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Lily Collins’ 20 Hottest Looks

Lily Collins is one of the biggest, brightest and most beautiful up and coming stars in Hollywood these days. She’s got a gajillion giant films on the horizon, with Abduction dropping this fall followed by The Brothers Grimm: Snow White and the YA franchise The Mortal Instruments. She’s also delightful, down to earth and cute to boot. Check out our interview with Lily in which she dishes on competing with Kristen Stewart and lessons learned from co-star Taylor Lautner.

Lily’s red carpet look is youthful and fun, with a large dose of glam mixed in. Peep the actress’ 20 Hottest Looks in our gallery below!

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Lily Collins Talks Taylor Lautner And The Mortal Instruments’ “Creepy” Love Affair

We chatted with Lily Collins when she stopped by VH1 to promote Priest, and when she wasn’t charming us with picture perfect hair and those brows (truly luscious in person) she dished about Taylor Lautner teaching her to deal with super-fans (clip above). We also got her to spill on how she’s gonna approach that kinda-creepy but also totally awesome relationship between Jace and Clary in The Mortal Instruments (clip below). But even more magical is the moment we showed her the giant Twilight cup we drink out of every day. Amazingly, she did not jump under a cubicle and hide away in fear and disgust. That makes her Person #1 in our book.

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Taylor Lautner Is A Man Of Action In The Abduction Trailer

The Twilight cast has been making pretty amazing film choices in their down time away from Forks. Robert Pattinson is about to charm humans and pachyderms alike in Water For Elephants, Kristen Stewart is going to play Snow White, and Taylor Lautner is going full throttle action star in Abduction.

The trailer for Abduction was just released and we have to say we’re intrigued. (And not just because Lautner is dating his co-star, Lily Collins!) The film, which doesn’t come out until September,  looks pretty bad ass—check out the trailer and see for yourself. It’s got to be nice not to film a scene where you burst out of your jean shorts and sneakers in mid-run.


Rumor We Love: Taylor Lautner Is Dating Co-Star Lily Collins

With everyone always focused on Robsten and their successful on-screen/off-screen romance, we’re sure Taylor Lautner must feel both thrilled but also bummed. Thrilled because unlike his co-stars, his personal life isn’t under constant scrutiny, but bummed because he’s one of the three main characters in the film, but he sometimes is treated like a third wheel in the press. So we’re psyched to hear that Lautner might actually have his own romance brewing with his Abduction co-star Lily Collins.

Perez Hilton reports that eighteen-year-old Taylor and twenty one-year-old Lily have been trying to keep things quiet, but they have been dating for about four months. (And yes, it’s Perez so take it with a grain of salt – that’s why we’re just calling it a rumor.) We guess we’ll find out for sure though if they’re a couple when Lily decides to show up on the Breaking Dawn set (it’s filming as we speak!) for some sweet werewolf love.


Taylor Lautner’s Chest Bared On The Set Of Abduction


When Edward Cullen, referring to Jacob Black And His Washboard Abs asked “Doesn’t he own a shirt?” in the film version of Eclipse, the audience knowingly laughed and winked along with him because we were all privy to that gratuitous nipple action. Turns out though, that even when Taylor Lautner is wearing a shirt, he’s still willing to throw us a peek at what lies beneath. Check out pics of Lautner on-set at his latest film, Abduction, which is currently shooting in Pennsylvania. (It is not lost on us that this film has the word “ab” right in the title. Clever marketing move, movie people.)

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