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by (@missmuttoo)

Taylor Momsen’s FHM Cover Makes Us Want To Take A Shower

Taylor Momsen is back. And what better way to remind us about what we’ve been missing than by posing half nekkid on the cover of March’s FHM? Nothing much has changed. The 18-year-old has still got raccoon eyes and hasn’t really moved on from wearing stripper heels and thigh-highs. The magazine has given us the gem that is “FHM at Taylor Momsen’s house party,” which we’re guessing the photograph on the right is a nod to. Taylor also brought along “her adult superstar chum Jenna Haze” for the festivities. Right, we’re heading to the showers now, although we never may feel clean again.

[Photo via FHM]

by (@JordanRuntagh)

15 Outfits From The AVN Red Carpet That You Probably Won’t See At The Oscars

The 2012 Oscar nominations were announced bright and early this morning, kicking off the countdown to the biggest night in Hollywood! But performances aren’t the only thing being judged at the Academy Awards. Fans and trend-spotters scrutinize every little thing that the stars wear, so A-Listers make sure to don their most stylish and classy duds for their stroll across the ultimate red carpet.

However, the rules are a little different over at the AVN Awards. The Oscars of Adult Entertainment took place over the weekend in Las Vegas, and some of the biggest names in porn busted out their most bust baring outfits. Outrageous style must have been part of the dress code! Check out the gallery below to see some of the craziest looks from the AVN red carpet. We have a funny feeling you won’t be seeing these dresses at the Oscars…

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