Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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Abraham Lincoln And The 20 Most Crazily Accurate Celebrity Portrayals Of Historical Figures

The 20 most accurate celebrity portrayals of historical figures

Today Abraham Lincoln gets reborn on the silver screen as you’ve never seen him before in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter! We’re pretty pumped to watch Honest Abe kick Dracula’s ass, but those blood sucking fiends aren’t the scariest part of the movie. It’s downright eerie how much star Benjamin Walker resembles the 12th POTUS! Those steely eyes, the bushy brows, the Amish beard…it’s all there!

Countless icons of the past have been popping up in Hollywood lately. Lindsay Lohan has been working overtime to bring Elizabeth Taylor back to life in Liz & Dick, while Ashton Kutcher is taking a more zen approach to his role in the Steve Jobs biopic. Andre 3000 is a dead ringer for the dead guitar legend Jimi Hendrix, and Julianne Moore could practically be Sarah Palin’s twin. If you put those two in a room with Tina Fey, we’d be totally screwed. Hell, even Benjamin Walker has some competition for Lincoln look-alike with Daniel Day Lewis also taking on the role!

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve assembled the 20 most scarily accurate celebrity portrayals of historical figures. Some rely on insane prosthetic and makeup, like Anthony Hopkins taking on the great Alfred Hitchcock. Others like Jared Leto and Charlize Theron just do totally nutty things to their body. And some, like Denzel Washington as Malcolm X, are just born with it. But no matter how they got there, the end result is always unforgettable. Take a look in the gallery below!

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Robert Pattinson Gets Snubbed As Hottest Vampire Ever By Abraham Lincoln Cast

Still reeling from the reveal of Rob’s golfing hobby and the squee-tastic new trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, it’s all about vampires today at VH1. Well, let’s be real. Every day is a vampire-obsessed day … so naturally when VH1 News hit the red carpet of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, we just had to know: Who does the cast think is the hottest vampire ever to grace the silver screen?

While we admittedly were fishing for answers involving a name that rhymes with Smattinson, we were shocked and awed that not a single red-carpet attendee fell into our trap. Dominic Cooper and Jimmi Simpson rep’d their generation with Kiefer Sutherland in The Lost Boys, while director Timur Bekmambetov, writer Seth Grahame-Smith, Robin McLeavy and Abe himself Benjamin Walker went with OG vampires like Nosferatu. Erin Wasson and Mary Elizabeth Winstead left us less confused with Brad Pitt in Interview With a Vampire. Watch the interviews below and let us know in our poll who really is the hottest vampire of all-time.

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Exclusive: Robert Pattinson And Anthony Mackie Are Golfing Buddies

The nice thing about interviewing celebrities at movie premieres is that you learn something new every time. Take our chat with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter star Anthony Mackie (aka hot dude from The Hurt Locker soon to be seen in a billion A-Lister packed films) at the film’s premiere last night. The actor told our correspondent Janell Snowden that his #1 golfing buddy is none other than Robert Pattinson. Seriously!?

Mackie tell VH1, “Rob Pattinson, he’s a good friend of mine. We hang out together and play golf together and drink in the pubs. That’s my homeboy.” As for their golfing threads? Anthony just scored a new Puma outfit and says Rob wears “slacks with a nice polo.” What we wouldn’t give to see these two palling around on the green! Anthony told MTV News about his friendship with Rob earlier this year, detailing their karaoke hijinks together.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is in theaters this Friday, and Anthony can be seen later this year in Gangster Squad alongside fellow handsome specimen Ryan Gosling.

Update:  We love the reaction our interview is getting on Twitter, which is basically “Really?! Is Anthony for real? Robert Pattinson…golfs?!” That pretty much sums up our response, too. We asked Janell, our correspondent who spoke with Anthony, if she thinks he’s telling the truth or messing around and here’s her expert analysis: I TOTALLY believe Anthony! Having hung out with him once and interviewed him many times over the years, he’s definitely a jokester, but after I told him about VH1.com’s obsession with all things Twilight, it would’ve been cruel of him to be such a tease. Besides, Anthony’s a very well connected guy. At the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, he told me that Robert Redford invited him to his ranch where they sipped Pinot Noir. So if he can wine and dine with Redford, he can definitely suit up and tee off with Pattinson!

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FDR: American Badass Vs. Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter For Best President Ever

We all know that 2012 is an election year, and there’s a whole crew of peeps working hard to try and be our next president. But let’s not muddy the issue with stuff like taxes, health care reform and anti-piracy laws and go to the very heart of the matter: who will be the most butt-kicking mofo the oval office has ever seen? For a while we had a strong front runner with Abraham Lincoln, portrayed expertly by Benjamin Walker in the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. In the trailer for Seth Grahame-Smith‘s book on which the movie is based, Honest Abe nails it as he he crushes blood suckers and their slave-owning companions!

But now Lincoln has a serious challenger in FDR: American Badass! Barry Bostwick stars in the small-budget campy comedy as President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who does battle with Nazi werewolves from the seat of  his tricked out wheelchair of death! Check out the (very NSFW) clip under the jump for more blood, laughs, and werewolves. Who will win this badass election? We’ll have to wait til they hit the big screens to find out!

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