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Katharine McPhee’s Hot GQ Spread Tops Our List Of Her 20 Most Smashing Looks

Katharine McPhee took over our TV sets once before during her unforgettable run on American Idol back in 2006. And now she’s at it again, with the staring role in NBC’s Smash! The dramatic new series features McPhee as Karen Cartwright, an up-and-coming performer with some serious star power who gets her first shot at the big time. Sound familiar? It’s the role Katharine was born to play! The show premiered last night to record breaking numbers, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come.

But that’s not the only reason Kat is on everyone’s lips today. Her sizzling photo shoot for the March issue of GQ hit stands today, and it’s adding fuel to the flames. Screw the Giants parade, Katharine McPhee officially owns the day as far as we’re concerned. Take a look at the gallery below for her 20 most “smashingly” hot looks. Enjoy!

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Haywire Star Gina Carano’s 20 Hottest And Most Badass Looks

Some of us are just getting to know Gina Carano, as she makes her movie debut in Steven Soderberg’s Haywire, in theaters today. In the movie, she plays Mallory Kane, a private security contractor whose boss/lover turns on her. And naturally, to survive and exact revenge, she winds up kicking the ass of some rather delicious foes: Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor, Antonio Banderas and Channing Tatum. She also happens to have done all of her own stunts. (At post-screening Q&A for the movie we attended back in December, she said she loves bruises and had to talk the stunt guys into hitting her for real.) Because before becoming an actress, she was a professional badass.

The Muay Thai kickboxer was one of the hottest MMA fighters in the biz before going on hiatus in 2009. (Here’s a little highlights video put together by a fan.) She was also #16 on the Maxim Hot 100 in 2009 and appeared as Crush on American Gladiators.

After seeing her defy the laws of physics in Haywire, we’re very eager for her to get back in the ring. Then again, it would be a loss to moviegoers if she didn’t stay in the acting game — despite the admission by Soderberg that he altered her voice for the flick; she doesn’t really talk all that much in the movie anyway. But we love seeing a female action hero with real muscle and fire in her eyes. Check out our 20 favorite pics of the lovely and deadly Gina below.

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Tilda Swinton’s 20 Greatest Style Moments

If there’s anything that’s more striking than Tilda Swinton’s stellar screen performances, it’s her razor sharp sense of style. Like her movies, her outfits are always unique, unexpected and unforgettable. From film noire-y cocktail dresses, to snow queen frocks, and even vibrant pant suits, Tilda’s looks never fail to stun! So in honor of her Critics’ Choice Movie Awards nomination for her role in We Need To Talk About Kevin, let’s take a look back at some of Tilda’s greatest red carpet looks. Enjoy! And don’t forget to tune in TONIGHT to the CCMA’s on VH1 at 8 PM! But be sure to swing by the exclusive VH1 CCMA live-stream at 6 PM to watch your favorite stars strut the red carpet in high style!

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Jessica Chastain’s 20 Hottest Looks

2011 could pretty much be called The Year Of Jessica Chastain. The lady was EVERYWHERE last year, with so many great performances that she probably deserves an Oscar category of her own! Her biggest credits this year include award winning roles in The Help (which also earned her a CCMA nom), The Tree Of Life, and The Debt, to name just a few. And who knows what 2012 will bring! But of course, with every stunning movie comes an equally stunning outfit to wear to the premiere, and Jessica has lit the red carpet on fire more than her fair share in the 12 months. So without further ado, we’d like to present Jessica Chastain’s 20 hottest styles. Enjoy!

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Alexander Skarsgard’s 20 Sexiest Looks

We have a lot of feelings about Alexander Skarsgard (who turns 35 today), the most important of which is that he is the most beautiful specimen to walk the face of the earth.  We would pay double for HBO if they could find a way to incorporate his naked butt into every True Blood scene. Or how about just find a way to have him walk around naked on every series on the network? A naked Alex and the Entourage dudes? Palling around in his birthday suit with Larry David? We would watch! Oh, how we would watch.

But ASkars still delivers the sexy goods when fully dressed. Look at him in a suit! Look at him in a rumpled denim shirt! Look at him casually draping a suit jacket over a white tee that loosely hangs from his Nordic god muscles! It’s all just too much, which is why we have 20 delectable photos of Eric Northman hunking it up in our gallery below.

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Victoria Justice’s Top 20 Hottest Looks

Victoria Justice's 20 Hottest Looks

Already one of Nickelodeon’s hottest stars, Victoria Justice is not only staring in the network series Victorious, but has also given us one of this summer’s hottest songs. We can’t lie, we have had “My Best Friend’s Brother” stuck in our heads while working around the office (not to mention on the ride home) all summer long. The teen star is showing all signs of a successful year and future with the release of the Victorious soundtrack next week, as well as the cross-over TV hit iParty with Victorious, in which she co-starred alongside the cast of iCarly. We are proud to see the former Zoey 101 star growing up while making us laugh and dance along the way.

