2010 BET Awards

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Antoine Dodson Is Our Favorite Everything

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If we had kids or a wife, the last thing we’d want to hide them from is Antoine Dodson at the BET Hip-Hop Awards last night (ugh, that joke was a stretch, even for us). Dodson appeared briefly in all of his red bandana’ed glory for a short “best of” version of the Bed Intruder song, which everyone has been loving/hating/incredibly offended by for weeks now. In case you’ve never heard or seen the famous meme (for example, you had been frozen in a glacier for thousands of years until earlier today) Dodson’s amazing televised rant at his sister’s unknown assailant was embraced by the Internet and turned into a beautiful song…an Autotuned song.

Michael Gregory of the Gregory Brothers, one member of the group who originally Autotuned the song played the keyboard, which was okay considering nobody cares about him at all. The point is, when Antoine walked on stage, that audience was so loud, you would have thought we were in the audience. Said Dodson,  “I don’t call people and say, ‘Hey, I want to be on your show.’ They reached out to me and said, ‘You are the hot topic right now, so we want you to be on the show.'” We are proud students of the Get That Money, Honey School Of Performance, so whether Dodson’s tune makes you want to play it at your wedding or throw away your computer and move to Canada, we applaud any accolades or cash he receives from his fans. Run and tell, run and tell, run and tell that!

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Exclusive: Todd Bridges Puts Gary Coleman’s Ex-Wife On Blast

While most of the chatter about last night’s BET Awards has been focused around Chris Brown’s emotional breakdown during his performance of “Man In The Mirror,” it’s worth noting that there was also a lot of action on the red carpet before last night’s festivities, too. In particular, VH1 News’ own Janell Snowdenfollow her on Twitter! — was able to get a few moments with Todd Bridges, former Diff’rent Strokes star and longtime confidant of the late Gary Coleman. Bridges was there, of course, to honor the memory of his old friend, which he accomplished when he got the whole crowd to shout “Whatchu talkin’ about, Willis?” But on the red carpet, Bridges appeared to be a bit angrier at the chain of events that led to Coleman’s unexpected passing. He had stern words for both Coleman’s parents and his ex-wife, Shannon Price, telling Janell that “something’s fishy” and that he hopes that “God looks into [his death] and the police look into it.”