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Amber Rose Explains, Then Repeats, Kim Kardashian Homewrecker Comment

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Amber Rose is our kind of vengeful ex. Even when she tries to walk back her comments branding Kim Kardashian a homewrecker, she still manages to call Kim Kardashian a homewrecker. “I don’t like to call women names, because I’m about women empowerment,” the model and singer told MTV’s RapFix this week when asked about statements blaming Kim for Amber’s breakup with Kanye West. “I spoke on my emotions that day — I was just so frustrated.” Actually, that’s pretty mature when you think about and…oh, wait, here comes the burn. “Kim is the home wrecker, I’m not the home wrecker. I don’t date men in relationships; I don’t do that to other women,” fumed Amber, denying that she subsequently demolished Kim’s relationship with ex Reggie Bush. Can’t you just pretend that’s why you dated him, Amber? What? Can’t we live vicariously though a beautiful femme fatale who somehow looks that good in a raccoon hat? Like you weren’t thinking the exact same thing!

While Amber might feel a little remorse ripping on Kim in public, that guilty does not extend to the Kardashian family at large. “I feel like Kim and her family, they manipulate the media and they want people to believe what they want them to believe,” Amber explains. “I just had to put the truth out there and I had to get it off my chest.” Amber then took a Louisville slugger to both head lights, slashed a hole in all four tires and then made three snaps in a Z formation until she dislocated her shoulder…like a boss.

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Amber Rose Feels So, So Bad She Called Kim Kardashian A Homewrecker

Amber Rose truly regrets the fact that she called Kim Kardashian a “homewrecker” last week for allegedly hooking up with Kanye West while he and Rose were still a couple. Don’t get her wrong, Kim definitely is a homewrecker; Amber is just so, so sorry she actually said it out loud. “I actually feel bad that I called [Kim] a homewrecker … ’cause that was kind of mean,” the model and singer told TMZ, adding “I forgive her … and I forgive Kanye too … it’s not a big deal, you know?” Sure! We often bring up our exes’ infidelities to the press for that exact reason. Because it’s such a teeny, tiny insignificant deal! Haha! Stop judging us.

Of course, since Amber is currently canoodling with Wiz Khalifa, we imagine it might be time for girlfriend to just get over it. Or at least pretend to in public. “I’m not a mean-spirited person,” Amber insisted. “I just acted on my emotions when I said it.” Now the more important question for Kim is: Does it count as being a homewrecker if you wreck your own home? Talk amongst yourselves.

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Amber Rose Spills Kim Kardashian And Kanye Deets, Calls Kim A Homewrecker

Sometimes it’s nice to have a rumor confirmed…even if it happens over a year and a half after we peeped it for the first time. If your Twitter-shortened attention spans can recall as far back as April 2010, you may remember some gossip about a Kim Kardashian and Kanye West romance. The only problem? Kanye was reportedly canoodling with Amber Rose at the time, while Kim was on-again, off-again with the Miami Dolphins’ Reggie Bush. “They were both cheating,” Amber allegedly claims in an interview with Star, according to RadarOnline.  “They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other.” Man…if only the beautiful debacle that was Kim Kardashian’s marriage hadn’t happened in the meantime. We’d be so much more scandalized by this!

According to Rose, Kim helped dismantle Amber’s relationship with Kanye through a series of explicit texts and emails. Gripes Amber, “She’s a homewrecker!” As Rose explains now, “She was sending pictures, and I was like, ‘Kim, just stop. Don’t be that person.’ I thought at least she’d be woman enough to respond to me.  She never responded.” So then of course allegedly Amber and Reggie Bush got together on the rebound. Wow, revenge really is a dish best served cold…and 18 months after you first make it. It’s sort of like moonshine in that way. Or kimchi!

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The 100 Hottest Celeb Bikini Pics Of 2011

It’s that time of year again when we reflect on everything we’ve accomplished, as well as the things we probably could have done better (like eating a few less slices of pumpkin pie) and make heartfelt resolutions for the new year.  After all of the indulgences of the holiday season, we normally include the plan to live a healthier lifestyle at the very top of our list.  If you need motivation to get fit in 2012,  look no further than our collection of the 100 hottest bikini photos of 2011. It’s sure to inspire you to finally use that gym membership!

We’ve ranked the top 10 hottest bikini clad ladies, and included another 90 wildly sexy bikini shots, in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. Halle Berry

Move over Miranda Kerr (Miranda was crowned our hottest bikini bod in 2009 and 2010), Halle Berry wins this year! Peep more Halle Berry bikini pics.

2. Alessandra Ambrosio

See sexy shots of Alessandra Ambrosio and her fellow Victoria’s Secret Angels in this 2011 Victoria’s Secret fashion show mega gallery!

Check out more bikini beauties after the jump!

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The FABlife Bikini Awards: Curves Ahead!

(It’s that time of year again! Welcome to TheFABlife Bikini Awards, where we pit half-naked celebs against each other and you vote for the finest skin-flaunter of the summer of 2011.)

Voting is now closed. Thanks for participating!