Before tuning into the one-hour movie special Victorious: Locked Up, which airs this Saturday at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on Nick, take a look at some of Victoria’s hottest looks through the years. (We promise the orange jumpsuit she and her cast mates will be sporting in this week’s episode is not included.)

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Demi Lovato’s Top 20 Hottest Looks

Go on and try to tear her down, but she keeps risin’ from the ground like a skyscraper! It’s been a roller-coaster year for Demi Lovato, as the teen queen battled with her very adult demons. But after a stint in rehab and some rejuvenating time off,  Demi’s back and better than ever with a new lease on life and a kickass new track called “Skyscraper!” Although it’s only been out a little more than a week, it’s rose to the top of the iTunes charts (yes, like a skyscraper), making it her most successful song to date. To celebrate her triumphant comeback, join us as we run down the Disney dream’s 20 hottest looks. Enjoy!

20. Denim Dream
19. Curves Ahead
18. Tinseltown Toga
17. Wrapped Up
16. Cowgirl Cutie
15. Chauffeur Chic
14. Pretty In Pinstripes
13. Disney a Go-Go
12. Sexy Sequin
11. Marilyn Doppleganger
10. Gold Medal Hottie
9. LBD-elight
8. Rip It Up!
7. Two-Tonin’ It
6. 50s Film Starlet
5. License To Frill
4. Lady Rocks The Blues
3. Strapless Stunner
2. Business Casual Babe
1. Magic Eye Mama

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Jamie Campbell Bower’s 20 Hottest Looks

When we heard that adorable British actor Jamie Bower landed the role of Jace in The Mortal Instruments we were all “YAY!” Our crush on the Camelot star grows larger every time we lay eyes on his messy hair, his sweet litttle smirk and his sexy, swashbuckler-y outfits. He’s perfected pirate chic and taken it to a new level, mixing it with a bit of Brit Invasion and a dash of hipster. Plus he rocks the best possible accessory: his lovely fiancee, actress Bonnie Wright.

We’ve got 20 of Jamie’s Hottest Looks in our gallery below. Feast your eyes on the star of Hollywood’s Next Big Movie Franchise!

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Cameron Diaz’s Top 20 Leggiest Looks

Cameron Diaz has been an A-Lister ever since she survived co-starring with Jim Carrey in The Mask. Honestly, we can’t think of a harder way to earn your showbiz stripes. But from there she blossomed, starring in comedy classics like There’s Something About Mary, and rocking not one but two dynamite franchises: Charlie’s Angles and Shrek. And of course, there was her unforgettable turn as the ditzy Kimberly Wallace in My Best Friend’s Wedding (our fave). The Oscar peeps must have been asleep at the wheel that year.

What’s the secret to her success? Strong acting skills, gorgeous facial features, and a hot wardrobe? Sure. But perhaps most importantly, she has legs that go all the way up to the Arctic Circle. Just peep the posters for the upcoming Bad Teacher, which opens wide today! In honor of our favorite leggy blonde’s return to the big screen, we take a look back at her shortest skirts and highest hemlines. Enjoy!

20. Blonde Ambition
19. Beauty In A Blazer
18. License To Frill
17. White ‘n’ Wonderful
16. Fantastic Femme Fatale
15. Black Swan
14. Belting It Out!
13. Hot For Teacher
12. Curtain Cutie
11. Jungle Jamin’
10. Spot The Hottie
9. Miniskirt Madness
8. Tinsel-Town Toga
7. Steamy Short Shorts
6. Orange You Glad It’s Cameron Diaz?
5. Velveteen Dream
4. Sparkle Studded Stunner
3. Beaded Bombshell
2. Bikini Babe
1. Preppie Teen Queen

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Jennifer Lawrence’s 20 Hottest Looks

If you haven’t heard about Jennifer Lawrence by now, following her Oscar nominated performance in Winter’s Bone and her turn as Mystique in X-Men: First Class (out today!), don’t worry—you’ll have plenty of chances to catch up before The Hunger Games hits theaters next March. Lawrence beat out ingenues like Hailee Steinfeld and Chloe Moretz for the lead role of Katniss in Games, which many expect to take over Twilight‘s position as the must-see teen franchise after Edward & Bella bid goodbye. Almost as impressive? That hardly anyone seems to have noticed she’s in Mel Gibson‘s The Beaver. Sometimes its better not to be seen!

Naturally, Lawrence’s increased profile has meant increased access to glamorous dresses. Check out the gallery to see 20 of her hottest looks so far…though there’s certain to be plenty more to come!

20. Bolt Of Blue

19. Nominated Newbie

18. Navy Baby

17. Silk Style

16. Printed Poise

15. Showstopper

14. Hippy Hottie

13. Cream Corset

12. Fashionista

11. Perfect in Periwinkle

10. Shades of Drama

9. 80s Contemporary

8. Ode to a Grecian Babe

7. Midnight Twist

6. Orange Hot

5. Light Lace

4. Sleek Slip

3. Glittering Star

2. Decorated Diva

1. Belle of the Ball


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