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LISTEN UP: Pretty Above-Average Computer

Stereogum is currently featuring an incredibly extensive tribute to OK Computer, featuring covers from Mobius Band, The Twilight Sad, Chris Funk of The Decemberists, and a must-hear version of “Fitter Happier” performed by Samson Dalonga featuring The Found Sound Orchestra (aka David Cross). Make note of the first comment on the post from Stereogumcommentor McJadedo, […]


LISTEN UP: BWE’s Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever

I finally saw Pearl Jam for the first time on Saturday, and it was unbelievable. I Am Fuel, You Are Friends has a handful of live PJ tracks that are worth your time. Indieblogheaven has a couple of tracks by Be Your Own Pet today for those of you who like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs […]


Lego Time: Out Of Time

Lego movies never get old. Here is a Lego movie featuring time travel, a Lego Rod Serling and feral monkeys. Watch Out Of Time. (Dial up warning: 20MB file size.) link thanks to:Cynical Smirk Watch more Lego movies at Brick Films.