2011 Spike Scream Awards

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Is Matt Smith Getting Ready To Leave Dr. Who?

Dr. Who star Matt Smith pretty much bowled us over at the 2011 Scream Awards last weekend. From his well-regarded work on the BBC/SyFy series, we already knew that he was equal parts dashing and down-to-earth, but VH1’s own Kate Spencer became a firsthand witness to the overall sweetness of the Best Science Fiction Actor award winner after chatting with him on the red carpet and backstage. During one of their conversations, Kate posed the question to Smith about his future on the program, and when American audiences could expect to be seeing more of him on these shores. Smith’s controversial reply?

“Well, hopefully soon, you know. I’ve got another year of Doctor Who, but then I’m certainly going to come and give it a shot – come and hang out in LA.”

The passionate Dr. Who fan community has taken this statement to mean that Smith might be preparing to leave the beloved franchise, which is just about to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary (!), when his contract expires next year. Smith has yet to clarify this statement by coming forward with his true intentions for his future as Dr. Who, but whether he’s just a savvy negotiator or feels it’s time that he tests the Hollywood waters a bit further, we’re pretty confident that if we had access to our own TARDIS time machine, we’d discover that he’s got a long and successful career ahead of him.

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Chloe Moretz’s Mom Won’t Let Her Buy Expensive Clothes

Chloe Moretz chatted with us about her style icon status at the Scream Awards this weekend. The teen star was very humble when we informed her that she’s already a fashion favorite on the red carpet. “I’m very eclectic,” she said, when describing her personal style. The actress also doesn’t spend her movie money on Chanel bags and Louboutins. “My mom doesn’t really let me buy anything expensive,” she said with a pretend pout.” This coming from the mouth of the star who, according to CelebrityNetWorth.com, has around $4 million in the bank. Instead, Chloe tells us, she’s a vintage and Urban Outfitters kinda gal. That only makes her cooler in our eyes!

Chloe’s mom, are you reading this? Please bow forward while we place this Best Mom of the Year crown on your head. The entire Moretz clan is in on the awesome family act, because Chloe was escorted on the carpet by her older brother Trevor Moretz. Chloe teased us when we complimented his fashion sense. “Ooooh are you hitting on my brother?!” joked the down-to-earth star.

No. Maybe. Okay, yes. Yes we were. Check out pics below of the fierce fashionista at Saturday’s Scream Awards and Elle’s Women in Hollywood event last night.

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The 11 Best Behind-The-Scenes Moments At The 2011 Scream Awards

I started my day at the Spike Scream Awards on a shuttle bus, which carried press past Wisteria Lane (so cool!) and the Jaws set all the way to the outdoor amphitheater which housed the show. I ended the night washing down a slider with some red wine after a bear hug from Cuba Gooding Jr. Wanna know what happened in between? Read on for my account of the 11 Best Behind-the-Scene Moments at the Spike Scream Awards. I was there. For eight hours. And I screamed a lot…in a fangirl-y sorta way.

11. Everyone freaking out over Drive star Ron Perlman hanging out backstage. Nino, guys. Effing NINO. Press and stars alike stared in awe at the celebrated character actor, and I’m going to assume we were all thinking the same thing: “OMG the guy who plays Nino is here. He is so badass. Yep, I’m going to listen to the Drive soundtrack for the 202o13013560th time on my drive home tonight.”

10. Teen Wolf-ers Tyler Posey and Colton Haynes surprising their co-star (and candidate for prettiest redhead in the world) Holland Roden on the red carpet. She screamed – which was more than appropriate considering the night.

9. Lena Headley and Sean Bean from Game of Thrones sharing smokes and beers with Dr. Who star Matt Smith. Beautiful Brits stick together backstage.

8. Joe Manganiello — AKA Alcide on True Blood  — asking me if he could swear on camera after he won Breakout Performance. Obviously I said yes. “It’s f*ckin’ awesome!” was his reply. He is an absolute delight.

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