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9 Most Chic Lourdes Leon Looks Of ’09


In 2009, Queen of Pop offspring Lourdes Leon went from fledging fashionista to full-on tween style icon. At only 13 years old, Lourdes has developed her own edgy style, never leaving the house without making a statement. At a recent premiere, she walked along mother Madonna and stole the spotlight. Little Lourdes is morphing into a lady in front of our eyes, and doing it oh-so-gracefully. Remember what you looked like as a seventh grader? Yikes.

Here are Lourdes’ nine trendiest looks of 2009. [Photos: Getty Images]

9. High-waisted And Frilly

8. Perfectly Plaid

7. Pretty Cozy In Pink

6. Turquoise And Tousled

5. Cardigan And Keds

4. Blazin’ Neon

3. Double-Vested

2. Layers Of Geekdom

1. Leather And Lace

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9 Most Glamorous Rachel McAdams Looks Of ’09


Rachel McAdams ran away with our hearts in The Notebook, made us cringe in Mean Girls, and held her own amidst comedy veterans in Wedding Crashers. The versatile, stunning actress will seemingly continue her hot streak as Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes. While she’s managed to maintain her credibility by keeping a low-profile off-screen, she’s no shrinking violet when the time comes to get glam’d up. Take a look back at her year in fashion. [Photos: Getty Images]

9. Baggy Blues

8. Pretty In Peach

7. Casual At Comic-Con

6. Bangin’ Black And White

5. Royally Belted

4. Ravishing In Rosettes

3. Pewter With A Poof

2. Scarlett And Lace

1. Deep V Ivory

Check out trailer and clips, production stills, and all things Sherlock Holmes on VH1.COM.

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9 Trends To Leave In ’09


Just as the seasons come and go, so do trends both good and bad. 2009 saw harem pants, shoulder pads, and the no-pants-dance. No hot celeb is immune to bad style choices, from Lady Gaga to Blake Lively to Rihanna. Here are the top nine fashion low-points that we hope stay in the closet for 2010.  [Photos: Getty Images]

9. Uggs

8. Half-shaved Heads

7. Slitted Black Dresses

6. Leather Hats

5. Leggings As Pants

4. Shoulder Pads

3. Fish Lips

2. No Pants Dance

1. Harem Pants

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9 Celebrity Losers To Leave Behind In ’09


In 2009, a lot of ordinary people became famous for next-to-nothing, previously A-list stars fell from grace, and quasi-celebs made outlandish statements for publicity. From the Balloon Boy stunt to Glenn Beck‘s fear-mongering to Tiger Woods‘ mistresses coming out of the woodwork; some people really tested our patience and wore us thin. Here are the top nine “celebrity” losers we hope go into hiding for 2010.

9. Balloon Boy’s Dad: Think little Falcon Henne had any idea about his fame-guzzlin’ father’s publicity plot while he was chillin’ in a box in their attic? We doubt it, and the little guy’s televised bodily functions pretty well summed up how we felt about the whole stunt after we wasted hours of our lives watching an empty weather balloon float above Colorado.


8. Carrie Prejean: The dethroned Miss USA contestant first ignited a media firestorm with her statement against marriage equality during the Miss USA pageant. Her controversial proclamation was just the tip of the iceberg, as a flurry of nude photos and sex tapes followed over the next several months, as well as an exceptionally awkward appearance on “Larry King Live.”


Seven more losers after the jump.

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2009’s Worst Red Carpet Catastrophes


As we bid farewell to 2009, we’d like to take a moment to honor the year’s most atrocious red carpet fashion disasters. So many stars said “yes we can” to terrible outfits that it was hard to narrow down the group to just 9, but the celebrities below truly went above and beyond the call of duty doodie with these craptastic looks. From layers of lace, to body suits and booty shorts, we’ve got the best of the worst for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

1. Sharon Stone – Leather, Lacy And Oh-So Racy
2. Sandra Bullock - Rolled Out Of Bedhead
3. Leighton Meester – Blair’s Barfy Bikini Party Dress
4. Madonna – Sky-High Hair And Skank Boots
5. Gwyneth Paltrow –  Goopy’s Poopy Booty Shorts
6. Bai Ling – Bow-zo The Red Carpet Clown
7. Perez Hilton – Hand Paint N’ Hairy Legs
8. Amber Rose - Imma Let You Finish, But This Is The Worst Body Suit Of The Year
9. Holly Montag – Heidi’s Sister Turned Washed-Up Stripper

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9 Adorable Suri Cruise Moments Of ’09


The time has come to sit back, dust the cobwebs off the pop culture section of your brain, reflect on the past year and give thanks. We’ve already looked back at 9 Reasons We’re Thankful For Lady Gaga In ’09 with gratitude for the pure spectacle she has brought to our lives. Now it’s time to thank Suri Cruise, yes that’s right Suri Cruise, for being just delightful in 2009.

Scroll through our 9 Adorable Suri Cruise Moments Of ’09 because this tot was arguably more interesting and entertaining than her two parents combined this year. Sorry, Tom and Katie but you’ve been upstaged. From sporting her own pair of high heels (on multiple occasions) to slurping down her own Starbucks drink this precocious little lady’s personality has truly shined. [Photo: Splash News Online]

1. Suri Loves Ice Cream
2. Suri Sports High Heels
3. Suri Drinks Her Own Starbucks
4. Suri Crashes Film Set
5. Suri Ditches Heels For Adorable Rain Boots
6. Suri Is Not Amused
7. Suri Can Entertain Herself
8. Suri Is A Princess
9. Suri Shops

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9 Reasons We’re Thankful For Lady Gaga


Thanksgiving is a time for us all to sit ’round a table of turkey n’ pie and express what we’re thankful for. Naturally we’re grateful for our family, friends, and health, but we’ve also gotta hand it to Lady Gaga for spicing up our lives in 2009. From memorable performances to political activism, Gaga has inspired us all to take risks, stand up for our beliefs, and accessorize with teacups. Here are nine reasons theFABlife is thankful for Lady G’ this holiday season.

9. Lady Gaga’s fashion choices, oft-scrutinized but always eye-opening. When Gaga showed up to a German interview in nothing but black tights and a Kermit-laden coat, some thought she’d lost her mind. When the interviewer inquired about her froggie get-up, she replied “I dress this way all the time because it inspires my life. I dress this way because my whole life is art and my whole life is performance.” Say what you will about her risk-taking style; you can’t deny her influence. How many Gagas did you see this Halloween?


8. Her vagina has feelings too. Despite consistently wearing nothing but a leotard and tights, haters continue to speculate whether Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite. When asked about the rumor during a radio interview, Gaga comically responded, “I’m not offended, my vagina is offended.”


See the top seven reasons we’re grateful for Gaga after the jump.

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