2010 Video Music Awards

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Taylor Talks To Kanye In New Song: Were You Moved Or Weirded Out?


We still don’t quite know what to make of Taylor Swift‘s performance of “Innocent” at the VMAs tonight (watch video of the performance below). MTV sure hyped up Taylor and Kanye West‘s reunion through out the show, and the whole thing just ended up feeling…weird. She looked amazing, even if her voice was kinda off (which seems to be the usual for her when she sings live). But making a huge moment out of a song that is essentially about one person interrupting another person seems way trivial and over-dramatic. The guy didn’t do any real harm, he just cut her off on national TV. Honestly if Kanye did that to us, we’d probably pen a victory song titled, “We’ve Made It!”

On the other hand, he did totally ruin her big moment last year, so it was nice to see her get it back for a few minutes. But in true Kanye fashion, he stole the show with the last number of the night, a song about toasting “douchebags” and “jerk-offs,” which may as well be called “An Ode to Spencer Pratt, Mel Gibson and the cast of Jersey Shore.”

So yeah, it was weird. What did you think?

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2010 VMAs: 9 White Carpet WTFS And Other Fashion Disasters


Now this is what the VMAs are really about: fashion trainwrecks trainwrecking around trying to out trainwreck each other. And while it absolutely pains us to include some of our favorites on this list – Rihanna, Robyn, former MTV VJ Kennedy (er, JK) – nothing compares to the suffering they caused our eyes tonight with their wardrobe WTFs.

Without further ado, here are the looks we hated (on stars we – sob – love). Are we being too evil with our fashion eye? Talk back to us in the comments. And yes, we’ll fully admit to being the worst-dressed nobody of the night – yoga pants, a giant purple t-shirt and our one accessory – a medium cup of Haagen Daz. Luckily our cat took paparazzi shots, so we’ll be happy to share. [Photo: Getty Images]

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2010 VMAs White Carpet Winners: The 12 Best Dressed Stars Of The Night


While the 2010 VMAs were a wee bit more subdued than last year’s show, the white carpet was full of fashion hits, misses and WTFs. Lucky for us, when the stars got it right, they got it way right.

Our best dressed list is varied to say the least; there are no easy to spot trends or styles that everyone embraced. But there is is one thing that unifies this crew: they all know how to play up their best features and their personalities to a tee. Ashley Greene (aka Audrey Hepburn reincarnated) nails the short, sexy and cute look, Katy Perry is playful yet perfect and Gaga is, as always, Gaga. Nothing is sexier than being true to you, amirite? Okay, that was cheesy. Let’s just get to the outfits, shall we? [Photo: Getty Images]

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The Top 20 Skimpiest VMA Outfits Of All Time


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Musicians, celebrities and irrelevant D-Listers are gathering together once again this Sunday evening to celebrate the MTV Video Music Awards. Sure the VMAs are about music and videos and honoring future one-hit wonders (a-ha, anyone?), but really what they’re about is said stars and wannabees shocking us with their outfits…or lack there of.

The Grammys are where the music industry goes to class it up, but the VMAs are all about getting down. Like, nipple pasties down. We’ve picked out the skimpiest outfits to grace the VMAs white carpet over the years, scroll through the skin to see our number one skimpiest outfit.

Did we miss anyone? Tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to tune into the VMAs this Sunday night at 9/8c to see who leaves the house in next to nothing this year! Our money is on Best New Artist nominee Ke$ha – though maybe host Chelsea Handler will shock us with a little skin. We can’t wait!

20. Madonna, 2005

19. Mya, 2003

18. Beyonce, 2003

17. Brooke Hogan, 2005

16. Lady Gaga, 2009

15. Britney Spears, 2000

14. Fergie, 2006

13. Halle Berry, 2000

12. Christina Aguilera, 2002

11. Vivica A. Fox, 2003

10. Ashanti, 2003

9. Paulina Rubio, 2005

8. Mariah Carey, 1997

7. Pamela Anderson, 2001

6. Carmen Electra, 1997

5. Paris Hilton, 2003

4. Coco, 2004

3. Anna Nicole Smith, 2005

2. Lil Kim, 1998

1. Rose McGowan, 1998

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