2010 Winter Olympics


Where In The World Is Matt Lauer? Probably Not With His Wife


We’ve heard about the sexcapades that occur between athletes at the Olympic Village, but we never figured that the journalists sent there to cover the events would get in on them. Looks like Matt Lauer may prove us wrong, at least according to reports in the National Enquirer. The Today Show host has reportedly left the home in New York that he shares with his wife Annette and their three children after Annette accuesed him of hooking up with at least two female broadcasters at the Vancouver Olympics this year.

This isn’t the first time the couple has had problems – Annette filed for divorce in 2006 but withdrew the petition because she was pregnant with their third child. Matt allegedly screwed around on the poor woman just before they were married in 1998 as well. While in Vancouver, Lauer is said to have stood up his wife on Valentine’s Day, instead opting to hang out with his colleagues. You know, we’ve never really thought about what the hosts of the Today Show do in their spare time, they always seemed like blank slates to us. Now it’s taking all the strength we have to not think about the sex lives of Ann Curry and Al Roker.

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Canadian Hockey Team Under Fire For Drinking On Ice


Looks like Scotty Lago isn’t the only Olympic medalist who shows poor judgment when he celebrates. The entire Canadian Women’s hockey team celebrated their gold-medal win last night by drinking some brews and smoking cigars on the ice, and the International Olympic Committee is not thrilled with their behavior.

Several team members, including underaged Marie-Philip Poulin who is 18, have come under fire for their actions (which took place in a near-empty rink, with only teammates and members of the media inside the arena). Gilbert Felli, director of the Olympic Games, said that their alcohol consumption was “not what we want to see” from athletes at the games. Does Felli know about the legendary sexual activities the Olympic Village are known for? Because that seems like something a little more scandalous than a lying on the ice with a bottle of Champagne or our favorite image of the night, player Colleen Sostorics trying to take the Zamboni out for a spin. We guess if you have to scapegoat someone’s poor behavior at the games, the old adage is true: Blame Canada! [Photos: Getty Images]

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Eye Candy on Ice: The Hottest Olympic Figure Skaters


Tonight marks the start of the most popular sporting event of the Winter Olympics: Ladies Figure Skating. The graceful, acrobatic sport turns out plenty of stunning women from all over the world. Podium hopefuls Sonia Lafuente of Spain, Yu-Na Kim of South Korea, and Mirai Nagasu of the USA, will be amongst the female athletes taking to the ice to perform their short programs tonight. Their score combined with Thursday’s free skate will dictate their medal standing. Here are 19 Olympians who may or may not win gold, but will undoubtedly look good giving their best effort. [Photos: Getty Images]

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Olympic Snowboarder Scotty Lago Leaves Vancouver After Naughty Pics Surface


We’re willing to bet that Olympic snowboarder Scotty Lago isn’t the first guy to use his medal to pick up chicks. He just might be the first guy get caught on camera doing it and then told to leave the host city before the games are even over.

The bronze-medalist was out and about in Vancouver with fellow Team USA snowboarders Louie Vito and Shaun White to celebrate their halfpipe wins when he decided to have some fun with his medal. The pictures show Lago at a club with a girl who licked, bit and simulated some, uh, other oral action on the medal.

While it seems relatively tame compared to the things we’ve seen, say, Tila Tequila or the cast of Jersey Shore do on a regular basis, the Olympic team does abide by something called the Ambassador Program which exists to prevent international incidents and social gaffes from happening, and having a stranger fellate your medal seems to fall outside that code of conduct. Lago left the Olympic Village willingly and apologized to the U.S. Officials for his behavior. (Can we stop for a second just to admire the abs on Scotty, though? The man deserves a medal just for those.)

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Victoria Beckham On Olympic Fashion: “Terrible!”


It’s no secret that we’re a wee bit obsessed with the outfits being worn on the ice at the Olympics this year (oh, the clowns, how they are seared into our brain), but Victoria Beckham doesn’t share our enthusiasm. Guest hosting on The View yesterday, Posh told her co-hosts that she’s not a fan of all the feathers and fanfare that the skaters have been employing this year (and um, every other year since skating was invented).

