2011 Scream Awards

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Dr. Who Star Matt Smith: “It Must Be Tricky Being Robert Pattinson”

Dr. Who star Matt Smith took home the award for Best Science Fiction Actor at the Scream Awards, and I was enough lucky to chat with him twice through out the night, on the red carpet and backstage after his win. How do I say this without sounding like a creepy, fangirl weirdo: HE IS THE NICEST MAN ALIVE. Seriously, he was goofy and sweet and genuinely humble and he did not laugh at my usage of the term Brit Pack. The guy is a gem. He’s also an incredibly talented actor who’s destined for big screen greatness. Mark my words.

Matt mentioned that he had been videotaping parts of the show to send to his girlfriend, model Daisy Lowe (awww), and we got on the topic of celebrity couples (he doesn’t think they are one) and the unwanted fame that goes along with being part of an A-List duo. He touched on the challenges Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart face and echoed their same sentiments about celebrity and fame (they’re just not that into it). Watch his comments above. Oh how we wish we could hook these guys up on a friend date. They could hide in a pub and chain smoke and drink Heinekens and swap tips on avoiding the paparazzi.

The actor also spoke highly of his dear friend Andrew Garfield. “He’ll be brilliant” as Spiderman, says Smith. (Clip after the jump.) We definitely agree. Read more…

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Even Cuba Gooding Jr. Knows Boat Trip Was A Bad Movie

So, this happened. When asking Cuba Gooding Jr. what scary movie made him scream (we were at the Scream Awards, after all) he responded by making fun of Boat Trip, a comedy flop he made in 2003 that currently has a 7% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Yes, it’s terrible, and even Cuba knows it. The Oscar winner was accompanied by his Red Tails co-stars Nate Parker and Elijah Kelley, and his answer made everyone in the entire room go nuts with laughter. Everyone, that is, but Red Tails writer/producer/Hollywood mega-legend George Lucas.

Guys, George Lucas was there!

I should add, the entire crew spoke passionately about their work on Red Tails, which tells the story of the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II. Check out the trailer and go see it. And maybe give Boat Trip a rent, too. For Cuba’s sake.

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Joe Manganiello: Hanging Out With Magic Mike Co-Stars Was “Like Spring Break”

Joe Manganiello has the hunk thing down (tall, dark, so very, very handsome), but he’s also really fun to chat with. We caught up with the True Blood actor right after winning Breakout Performance at the Scream Awards, and he filled us in on Magic Mike, his upcoming project with director Steven Soderbergh. Also known as That Stripper Movie Starring Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer and Channing Tatum. Rawr.

The actor raved about the film — “It’s gonna blow minds” — and his co-stars. “It was like Spring Break,” he said of their time together. “They are the greatest group of guys.” When I asked if the Pec Posse (you like that?) visited any strip clubs while shooting in Tampa, Joe told us, “I didn’t, but a lot of them did.”

He wouldn’t name names, but we have some guesses. Who are yours? Watch the video below the jump.

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