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Once Upon A Time Costars Jennifer Morrison And Sebastian Stan Join Other Celeb Look-Alike Couples

Those pouty lips, that porcelain skin, that heart-shaped face…yeah, Once Upon A Time‘s Jennifer Morrison and Sebastian Stan are dating now, alright. They also look like they came out of the same womb! Did we just get too real on you? Of course, Jennifer and Sebastian wouldn’t be the first celebrity couple who, well, coupled with someone who looked shocking like him/her. Take a look at our other celebrity look-alike pairs if you don’t believe us. Of course, they’re all hot, so think of it this way: it’s not creepy, it just means they have good taste. And maybe it’s a little creepy…

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Jonah Hill Allegedly Canoodling With Dustin Hoffman’s Daughter

How come only celebrities seem to canoodle? Are average people canoodling and we just don’t know about it? Doesn’t the word ‘canoodle’ call to mind a big bowl of pasta, except instead of noodles, it’s filled with A-listers flopping around in a puddle of carbonara sauce? Allegedly canoodling in the more traditional sense (unless they’re into that kind of thing), are Jonah Hill and Dustin Hoffman‘s daughter Ali, who sources say have recently started dating. Although…are you still picturing them in that bowl thing? Us too. We’re so sorry.

As a source told Us Weekly, “They grew up together and they have been dating for a bit.” In addition being friends with his daughter and son Jake, Jonah was discovered by the elder Hoffman as a teenager; Dustin even helped land Hill a role in his first film I Heart Huckabees. “Jonah was in Hawaii over the holidays with the Hoffman clan,” another source explained to The New York Post. Hmm, so Ali is dating a guy who’s friends with her entire family and basically has a career due to her dad’s intervention. That seems a little weird, right? We’re going to go ahead and visualize that big bowl of celebrity pasta again just to get that off our minds. Ah…there we go.

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