Curves? Yes please. We like a little meat in the spots that count, and these ladies are flaunting those spots in some barely there beach wear. But which lady deserves the sexy crown? Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, Amber Rose and Aubrey O’Day duke it out below.

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Amber Rose Tweets Her New Wiz Khalifa Tattoo

There’s a new Amber Rose photo all over the internet, and at least this one won’t get you fired for looking at it on your work computer. “I want his name tatted on me a million times. He’s a dream come true….. He’s my Angel,” Rose tweeted, along with the photo of her new ink, which reads “Cam,” short for Khalifa’s given name Cameron Jibril Thomaz. So…this is pretty much as good as a legal marriage certificate, right? Not only is Amber Rose’s Wiz Khalifa tattoo on her finger, it’s also, you know, permanent. No way can you throw that thing out the window of a car in the middle of an argument, no matter how hard you try.

It’s a good think Rose came around to idea, because Khalifa has had “Amb” tattooed on his hand since at least April. If they had broken up in the meantime he could have filled in “idexterous,” but that seems a little obvious. The couple have been the subject of engagement rumors for months, as well as Amber Rose pregnancy rumors, neither of which has proved to be true as of yet. Let’s hope these two stay together. We guess Amber could always change hers into “camping” or “cameleon,” but it’d be a real stretch.


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Amber Rose Loses Modeling Gig After Nude Photos Leak

As if general embarrassment and awkward family parties weren’t enough, the Amber Rose nude photo scandal has the model losing work, despite the fact that it really only proves she’s photogenic from any angle. “The company that I was working with no longer wants to work with me because of these pics and that prevents me from getting money to take care of my family.” Rose tweeted today, about the photos posted by MediaTakeout. “Its a messed up situation when someone so evil comes into ur life and tries to destroy it. I know I’m not the only girl in the world that has taken pics like that but they were very private.” Amber is right, though; plenty of celebs have naked pictures floating around. Give it five years and people will just put them directly on the back of their business cards.

As for where Amber’s nude photos originated, Rose, currently dating Wiz Khalifa, maintains that they were stolen from her computer. “I trusted someone that worked 4 me & allowed them to use my laptop a million times, I caught this person sending my pics to themselves and I fired this person immediately ,” she tweets. “Wiz & I & both of our families have known about this for 2 months now. We tried to prepare ourselves for this day.” However, Amber reassures fans it was a client, rather than her modeling agency CAA, that reacted so harshly to the pics. “I didn’t get dropped from my agency. I swear I’m on here eday shutting down rumors & the only reason I do is cuz its messing up my business,” she writes. Whoever sent her photos out should be very worried if they themselves have any nudes floating around. We know what we’d do with them: billboard in Time Square.

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2011 BET Awards Green Carpet: Who, What, Wear

Before we can say anything else, how about Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose getting frisky on the green carpet, huh? The 2011 BET Awards took place at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A last night and the duo looked quite happy wrapped around each other! We’re also loving the Dolce & Gabbana blazer and pants combination Alicia Keys wore to the event and Kerry Washington has our vote with that acidic Michael Kors gown. We also totally expected Nicki Minaj to bring on some full-on cray-cray but it was a half-hearted commitment. We think she actually looked quite pretty in the textured pink dress-tight-boots outfit she was working.

If you want the list of winners, click here, but hint hint: Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes are in there. Also spotted were folks like Nelly, Ne-Yo, Mary J. Blige, Jill Scott (love her) and the Smith kids — Jaden and Willow. Of course, Willow’s pal Justin Bieber was there too. Was there any ground breaking fashion? No, but everyone looked really comfortable which is quite a change! Having said that, we would like to forget all about Amber Rose’s shredded catsuit forever. Take a look at our gallery for all the action!

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Amber Rose Responds To Kanye’s Coachella Dis

We never understand it when celebrity couples start drama in public. Don’t they remember all that bizarre, rich-person stuff the other person knows about them? We’ve all seen Eyes Wide Shut, right? Unfortunately, Kanye West’s Amber Rose Coachella dis didn’t follow the laws of relationship decorum, so the rapper’s ex is out to talk a little trash. Just as a little background: at the music festival last month, Kanye allegedly changed the lyrics to his song “Stronger” from “I’ll do anything for a blonde dyke” to “I did anything for that blonde dyke.” Amber Rose just so happens to be his bisexual blond ex, ergo, yikes.

We wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Kanye momentarily forgot Amber was actually at Coachella, and was under the impression that only he could hear the beautiful music in his mind. “It’s just unfortunate that he said that in the song ’cause that’s not the lyrics,” Amber Rose’s King Magazine interview says about the incident now. “I can say whatever I want about him. I can write a book or do whatever but I choose to take the high road. It’s just unfortunate he has to constantly say s–t.” Despite the on-going drama, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are still going strong. Said soon-to-be reality star, “When I was with my ex [West], I didn’t have a voice. I was there and I was new to the fame. I didn’t understand everything. Now I get everything. With me and Wiz, we show our love to the world.” We undersand it if Amber is trying to come out ahead as the classier party, but if not: please, please, please write the book on Kanye.

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