ScaRy Considering Adoption


Now that Scarlett Johansson has nabbed a Tony award for her acting, it looks like she’s ready to pursue some personal goals as well. It’s being reported that Johansson and hubby Ryan Reynolds want to adopt a baby.

The Daily Express reports that Johansson and Reynolds would like to adopt a child from either Ethiopia or Liberia. We’re not trying to force any conclusions but look – the couple just recently bought a house in Louisiana, just like Sandra Bullock.  And now they want to adopt a baby, just like Sandy. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we guess! Not to mention they’ve both made out with Bullock, and Reynolds is slated to star in yet another film with her soon. Celebrities manage to take their friendships to new levels, man.

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Jessica Alba Wants To Adopt A Child


Anyone who has seen pictures of Jessica Alba playing with daughter Honor Marie Warren knows that Alba is a devoted mom. The actress, who is married to Cash Warren, said that she hopes to expand her brood and would love to adopt a child. Appearing on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition last night, Alba assisted on the rebuilding of a home for a family with 15 foster children. When it comes to her own family, she said, “If you have the love, and the capacity to love children, you should just adopt. And I plan on doing it.”

Alba appeared on the show as an example to her daughter and explained that, “It’s a duty, I think, for everyone to have social responsibility in some capacity. . .a child has to know you can’t just take. You also have to give.” [Photos: Getty Images]

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Madonna Gets Ready For Mercy (With Gwyneth & Lourdes’ Help)


Madonna has been busy prepping for the arrival of her new three-year-old daughter Mercy from Malawi — although why she hasn’t gone over there herself yet we’re not sure.  It’s said that Madge is equipping her new $30m NYC townhouse with “porcelain dolls, antique teddy bears, a library of leather-bound children’s books and ancient maps of Africa to adorn the walls.” No pressure, then? She’s also said to have enlisted the interior-decorating skills (???) of pal Gwyneth Paltrow. “Madonna was so impressed with her daughter Apple’s room that she asked Gwyneth to help her [decorate] Mercy’s new bedroom,” reports the Sun.

The extra detail we love is the claims that mom Madonna is stockpiling outfits like “cashmere sweaters, dresses and silk tunics” for Mercy, whereas older daughter Lourdes has been buying “piles of leggings, hipster T-shirts, tutus and trainers” for her new sister. That’s going to be one confusingly-dressed toddler. [Photo: Getty Images]


Madonna Debuts Crazy Style After Adoption Adjourned


We know it’s been a stressful time, Madonna. We know it must have been hard on Monday when the judge in Malawi adjourned his decision on your appeal to adopt Mercy until a “later date.” It must be really strange seeing daughter Lourdes develop her own headline-grabbing style at the tender age of 12 — suddenly you’re not the most fashionable one any more. But really, is this, um, “experiment” at the Met Gala the answer?

The ribbon defies gravity. The hair looks like you’ve just swept it up in a scrunchie to put your mascara on. The dress looks like you’ve nicked it from Cyndi Lauper’s 1985 wardrobe. And the heel on those boots is just wrong. Still, we’ve got to give you a medal for style bravery. Combined with the famous grass dress last year, it seems without Guy Ritchie, Madge is embracing her inner fashion nutcase. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Madonna And Mercy Look Adorable Together


Wow, look at this picture of Madonna with little Mercy! Doesn’t she look like a beautifully-shot-and-possibly-airbrushed devoted mother? It’s amazing how this stunning portrait of WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN has found its way out into the public domain just as Madonna continues her appeal to adopt the little girl from Malawi, after it was initially rejected. I mean, I’m sure we’re not being emotionally manipulated by this gorgeous pho…aw, just look at the way she’s nestling into Madge’s arms! And Madonna does look amazing for 50, doesn’t she? How could any judge (maybe even one called Esmie Chondo) resist letting this cute pair stay together? Not that we’ve been swayed in any way, we have definitely made our minds up independently on this one. Ahem. [Photo: Reuters]


Madonna Goes For Dinner To Forget Adoption Row

Madonna forgot her adoption troubles last night for a few hours at least, when she stepped out for dinner at London’s swish Cecconi’s restaurant with pal Stella McCartney. The predictable hordes of photogs were on hand to snap the star – who performed the bizarre trick of actually looking tipsy before she went in and sober afterwards. On the left, Madonna arrives. On the right, Madonna departs with Stella. Huh. Still, good to see her letting her hair down again!


Sad Madonna Leaves Africa Without Mercy


Madonna returned to the UK yesterday without the little girl she hoped to adopt from Malawi. The Sun reports that Mercy James spent time in tears crying, “Where’s my mummy?” after Madonna and her family left the African country. With an appeal already in process, Madonna looked sad as she arrived at London’s Luton airport, where Guy Ritchie was on hand to greet son David Banda. He’s set to spend a week with him and eldest son Rocco at his home in Wiltshire, while Madonna and Lourdes returned to her central London house. The star is said to be prepared to do “whatever it takes” to succeed in her adoption plans. [Photo: Getty Images]


Breaking News: Madonna Loses Adoption Bid


In surprise news, Madonna has lost her bid to adopt Mercy James from Malawi. A judge rejected her application because she has not lived in the African state for 18-24 months — the same rule that was waived when she adopted David Banda four years ago.

“I must have to decline to grant the application to Madonna,” judge Esmie Chondo said. There were also concerns that allowing Madonna to adopt may affect other adopted childrens’ human rights. “By removing the very safeguard that is supposed to protect our children, the courts by their pronouncements could actually facilitate trafficking of children by some unscrupulous individuals,” she added. It was also noted that Mercy is not subject to the extreme poverty of her birth circumstances, currently being resident in one of Malawi’s best orphanages.

It’s unclear at the moment if Madonna will appeal the decision. [Photo: Splash News Online]