After watching a clip of the male skaters, she explainedI wear the feathers in my relationship,” she said, and later showing off her feathers (or fur, or whatever her coat is made of) yesterday at the airport. “If David came home dressed like that — could you imagine? Terrible. . .David would never wear a lycra catsuit.” True, David Beckham may not don a lycra catsuit for his sport, but we think maybe Victoria has missed the point of figure skating, which is that is that athleticism is second to how shiny one can make ones self. [Photos: Getty Images]


Olympic Pairs Figure Skating Brings The Drama…And Clowns


Every four years the same thing happens. The Winter Olympics air non-stop, and our desire to watch figure skating, which normally lies dormant, bursts through and we are enthralled by the drama, artistry,  and occasional ridiculousness of it all. And we’ll drag our our boyfriend, co-workers, and anyone who will listen down with us.

This weekend gave us an especially riveting pairs short program competition and we learned that China’s Xue Shen and Hingbo Zhao, partners for 18 years, were competing in their last Olympics ever, so it was make-it-or-break-it time. Luckily, despite a shaky final routine, they won the gold medal. We also learned that Yuko Kavaguti, who is originally from Japan, moved to Russia and became a citizen in order to compete with partner Alexander Smirnov and is now known in her native country as a “traitor skater”. A backstory with a rhyming, hurtful nickname? Doesn’t get much better than that, folks. But maybe our favorites are German skaters Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy. These two dressed as clowns while performing a routine set to “Send In The Clowns”. Subtlety is clearly not their strength, though they managed to grab the bronze so it worked for them.

As far as some of the outfits go, there are no words. But boy, were there pictures. For a look at all the sparkle, lamé and feathery fringe, check out our gallery below.

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Olympic Yearbook: Sexiest SILK (Skater I’d Like To…)


Olympic Yearbook notable Evan (abs) Lysacek is one of the (abs) preeminent male ice skaters around (abs). But more importantly (yes, there’s something more important than his athletic prowess) he’s really effing sexy. Lysacek took home the silver medal in Torino and is heading back to Vancouver as a favorite for the top prize. But he’s already a big star, as one of the top male figure skaters and consistent medal winners on the international scene  for the past three years. Off the ice, he’s signed with DNA models and counts Vera Wang and Christian Dior as pals, often sporting their designs on the ice. As if he wasn’t awwww-dorable enough, Mr. Sex On Skates has been dating fellow Olympic hopeful Tanith Belbin since 2007. Also, abs.

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Olympic Yearbook: Most Likely To Hit The Slopes In A Bikini


Gretchen Bleiler, our latest Olympic Yearbook inductee, should be the kinda girl other girls love to hate. She’s gorgeous, photogenic, and an uber-talented snowboarder – but she’s so damn down to earth and cool, loathing her is impossible. Ranked the 10th hottest Winter Olympian by FHM (behind fellow FabLife Olympic Yearbook notable, Tanith Belbin, who snagged the #5 slot), Gretchen, 27, is leading a growing pack of female all-stars on the snowboarding circuit.

In addition to FHM, she’s flaunted her abs in Maxim magazine and is an outspoken activist for climate change awareness, all while piling up a ton of awards for her half pipe skills. In between winning the silver medal in Torino and numerous X Game gold medals, Gretchen found time to fall in love with snowboarder and Oakley rep Chris Hotell. The couple married this past summer in Costa Rica. See? She’s perfect – and yet we still can’t hate her!

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Olympic Yearbook – Most Likely To Appear In Playboy


Yes, Canadian-American Tanith Belbin posed practically naked on the cover of Men’s Health, in celebration of the mag naming her America’s Hottest Athlete. And yes, she is H.O.T. But beyond her insanely good looks lies an ice dancer with a competitive streak, and she’s chasing the gold alongside her skating partner Ben Agosto in Vancouver this month.

Tanith, 25, moved to the States as a teenager from her native Canada to find an ice dancing partner that matched her skill level, and was granted expedited citizenship by President Bush in 2005 so that she could compete in the 2006 Winter Olympics, where they snagged the silver medal. Sure, Tanith is hot enough to melt the ice under her skates (we’re sure her rumored ice dancing flame Evan Lysacek would agree), but changing your citizenship to compete for the ultimate prize? Now that’s just mother-effin’ bad-ass…kinda like that sexy Men’s Health cover.

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