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Idol Finale Fashion: Farewell Simon, Hello Bad Outfits


Lee DeWyze caused eyes across the country to swell with happy tears when he won American Idol last night, but as history (Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert, etc.) has shown, it’s doesn’t matter who takes home the Idol crown. Ain’t that right, Taylor Hicks? The finale has evolved into an over-the-top affair filled with painful choreographed group numbers and Ford commercials, sprinkled with some unexpected duets and cameos.

But the real star last night, amidst the lasers, surprise appearances, and Simon Cowell ass-kissing, was the absurdly outrageous fashion. During the long-eliminated contestants painful “singing,” we were happily distracted by Crystal Bowersox‘s dad’s leather formal wear, Carrie Underwood‘s Gaga-esque bolero and Janet Jackson‘s boobilicious bodysuit. Check out the night’s style highs (yes, there were some) and lows below.

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Famous Music Expert Ellen DeGeneres To Start Her Own Label

She dances, she acts, she judges people’s musical talents, and now, Ellen DeGeneres plans to create her own record label. (She’s like the female Diddy – all she needs to do is appear on Inside The Actor’s Studio to really make her transformation.) On her website today, Ellen writes that she “was so inspired by 12-year-old Greyson Chance that we decided to make a record together. I am starting my own record label called eleveneleven!”

Chance is the piano prodigy Ellen featured on her show after a video of him playing Lady Gaga‘s “Paparazzi” surfaced, and Lady Gaga even called him to tell him “You’re so sweet and so talented, and everyone loves you so much.” Thus far, he is the only person signed to the label, but considering his YouTube clip has garnered 20 million hits, we think the kid just might sell some records.


American Idol: Why This Season Wasn’t About Finding An “Artist”

This season of American Idol had a lot to prove, and funnily enough, none of it was about finding the next great singer. Over the past five months, we’ve scrutinized America’s second favorite show (yeah, somehow (and this is the woman who wore a tearaway dress last year, revealing a bikini under it). The dialogue between DioGuardi and Casey James during his audition reads like a porn.

Casey “I’m willing to do anything that I need to do.”

Kara “What about unbuttoning your shirt a little bit?”

Randy “Take it off.”

Kara, to Victoria Beckham “Don’t you want to see it?”

Cut to Casey, bare-chested and wondering why some Forever 21-clad cougar is trying to hijack his singing career and a bag of bones dressed in Gucci is eyeing him like he’s a Coke Zero. And scene.

“Straight Up” Now Tell Me When I’m Eliminated

Poor Andrew Garcia, he gave one of the only truly interesting performances of the season when he rehashed Paula Abdul‘s “Straight Up” during Hollywood Week, but he was never able to relive that during his time in the Top 12. And the judges reminded him of it again…and again…and again. He might not have fared well in the competition, but we kinda wish he releases his cover as a single.

The Judges

So it’s Simon Cowell‘s final season of Idol before he moves on to The X-Factor.  Paula Abdul has already left and taken most of her glitter eyeshadow with her. Ellen DeGeneres made her debut. And let’s face it, the judges make this show what it is. Who doesn’t tune in just to hear Simon call someone “atrocious” or throw out an entendre or two? So people have tuned in out of curiosity – they want to bid Cowell farewell, see how Ellen and her non-musical ear will do, and lament Paula’s absence. This season marks the beginning of the end it seems, or at least the beginning of a whole lotta changes, for the series. (And by the way, the above picture is from 2003, but why wouldn’t be want to post a picture of Paula dressed like a princess?)

The First Idol Baby

Plenty of Idol contestants have been parents just trying to support their families, but we’re pretty sure we’ve never actually had a baby’s birth narrated by Ryan Seacrest. But when Michael Lynche made it to Hollywood, he had to hear his wife give birth on the other end of an iPhone. Luckily, Mama and Baby Lynche were able to come stay with Big Mike while he sang his way through the show. His rendition of “This Woman’s Work” was made more poignant by his story and even made Kara cry (for show, obvs, she’s Kara remember?) but it was one of the more touching personal moments this show has brought us.

The Elimination Process

This is probably our most solid case for why the show is no longer about the music. Sure, Crystal Bowersox is an amazing performer and a born musician, and Lee DeWyze can sing the crap out of a power ballad but (don’t hate us) Casey James is not and cannot. And yet he’s in the final three. Not to mention  the fact that Alex Lambert, our early favorite (despite his hair) was booted before he even had a chance to make it to the Top 12. Same with Lilly Scott – sure, her sound wasn’t music to our ears, but she was original and definitely had more talent that Top Twelvers like Paige Miles and Lacey Brown. Sure, musical taste is subjective, but ability is not.

