Jessica Lange Shading Lady Gaga Is Why the Internet Was Created

by (@TaylorFerber)


“Shade” is not a word on my radar, and I don’t care when people throw it or get it. (Peace and love and butterflies all day, guys). But this clip of Jessica Lange literally rejecting the thought of Lady Gaga with her body, is the best thing I’ve seen in my 24 years of life. Read more…

Everything That Needs to Happen in ‘Empire’ Season Two, Including a Beyonce Cameo


Empire Needs Beyonce

-Michael Arceneaux

Sadly, we have reached the end of Empire’s highly entertaining and historic first season. While I know what I’ll be doing in its seasonal break to at least try to fill the void in my life – talking to Black aunties at various fish fry spots in Harlem, men with Lucious Lyon styled conks on the street, and ignoring the people emailing me their mixtapes – I am already envisioning how I would like season two to go. Read more…