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Mariah Carey Talks Miscarriage, Marriage To Tommy Mottola On 20/20

Mariah Carey is letting it all hang out tonight, and not in her usual belly shirt and pigtails sort of way. In addition to introducing twin babies Monroe and Moroccan Scott Cannon to the world, Mariah Carey’s 20/20 interview, airing this evening, reportedly touches on everything from her experience with IVF and the miscarriage she and Nick Cannon suffered prior to conceiving her twins, which Carey described as “really tough” to get through, to the five-year marriage to record exec Tommy Mottola that made her “afraid of the concept of marriage.” Ugh, remember him? The sweet, sweet presence of Nick Cannon almost wiped him from our memory completely. Almost.

Despite the hardships they’ve had to deal with, Mariah and Nick are making this relationship work. “But this is a different situation and … I’m a different person,” Carey explains. “It’s a different time in my life.  And nobody will ever be able to steal my spirit again.  So I’m just happy to be in love and to be here. ” Hearing how happy Mariah is just makes us want to put on our cutoffs and slow-motion rollerblade down the boardwalk with glee. Just watch out for that insane clown! And no, we do not mean Tommy Mottola!

[Photo: Splash News Online]