4 Heart-Injuring Photos Of A Baby Squirrel In A Cast


“Injured Baby Squirrel Photos,” eh? I’m not falling for another one of those internet ‘let’s turn this into an adorable thing’ ordeals, because if it were an injured human none of us would care, but instead, it’s a tiny squirrel that fell out of a branch and bruised its leg when its home-tree got cut down and it’s not even three weeks old and ITS INJURED LEG IS NOW IN A TINY PURPLE CAST AND IT’S FALLING ASLEEP IN THIS PERSON’S HAND AN IT’S SO TINY AND I CAN’T TAKE IT AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH:



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Ali Landry Continues Her “Screw You Mario Lopez” Tour Across America

by (@hallekiefer)

Hell hath no fury like Ali Landry scorned! The Hollywood Girls Night host has been spilling dirt about her ex-husband Mario Lopez‘s cheating ways during their marriage left and right this week, and the fact they haven’t been together for eight years does not seem to phase her in the slightest. “He did suck, it still does suck. It hurt a lot and he never apologized,” Landry revealed to HuffPo about Lopez’s infidelities, which spurred her to annul their marriage after only two weeks in 2004. “That’s hurtful, when someone you cared about never stepped up to the plate to at least say, “I’m so sorry I did that to you.” But with that said, I had to be even stronger and figure out a way to move forward on my own.” For shame, Mario. Did the fiery feminist spirit of Jessie Spano teach you nothing?

Landry has since remarried to current hubs Alejandro Gomez Monteverde, with whom she had daughter Estela Ines and baby Marcelo Alejandro. So…we guess she just had to get this last bit of bitterness off her chest before she can move on? “I was like, ‘I don’t want to tap a phone! I can’t believe I’m doing this.’ So she did, and right after the honeymoon I started getting phone calls from these girls,” the actress revealed about her doomed relationship with the Live! with Kelly cohost to Wendy Williams last week. “I confronted him and he still – to this day – denied it and never apologized. It was horrible.” But as Ali laughs now, “…I say it every single day. Like, ‘Thank God I’m not with that person. Thank God!’ I’m grateful that happened, really!” Um, yeah…we’ll have to take your word for it, girl.

[Photo: Getty Images]

Michael Bay Already Doing His Best To Ruin The Ninja Turtles


Michael Bay recently spoke about the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that he’s co-producing, and while it’d obviously be easy to take a random quote he said and read into it and get angry at him for messing up the story because he’s Michael Bay and we know the movie’s going to be ridiculous pretty much no matter what, let’s go ahead and do exactly that anyway.

Bay dropped a potential plot-altering bombshell when he noted that the new-movie turtles are aliens:

These turtles are from an alien race, and they are going to be tough, edgy, funny, and completely lovable.”

First off, the ninja turtles aren’t ‘aliens,’ they’re regular earth turtles that came in contact with a mysterious power-giving ooze that grew them to human size and gave them tremendous strength, dexterity, and the capacity for speech. The idea that they are ‘aliens’ is ridiculous.

Secondly, even if the quote is being taken out of context, or if he meant that the ‘ooze’ was some alien substance, it’s Michael Bay talking about the Ninja Turtles, so it doesn’t really matter, we just know this is going to end in something stupid being created. It’s just funny that he may already be needlessly altering an already-ridiculous detail about a ridiculous concept to make it equally ridiculous but just a different thing and make fans of the comics (or the tv show that was literally a third parent to most of us, despite it being hilariously unwatchable if you ever go back to it) mad at him. I’m not sure Michael Bay is used to people being mad at him.

You can follow along with more Michael Bay Ninja Turtle movie updates with the Hashtag #ToughEdgyFunnyLovableTurtlesTwizzlersdotorgCirocthenewyear!

Daniel Radcliffe’s Ginsberg Hair Helps Him Shed Harry Potter

by (@shalapitcher)

We all get how hard it must be for the stars of Harry Potter to find new and exciting roles after the end of their beloved franchise. And brava to Emma Watson for doing so in such a chic way two whole years ago. So it should be none too surprising that Daniel Radcliffe has finally changed up his ‘do. But it kinda is. We got so used to seeing Daniel’s straight hair with bangs — high off the ear, brushed down for Potter, brushed off his face to the side for real life — that it’s a shock to the system to see these photos of him on the set of Kill Your Darlings, in which he plays a young Allen Ginsberg. So much curly hair! Can it possibly be all his? He had a lot of 19th-century bangs and sideburn action for The Woman in Black, so it could be.

Here’s a little retrospective of DanRad’s hair for his various roles. Which is your fave?

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And how happy are you that he’s playing Ginsberg in 1944, not the ’60s-era version of the poet most of us think of?

[Photos: Warner Bros., Splash News Online, Getty Images]

Yes, Pregnant Snooki Will Be Back For Jersey Shore Season Six

by (@hallekiefer)

They can convert the smoosh room into a nursery! We predicted last month how awesome it would be if Snooki and her baby returned for more Jersey Shore, but we honestly did not know if the miniature reality star would be back for more GTL. Snooks is currently filming her new spin-off and planning a wedding to boyfriend Jionni LaValle, plus there is very little else to do at the Shore besides drink; we’d understand if she opted to sit this one out.  Luckily, the girl does nothing but surprise us, and not just with the number of shots she can take in a single night! “The house dynamic is headed into unchartered territory as their lives outside of the Shore take off in exciting new directions,” MTV said in a statement today, in addition to confirming that all seven cast members will return to New Jersey this summer to shoot a new season, including a by-then massively pregnant Snooki. Wow, and you thought Deena cried a lot in season five! Because she did!

