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Rihanna Tells Piers Morgan To “Grow A …” On Twitter

  Rihanna is one lady who definitely doesn’t take crap from anyone. But talk show host Piers Morgan decided to take his chances and make an unkind remark about Riri’s new pixie crop that she first unveiled at the MTV VMAs last week. Spoiler alert: he got burned right back. The singer performed at the […]


The 10 Hottest Ryans Of All Time

It’s come to our attention recently that there are quite a few hot Ryans roaming the earth, with their abs and their grills and their Hey Girls and their father-son soccer games and their cute dates with Blake Lively. You know the ones: Lochte, Reynolds, Phillippe,  Gosling…and yet there are more who deserve our love! Lesser-known […]