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Scott Speedman Will Have Sexy Shirtless Scenes On Last Resort, Producer Promises Us

Scott Speedman - Last Resort

It’s been 10 long years since Felicity left our lives forever and took Noel Crane (Scott Foley) and Ben Covington (Scott Speedman) with her. Since then, we’ve been secretly — OK, maybe not so secretly — hoping for Scott Speedman to return to our TV screens on a weekly basis. No offense to the other Scott, but Speedman always had our hearts.

Well, it looks like the TV gods have finally answered our call (now if only they’d bring back Malibu Shores)! Scott Speedman stars in the new drama Last Resort as XO Sam Kendal, who suddenly finds himself in charge of a submarine after his captain (24‘s Andre Braugher) disobeys a direct order from the U.S. government. And as if that isn’t enough to pique your interest, the creators of Last Resort have stuck our eye candy on a beautiful tropical island with lots of irresistible women, where there should plenty of opportunities for gratuitous shirtless scenes. Don’t believe us? We went straight to the source (we’re really connected here at VH1) to get the lowdown on Speedman’s shirtless-ness.  “We, by no means, wish to be just a political thriller. You know, in terms of love, romance, sex, all of that is part of the DNA of the show as well,” show creator and executive producer Karl Gadjusek told us in a conference call. So what about the shirtless-ness? Will Scott Speedman be shirtless? “Yes, I guess he will.” YES! YES! YES!

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Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi Wisely Double Up For The Smart One

Do you think Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are constantly arguing over who is the smart one? They certainly aren’t feuding over who has the sweeter non-threatening dance moves, that’s for sure. We mean, come on. Luckily the couple can both agree on how much they’re killing it career-wise now that their new multi-camera sitcom The Smart One has been picked up for a pilot order by ABC. Now they’ll just have to fight over who has the more jovial interviewing style. Or maybe who’s spent more time in close proximity to David Cross‘s bare chest?

Starring de Rossi and produced by DeGeneres, Deadline reports that their new show focuses on a “brilliant and successful woman” who must reluctantly work for her “less brainy but more popular sister,” a woman who happens to be a former beauty queen, weather girl and, oh right, Mayor. Portia stars as one of the siblings and we know Ellen would be excellent as the other, but then they’d probably disagree over whether that seemed weird or not. It does, doesn’t it? Just a little?

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