What If the Sony Email Leaks Were Taken Out of Context?

by (@t_akino)

Sony has been taking hit after hit ever since anonymous hackers breached the company’s systems on November 24. The culprits, who may or may not be tied to North Korea, a country enraged about Sony’s upcoming Kim Jong Un assassination comedy The Interview, have not only leaked dozens of the company’s latest films, including this year’s Fury, but also hundreds of private internal emails. Mega producer Scott Rudin and Sony Pictures Entertainment Co-Chairman Amy Pascal came out looking the worst, with exchanges between two the spitting vitriol at Angelina Jolie, Kevin Hart, and Aaron Sorkin, among others.

However, regardless of how clear their messages seem to be, plenty of them were completely misunderstood. So, we’re here to clear up any confusion by placing the misinterpreted emails in the right context.
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Transformation Tuesday: Reese Witherspoon


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It’s been over 20 years since Reese Witherspoon made her debut as a fresh-faced teen debut in Man in the Moon in 1991. Throughout the years, Reese’s blonde hair has almost been as consistent as her Southern accent, but she’s come a long way since her teen days. Read more…

Oprah Winfrey Has A Message For Protesters


Oprah Winfrey commented on protests that have followed the Ferguson and Eric Garner grand jury decisions. “I think it’s a wonderful thing that people are protesting,” said Winfrey, “For real change to happen though, you’ve got to figure out what you want. You’ve got to be able to answer that question.” Check out the clip above for more.

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