworthy Celebrity last year?). On The Late Late Show Monday, Hanks and host James Corden reenacted every single one of his movies in just six minutes. Trust when we say it’s a skit that will make you experience EVERY FEEL ON EARTH. Read more…

10 Things ’80s Movies Made You Expect from High School


80s Movies High School

-Hope Schreiber

It’s not unusual to gain high expectations about your high school career from movies. Obviously, children of the newer generations should assume not everyone would bust out into song and dance a la High School Musical — the same way pre-teens during the release of Grease accepted their sad, songless fate. But that doesn’t mean people don’t fall for the other myths movies perpetrate. Read more…