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12 Reasons Why Elle Fanning’s New Lolita-Tinged Perfume Ad Kind Of Creeps Us Out

We like Elle Fanning around these parts, but we’re a little mad at her right now. Sure, she seems like a sweet and massively talented young lady and all. But this epic three minute long commercial she made for Lolita Lempicka fragrances kinda creeps us out. A lot. Why? Well, imagine if Fiona Apple directed a Sesame Street clip. It’s kind of like that.

We’ve stared at our screens for almost an hour trying to describe the many ways that the 14-year-old’s performance rubs us the wrong way. Sure, there’s the overused-yet-still-unnerving trope of pitting child-like innocence against sexual awakening. That’s unsettling in the best of occasions. But then the video takes a turn as Elle gets back to nature and starts doing things with sticks that we’re still trying to figure out. After a while, we realized it would be easier to just show you. Come take the journey with us.

 1. The Wood Allen-style opening credits.

It’s a promo to shill scented water, folks. Let’s not get too arty here.

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Dakota Fanning’s Marc Jacobs Spot Joins The Long History Of Controversial Ads

Dakota Fanning’s banned Marc Jacobs ad was deemed too saucy for the good people of Britain early today, though so far the spot is considered safe for American eyes. Despite what you might think about the advert itself, Dakota (and Jacobs) certainly aren’t the first people to come up with a controversial campaign that had people gasping…or cringing…or just rolling their eyes. From the extremely sexual to the merely gross to the extremely sexual and gross, and starring celebs like Pamela Anderson, Keira Knightley and Jessica Alba, controversial ads are as common as, well, controversial ads getting banned. Check out some of the most memorable controversial advertising below!

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