2012 Grammys

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Adele Shares The Gory Details Of Her Vocal Cord Surgery

Adele has been out of commission since undergoing throat surgery back in November, but she’s back and better than ever and excited to share all the icky medical details. “It felt like someone put a curtain over my throat,” the “Set Fire to the Rain” singer tells Anderson Cooper in her upcoming 60 Minutes interview this Sunday. “It felt like something popped in my throat.” Hoo boy. After doctors discovered a hemorrhaging polyp in Adele’s pipes, we passed out. No, sorry, we mean she had lasers applied to her neck. “I had laser surgery,” Adele explains. “[They] put lasers down your throat, cut off the polyp, and kind of laser your hemorrhage back together and fix it.” Slowly…losing…consciousness… Can’t…handle…the…word…hemorrhage…

Adele is debuting her newly healed pipes at the Grammys Sunday alongside fellow performers Rihanna, Coldplay and Chris Brown but sadly her days of belting out songs for months at a time across six continents might be behind her. “If I decide to go on a 200-date world tour, it would happen again,” she admits. A bummer for all Adele fans, but good news for anyone who never wants to see the word “polyp” ever again. Because, damn.

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Chris Brown Is Going To Perform At The Grammys

Chris Brown is returning to the scene of the crime, so to speak. The singer is scheduled to perform at the Grammys on Sunday, February 12, says a source, three years after he assaulted then-girlfriend Rihanna following a pre-Grammy party in 2009. He hasn’t attended the event since, but that changes this year. Interestingly enough, RiRi is on the lineup to hit the stage too. It wouldn’t be the first time the two cross paths, however, as they’ve been spotted at the same nightclubs on a couple of occasions this year. Comments? Thoughts? It’s still a bit of a raw subject, isn’t it?

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LL Cool J To Host The Grammys — Is That A Good Thing?

For the first time in seven years, the Grammy Awards are getting a host: LL Cool J, the veteran host and co-producer of the Grammy Nominations Concert Live show, according to Grammy.com. Now this raises a few questions: 1) For what percentage of the show will Cool James be wearing his sunglasses? 2) Will he be covering up those beautiful arms of his with a tux the whole time? 3) Will he be any good? As we’ve learned from uncomfortable experience (ahem, James Franco and Anne Hathaway), non-comedians don’t have a good track record as awards show hosts. But LL never ceases to surprise us with his many talents. I mean, he has been acting since 1985’s Kush Groove, and he managed to hold his own opposite Queen Latifah in Last Holiday. He’s written four books. And his ex-Navy Seal character on NCIS: Los Angeles speaks Arabic fluently (and yes, that show is still on CBS, the home of the Grammy Awards on February 12). Wrangling a few musicians onstage should be cake, right? Now for the real question — do we really need anyone to host the show? Vote below, and then watch LL’s collabo with Elmo after the jump.

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Grammy Nominations Concert Winners: Nicki Minaj’s Shoes, Melle Mel’s Arms, Zombies

While Kanye West, Adele, the Foo Fighters and Bruno Mars are surely celebrating the many nods they received at last night’s Grammy nominations special, the winners of the evening were definitely zombies, who got a big nod from Lady Gaga during her performance. Other groups who will benefit from the evening: podiatrists (because we want Nicki Minaj’s and Taraji P. Henson’s shoes now) and gyms (because between Melle Mel’s arms and Grace Potter‘s legs, we are all feeling a little inadequate this morning). Losers: the color pink, because Katy Perry’s abuse of this monochromatic thing is making us weary of it; jeans — well, just Jason Aldean’s sad, holey, unhemmed pair; and the cows who gave their lives to Reid Perry’s pants. For a full account of the Grammy nominations, head over to VH1 Tuner.

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