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Channing Tatum Made Us Laugh, Cry And Lust After Him, So He’s The #5 Celeb Who Dominated In 2012

Who would have thought that a funny name, an inauspicious start in an all-dance movie and a sordid stripper past would eventually be the perfect equation for a leading man. His star has been rising for a while but this was truly the year the world fell head over heels in love with Channing Tatum. Maybe because he turned his dance talents into a weirdly serious film about stripping called Magic Mike, maybe because he healed our amnesia in The Vow, maybe it’s because we can’t stop laughing at his scientific equations from 21 Jump Street, maybe it’s even because we saw him romance his real-life wife again in 10 years. Or maybe we just like that mug of his.

Dominating Moment: That would be the release and subsequent American obsession with Steven Soderbergh’Magic Mike, because even when they were wearing clothing, it was actually good!

Dominating on Twitter: Chan has just over 3 million followers. He also has an Instagram account under the name … ready? channingtatumunwrapped.

Best Appearances: Probably on the cover of People’s Sexiest Man Alive cover? Or GQ’s Man of the Year?  Maybe it was the Magic Mike trailer that showed his butt? Or, also, his stripping act on SNL?

What We Expect From Him in 2013: More gratuitous butt shots, please. Oh, yeah, also, his baby with wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum, plus the release of G.I. Joe: RetaliationSide EffectsWhite House Down. After he finishes work on a couple more (dozen) movies, he says he’ll be taking a little break. Maybe we’ll let him.

The 12 Celebs Who Dominated In 2012:
12. Ryan Lochte
11. Rebel Wilson
10. Frank Ocean
9. Damian Lewis
8. Lena Dunham
7. Blue Ivy Carter
6. Matthew McConaughey
5. Channing Tatum
4. Honey Boo Boo

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21 Jump Street 2, Finding Nemo 2 Top The 10 Upcoming Sequels We’re Doubly Dying To See

Why is Hollywood so focused on reboots and remakes when they could just be making sequels? Sequels we’d actually be psyched to see? We’re looking at you, Total Recall! (Just kidding; you know we’re seeing that ish on opening night.) Lucky for us, there are more number two’s coming out than we know what to do with, and boy, does that sentence look weird typed out. Today brought us news that 21 Jump Street 2 is set to film this fall, while Finding Nemo 2 swims its way toward a child’s heart near you, bringing the number of sequels we’re already dying to see up to 10. But you know what’s the only thing we love more than watching sequels? Trying to predict what their plots will be:

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Ice Cube Considers Which Co-Star To Bust For Drugs First: Channing Tatum Or Jonah Hill?

In addition to keeping the proud tradition of “black angry captains” alive in his upcoming action-comedy 21 Jump Street, Ice Cube gushed to BMBL this morning about his costars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. “Jonah is incredibly smart and witty,” the rapper and actor raved. That being said, just because Ice considers himself the “teacher” to their “grasshoppers” doesn’t mean he wouldn’t immediately (and gleefully!) send both of them to the slammer if they were up to no good. Which, we mean, just look at them. You know they are.

“I would arrest Jonah first. ”Cause’s the sneaky one,” Ice Cube muses. “With Channing, it’s all out in the open; you know he’s going to have a joint or two in his pocket. But Jonah, he’ll trick you. You think he’s a nice guy; he’s got all the pills in pocket.” Yeah, seems about right. Oh, and in case you were still pondering the exact date on which Ice’s song “It Was A Good Day” took place, the answer is not January 20, 1992 as was calculated in the Tumblr-verse. “That day sucked for me,” Ice laughs, before explaining, “‘It Was A Good Day’ is an accumulation. It’s actually a fantasy of what I would like at that time as a good day.”

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Jonah Hill Slims Down For 21 Jump Street

Well hello there, Mr. Hill. The actor (pictured on the left in 2007 and on the right this past weekend) has slimmed down since we last saw him, and he discussed his weight loss and diet plan on the red carpet of the BAFTAs event this weekend. Hill, who just wrapped on the movie version of 21 Jump Street (Richard Grieco forever!), told the LA Times, “It’s not fun. I wouldn’t say it’s the most fun endeavor I’ve ever took on in my life — but it’s important. And I’m enjoying it. If I eat something unhealthy now, I kind of feel a little weird and my body hurts.”

The actor’s close pal Seth Rogen also lost a bunch of weight in recent years, and we think the healthy look suit them both. What do you think of the actor’s leaner body? Hot? Not?

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Jonah Hill Tweets A 21 Jump Street Teaser, Johnny Depp Films Cameo

We don’t want to make too much of a deal about the weight Jonah Hill lost for his upcoming 21 Jump Street movie—his head now looks like one chicken nugget instead of two, and he’s still got a way to go before we’ll believe former on-screen interests Emma Stone or Elisabeth Moss would actually date him—but the photo above, taken by co-star Channing Tatum between set-ups and tweeted by Hill, does suggest we could be in for one funny movie. Especially if the director realizes that a barrel-scratch-while-texting moment so belongs in the film.

Though they’ve only been shooting for a few days, one bit already out of the way is Johnny Depp‘s cameo, which was allegedly shot yesterday in New Orleans, according to The Daily Blam. Their source says he Johnny was only listed as “D.B.” Since his character was Tom Hanson, we’ll just assume “D.B.” stands for “Da Big-reason-anyone-remembers-this-show.”

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Johnny Depp To Appear In 21 Jump Street Movie

If only the 21 Jump Street movie featured the entire original cast of the television show, seen here. An aloof Holly Robinson (before the Peete), a jean-jacketed Peter Deluise, and of course, a super-sexy, not yet super-famous Johnny Depp. All gathered ’round a piano, as they did back then. (Not really.) The movie may not be a reunion of the entire 21 Jump Street cast, but Depp is reportedly signed on to appear in a small, uncredited role, so that’s something.

The movie will star Jonah Hill, Ice Cube and Channing Tatum, and Depp will likely cameo as his old character, Tom Hanson. Last year, Depp told Entertainment Weekly that he hoped he could reprise the role, if only to see what Hanson was up to these days. “I’m hoping they’ll let me do a cameo,” he said. “Someone will say, ‘Whatever happened to Tom Hanson?’ and they’ll find me somewhere hoarding jars of peanut butter and shaking in my underpants.” Hoarding jars of peanut butter? Is he an extreme couponer? Doesn’t matter, we’d still pay to see it. And if you’re feeling nostalgic, check out the opening credits of 21 Jump Street…after the JUMP. (Oy.) They’ve been stuck in our head for 20 years, they might as well get stuck in yours, too.

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Ice Cube Joins The 21 Jump Street Movie

Details about the Jonah Hill-produced 21 Jump Street movie have been slowly unfolding and we know that Channing Tatum has been attached to the film for a few months. Now it’s confirmed that Ice Cube will also star in Jump Street as the precinct captain. We’re guessing this means that Tatum is taking on the Johnny Depp role, while Hill is…Peter DeLuise? We’re not sure who corresponds to who, actually. We’re more shocked that a show that aired on Fox in the 80’s before Fox was, you know, a “real” network, is getting remade.

So now that the principle players have been cast, what we’re really wondering though is who from the original series is going to come back for a cameo in the reboot. Will it be Richard Grieco? A DeLuise (Peter or Michael)? Holly Robinson Peete? Our money’s on Peete.

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