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Let’s Play Celebrity Manicure! We Give You The Nail Art, You Guess The Star It Belongs To!

Guess The Celebrity Manicure

It was so much fun showing you Katy Perry‘s Top 20 Nail-Art Designs last week. We were inspired to do another round as we’re not quite done showing you fabulous tip tricks, so to speak! We know you’ve marvelled at some pretty awesome nail-art along with us over the years. Celebrities do tend to go all out with their manis before big events, just like La Perry. So here’s a fun little game we’ve put together for you. It’ll only work if you don’t cheat by clicking ahead. We’ve got pictures of some incredible nail-art but you’ll only find out which star the design belongs to by clicking on the next picture. See what we mean … you really can’t cheat or else the big reveal will be ruined. We’ve even given you handy little hints to make the guessing easier. Come and play with us! Start by clicking on the first picture in the gallery below. Have fun!

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Vogue‘s Fashion Night Out Draws In Celebrities On Both Coasts

Celebrities At Vogue's Fashion Night Out, New York, L.A

Everyone looks forward to the grand retail extravaganza that is Vogue‘s Fashion Night Out. Held in approximately 19 countries across a week, the U.S — due to Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour‘s dictact — has their big night on the first day of Fashion Week. It’s a smart move because everyone’s in New York then, and those celebrities who don’t need to be there on day one, can enjoy FNO in L.A, the other fashion capital of the country. That’s both coasts taken care of! Hundreds of stores and designers providing special gifts with purchase and exclusive FNO merchandise, discounts and deals. NYC was swarming with stars yesterday for FNO special apperances. AnnaSophia Robb was Fekkai Mademoiselle, Nikki Reed and Kate Upton were at Michael Kors. Nikki looks super hot in a golden sequined dress, FYI. She was the best-dressed of the night! Kellan Lutz, Pharrell Williams and Matchbox 20 were at Bloomingdales. Allison Williams was at the DVF store, while Alexa Chung was at Moschino. Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian made the rounds too, of course. Kim’s little sisters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, and her mother Kris Jenner were at the Beverly Center in L.A. along with Lucy Hale and Kendra Wilkinson, as well. Want to take a look at how glam everyone was? Head on over to our gallery!

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Kelly Osbourne Embarrassed At A Music Festival, Isn’t VIP Enough!

This may look like any other photograph of any other celebrating having a chat with a group of friends. Not so much, because the context changes everything! The Wireless festival just got done in London’s Hyde Park yesterday and had everyone from Pulp to The Black Eyed Peas to David Guetta hit the main stages! Of course, celebrities across the pond, turned up to watch. Not all of them were considered VIP though, like Kelly Osbourne! Which is totally weird because apart from being famous herself, musically speaking her father is pretty much in the top echelons of Royalty.

This photograph has Kelly and her chums arguing with the bouncer because he wasn’t letting her into the VIP area. We don’t know why. Maybe her PR didn’t get in touch? Maybe he thought she wasn’t actually Kelly? Maybe he was just in a really bad mood! None of the security guards were allowing her in until Alexa Chung intervened on her behalf and convinced them to let her through. Bet Kelly didn’t expect that to happen to her. How embarrassing!


Posh Parties At Vogue Dinner – But Did She Eat?

Victoria Beckham‘s ascension from former Spice Girl with a dodgy track record in solo singles to top fashionista was officially confirmed last night when she attended the Vogue dinner for London Fashion Week. Looking skinnier than ever, Posh wore one of her own creations to the star-studded dinner at Le Caprice restaurant, which was also attended by Alexa Chung, Agyness Deyn, Henry Holland, Naomi Campbell and Daisy Lowe – still continuing in her oh-so-unmodelly practice of smiling at the cameras, which we totally love.

We bet Posh was abso-frickin-lutely thrilled to be at the event, and can only imagine her enjoyment was translated into ordering her favorite frozen grapes “dinner” from the menu. Mmmm!


The Coolest Fashion Front Row Ever?

Minus Peaches Geldof, of course. Oh, we’re being a little bit mean, but don’t the other three look like the coolest girlband ever? Alexa Chung, British actress Jaime Winstone and Olivia Palermo made up an impressive front row at London Fashion Week’s Topshop Unique show yesterday, rocking a series of eclectic and sexy looks.

Olivia also revealed her fashion rules to mag Grazia, confessing that a statement heel, mixing and matching high-end with high street and wearing one structured piece per outfit gives her her look.  That may be, but we doubt following any of these rules would lead to us looking anywhere near as flawless and adorable as Olivia in about a billion years.


Alexa’s Last-Minute Trip For Love


Alexa Chung – style goddess, TV star of the US and UK, and also a damn good girlfriend. In a whisper-thin gap between filming commitments for her MTV show It’s On With Alexa Chung she’s jetted back to Britain to support her boyfriend, Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner, in concert. Watching in London’s Brixton Academy, Alexa had to view the hip band from the VIP area, as reportedly every time she went into the crowd she was mobbed by fans. The couple later moved onto the cool Dex club – and despite having jetted thousands of miles, jet lag, and a late night, she still looked amazing.

Is there nothing this girl can’t do? [Photo: Splash News Online]


Welsh Playboy Steve Jones To Host American TV Show


Hey, America! You know what you really, really need? Another British TV host! Yes! We’ve been thinking over here in the UK that what you have been missing is another unfamiliar accent chirping out of your TVs and taking another one of the top jobs that doesn’t already belong to Ryan Seacrest.

Of course, we know that you’ve already got Cat Deeley, Alexa Chung and Myleene Klass presenting big TV shows, but lucky, lucky you, Steve Jones is also headed your way. The Welsh host, who’s better known for his romantic life (he’s hooked up with Pamela Anderson, Halle Berry and Hayden Panetierre) has revealed he’s lining up a show on your shores.

“I am currently in talks with the American TV network ABC but things are only in the planning stage at the minute. It will be my own show, which may last for about six weeks,” he said. America, lock up your daughters. [Photo: WireImage]


Alexa: America’s New Sweetheart?

We told you the UK’s hippest female presenter was headed over to the U.S., and now it’s been confirmed! Alexa Chung will be the host of MTV’s new replacement for TRL, called, The Alexa Chung Show (well, at least it’s self-explanatory). It will feature a mixture of “video countdowns and guests” — so far, so TRL — but with the oh-so-’09 twist of teaming up with Twitter and Facebook, too.

She’s spent the last 18 months being celebrated as Britain’s coolest girl — from her geek-chic style and Arctic Monkey boyfriend Alex Turner to running with the hip London crowd of Lily Allen and Daisy Lowe. Can she take on America, too? Find out in June.

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Alexa Chung Is Coming Your Way

Americans give the English Barack Obama (for a couple days, at least), and the English are giving us another TV presenter to take over the schedules just like Cat Deeley. Currently the darling of the stylish London party scene (she’s mates with Kelly Osbourne, the Geldof girls and Lily Allen amongst others), Alexa Chung has presented countless music and fashion-based TV shows and has been heralded by the style press in London as the coolest girl going. Which she kind of is. And she’s headed to Brooklyn (of course).

“Alexa has been offered a big show over there so she’s heading off this summer. She’s picked out an apartment really near to Daisy Lowe‘s in trendy Williamsburg in Brooklyn, close to where Peaches Geldof moved last year,” says a source.  Agyness watch out – let the hipster-off begin!

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