2013 Golden Globes

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We Almost Missed Eva Longoria’s Nip Slip At The Golden Globes, You Guys

Eva Longoria suffers nipslip at the Golden Globes

We bet Eva Longoria was pretty pumped that no one seemed to notice her nipslip on the red carpet of the Golden Globes a few days ago. Well, sorry Eva, we hate to do this, but…you know how it is. Miss a wardrobe malfunction on a hot A-lister? NOT ON OUR WATCH! So here it is in all its (in)glory, albeit a few days late. Please accept our apologies.

We kind of had our money on Jessica Chastain being the one most likely to suffer some kind of wardrobe-related mishap as the result of her gorgeous but daring gown. But as Eva leaned down to fix the bottom of her dress as she posed with hair stylist to the stars Ken Paves, she tempted fate and…(insert boob-related “Golden Globe” pun here). Ever the profession, she laughed off the episode. The show must go on, after all. Head on down to the gallery below for more!

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Wait, What!? Bill Clinton Turns Up At The Golden Globes To Introduce Lincoln

Bill Clinton appeared at the Golden Globes

Holy s—, you guys, can you believe it? Hilary Clinton’s husband just showed up to the Golden Globes! Kidding kidding, we mean Bill Rodham Clinton. OK, sorry, we stole both of those jokes from expert hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, but it’s still pretty cool that the former president showed up to introduce Steven Spielberg’s epic, Lincoln. Apparently the appearance was kept under serious Secret Service secrecy, and the entire auditorium rose to their feet when the former Commander In Chief took the stage. He praised both the film, which is up for Best Picture in…well, pretty much every award show ever, and the president for…you know, saving the union and all.

“President Lincoln’s struggle to abolish slavery reminds us that enduring progress is forged in a cauldron of both principle and compromise,” Clinton continued. “This brilliant film shows us how he did it, and gives us hope that we can do it again.” He also found more than a few comparisons between himself and ol’ Honest Abe when describing how he strived to get the 13th Amendment passed. “A tough fight to push a bill through a bitterly divided Congress. Winning it required the president to make a lot of unsavory deals that had nothing to do with the big issue. I wouldn’t know anything about that.” Lulz, so we’re laughing about his impeachment hearings now? Way to be, Prez!

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How Would Leslie Knope Run The Golden Globes? Amy Poehler’s Alter Ego Takes Over (In Our Heads)

The Golden Globes is a time for Hollywood’s elite to receive accolades for their much lauded work, socialize with their beautiful kin, and get sloppy drunk. This year is sure to continue the Globes’ reputation as the party of the year as today’s best comedic duo, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, are hosting the event. NBC is broadcasting the show, which is also home to Fey’s hilarious 30 Rock and Poehler’s lovable Parks and Recreation. So that got us thinking…what if Amy’s character, newly elected City Council Woman Leslie Knope, were the awards show’s host instead? We all know Leslie is a planner, so we think she’d have a few key suggestions for Ms. Poehler. Here are our favorite ways Knope could add some Pawnee flavor to Hollywood’s biggest ripper.

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