2011 Kids Choice Awards

by (@missmuttoo)

Stars Get Slimed On Stage At The 2011 Kids Choice Awards

How could we resist showing you these? Considering most celebrities are groomed to an inch of their lives before being unleashed in public, how awesome is it to see them with green goo dripping off their perfect faces. Vindication! Heidi Klum, Jack Black, Josh Duhamel, Jim Carrey and Johnny Depp all got a dose of slime at the 2011 Kids Choice Awards on Saturday.

But through laughing hysterically at them, we also learned a couple of things about these stars. For instance, Johnny Depp is just plain badass. Forget sliming him, he got a gun and slimed the audience! Also, Heidi Klum is awesome, even covered in green slime. We’re trying to think of other supermodels who would allow that stuff to come within a five mile radius of themselves and can’t think of even one. Lastly, Josh Duhamel somehow looks gorgeous in a weird purple bowtie. Josh also looks gorgeous covered in slime. Don’t believe us? Check out the photos below! [Photos: Getty Images]

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