“While things will definitely be a little different this time when they hit the boardwalk, their trademark hilarity and family dysfunction will remain the same,” MTV concluded. We are almost ashamed at how excited about this. We don’t see how we could be more psyched…oh wait. “She told me she wants me to deejay the delivery room,” Pauly D told People last week. “I told her I’ll just deejay the baby shower.” Yeah (teeny, tiny, baby-sized) buddy!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

Jon Hamm Needs To Stop Talking About Kim K, His Less Than Handsome Face

by (@hallekiefer)

Jon Hamm has the velvety, masculine voice of an angel formed out of cigar smoke and brandy vapor, but that doesn’t mean he can just use it to talk crazy whenever he wants! For example, when claiming that he just doesn’t measure up to fellow A-listers in the “Hot Face” department. “I don’t necessarily think of myself like the handsome guy. That’s reserved for Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds and those guys,” Hamm scoffed to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I guess I never really thought of myself that way. I just wanted to be a regular person and try to portray parts as varied as I could.” A regular person! Do you hear yourself right now, Don Draper? Did an alien seize control of your vocal chords this weekend? A regular person. Please.

Less crazy-making, but more groan-inducing, is Hamm’s continuing comments about his beef with Kim Kardashian. Jon, let it go! We all agreed with you the first time around! “I don’t think they were careless; I think they were accurate,” the Friends With Kids actor proclaimed on the Today show this morning in a direct rebuttal to Kardashian’s annoyed tweets. “It’s a part of our culture that I certainly don’t identify with, and I don’t really understand the appeal of it other than in a sort of car crash sensibility, and it’s not something that I partake in or enjoy, but it is what it is, and here we are.” Between this and the Ryan Reynolds comment, Jon, we might have to watch the new season of Mad Men with the sound-off. Sure, sometimes we do that anyway, but you get our point!

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We’d Totally Be Into Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender Dating

by (@katespencer)

Take a minute and soak in this gorgeous photo of Prometheus co-stars Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender, snapped at Wonder-Con this weekend. Just let their majestic gene pool wash over you, and then dare to dream of what it would be like if these two A-List singletons were a couple. Yes, we are currently sitting here “shipping” Charlize and Fassy (Charbender?), and with good reason.

1) They are two of the most attractive people on the planet, and staring at two attractive people never gets old.
2) They are two of the most talented people on the planet, and imagining them conquering awards season together gets our film nerd panties in a twist.
3) Charlize has a new baby and we want to see Michael Fassbender hold a baby!
4) For more LOL-filled moments like the ones we got at Wonder-Con, which included Charlize jokingly complimenting Michael on his manhood. “Your penis was a revelation,” she said about the actor’s full-frontal reveal in Shame. “I’m available to work with it any time.”

For more pics of the co-stars, check out our gallery below and be sure to watch the Prometheus trailer, which looks awesome.

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Another Handy Reminder Before You Decide To Write Anything


Hey there, aspiring writers, directors, actors, musicians, actor-directors, musicians turned actors, poets, musicians turned poets, poets turned directors, and for sure bloggers (because blogging is supes art) – here’s just another quick reminder of a dilemma you’re already well aware of, but it always helps to have a graphical reminder / hope-dasher.

Dan Gurewitch posted this following graphic from Rotten Tomatoes, noting that “it sums up the predicament faced by anyone who creates anything”:

Yyyyup. If this graphic doesn’t spell out the age-old ‘artistic aspirations’-vs-$$$$ dilemma clearly enough, you can always just check out the Neilsen ratings on CBS shows versus Breaking Bad and Mad Men. (Actually, I’m pretty sure CBS technically owns me, so maybe I should delete that sentence? Ehh, whoever pays my salary would probably read it and at least be like ‘yep’ before firing me.)

(Pic via Dangurewitch.com)

2-Year-Old Sings Adele And It Is Adel-orable


Here’s a video of Lil’ 2-Year-Old Makena singing along to Adele’s “Someone Like You”, and it is completely not the most adorable thing ever. Just kidding it completely is the most adorable thing ever I’m just killing time here because obviously it’s the most adorable thing ever, you knew that like half a word into the description.

I guess if you pay attention to the lyrics, it’s a little tragic that this 2-year-old has spent upwards of half her life lamenting her lost love, but she does it with such grace and passion, I’m sure she’ll land on her feet (she’s been walking for a solid 6 months at this point).

Ladies and gentlemen, your future winner of America’s Kidz Got Singing:

(Thanks, Megan S!)

Charlize Theron, Jessica Simpson, Other Celeb Moms Totally Embarrassing Their Kids

by (@shalapitcher)

We’re sometimes under the illusion that motherhood has a calming effect on celebrities, making them less interesting to gossips and paparazzi. And then we remember Britney Spears (and, like, our own mothers). Nope, moms are people too, and that means they are bound to make their kids want to disown them. And the children of celeb moms have it even worse than the rest of us. This weekend gave us so many examples of things that would have made us stomp into our rooms, put on the “Keep Out!” sign and write frantically in our diaries how we would be the first documented case of dying of embarrassment.

1. Jessica Simpson wore this denim, snakeskin-patterned, ruffled tent to her baby shower. And still insists she’s having only one little girl.

2. Kris Jenner posted a photo of herself naked and pregnant with Rob Kardashian on her blog to wish him a happy birthday on Saturday. “Happy 25th birthday to my wonderful, handsome son, Rob!! Rob, you are the best son a mother could ask for and you make me proud every day. I love you so much!!”
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