We’re not sure if we’re optimistic about next season, to be honest. If Randy Jackson and Kara and Ellen (who, God love her, doesn’t add much to the show, in our opinion) are the anchors of the show, this, uh, ship may have sailed. (Forgive our New England-y seafaring metaphors.)  In the meantime, we’re still excited for this week’s finale and eagerly await the announcement of who America has chosen to idolize (but will subsequently forget about) this season.

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Paula Abdul Confirmed For Idol Finale And A New Show


After an entire season without her, Paula Abdul is returning to American Idol this week. Of course, it’s just for Wednesday night when she’ll be on hand for the season nine finale, but we’ll take it. Not only will that be the night that America picks a winning contestant, but it will also be the send-off for Simon Cowell, who we all know is Paula’s true soulmate. Cowell is leaving Idol to start the U.S. version of his show The X-Factor.

Having Paula back will only make Cowell’s departure from the show more bittersweet, but consider her return a warmup for her new gig – it’s been reported that she has finally picked a post-Idol job as a judge and producer on a new CBS series called Got To Dance. The show is exactly what you think it is, a competition where America votes for it’s favorite bedazzled up-and-coming dancer, only it will be on CBS so it will be geared toward your grandma. We don’t plan to watch, but you can bet we’ll be swooning on Wednesday when she slurs some words of adoration for Simon just like the old days.

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American Idol‘s Most Insane Outfits Of The Year


Now that the season is drawing to a close and two of the tamest contestants ever,  Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox, are in the finals, we’d like to turn our attention the real reason we watch American Idol – the outfits.

We have learned from Rachel Zoe that anyone can call themselves a stylist, and that’s especially true of the people who pull together the clothes worn on this show. And don’t even get us started on hair and makeup – this year we’ve seen more than our fair share of Bieber-inspired mullets, Bride-of-Frankenstein highlights and questionable use of Wet n’ Wild lip gloss over these five months. We thought Siobhan Magnus would have provided us with the majority of wacky ensembles on our list, but as it turns out, there were a lot of fashion disasters all season. Tyler Grady and his scarf-shirt (Shart? Scirf?), Didi Benami‘s throw-rug-vest…we had forgotten about these hot messes.

So who wore the most insane looks of the season? Check out our gallery of the 15 craziest and let us know what you think.

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Paula Abdul Demands $3 Million Advance For “X-Factor”


So now that Simon Cowell is done with “American Idol” (sob!), he’s already planning his next big move which, in a way, has him returning to his roots. In 2004, Cowell, along with Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh, was a judge on the first series of the British talent show “The X-Factor”. The show was created through his own company, Syco, and was a massive success. He’s now bringing the show to the U.S, and the first season is scheduled to air later on in 2011 on FOX. And he’s pulling out all the stops putting together a judges panel. He’s going to be on it as well… a li’l healthy competition with his old American Idol gig!

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are rumored to be in the running for the judges panel The X has marked a spot for Paula Abdul too! But in order to make it happen with Cowell a second time around, she’s demanding some serious cash, claims a source, “Paula really wants to reunite with Simon on his new show next year. But she thinks he needs to either put up – or shut up!” And he need to put up a $ 3 million advance, or no cigar. The source went on to say that “the two have discussed reteaming, but Paula feels Simon needs to commit financially.”

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Dentist Offers To Fix Crystal Bowersox’s Teeth For Free. Uh, Thanks?


Here’s our favorite news today of the “unsolicited offers and backhanded compliments” variety. A “dentist to the stars” (ugh) in New York City has offered to fix American Idol singer Crystal Bowersox‘s teeth for free to make her look more media-friendly. Because God forbid she wins the show and has anything but a Seacrest-y, unnaturally white smile.  Dr. Laura Torrado wrote to to get this message to Crystal:

“I’d like to offer you complimentary oral reconstructive services and do anything and everything from whitening you teeth, to closing your gaps. We don’t have to make your teeth perfect like every other Hollywood celebrity, because that’s not who you are.

We can really make sure that everyone sees you as beautiful and confident on the outside as we all know you are on the inside.”

So basically Crystal, the jig is up. Everyone knows you’re not confident because of your damn chompers. You may as well quit the show like you maybe-possibly threatened to do before, because how can you possibly be a success with a mouth like that? Sigh. Is it any wonder she might be sick of Hollywood already?

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Katy Perry: Permanent Idol Duty Can Wait Until “My T*ts Sag And My *ss Gets Huge”

We caught up with Katy Perry on the red carpet at the ASCAP awards the other night, an annual celebration for the people that pen all of your favorite pop songs (if you’re curious, Jason Mraz took home the Song of the Year award for his hit, “I’m Yours”). We asked the recent American Idol guest judge, who just so happened to be wearing a pair of $2,500 Jimmy Choo Zap sandals, if she had any aspirations to become a full-time host of the show once Simon Cowell scoots off for greener pastures at the end of this season. She backtracked a bit on the statements she made to MTV News earlier this year after her feisty feud with Kara DioGuardi, but left the door open for future consideration:

“I’ll always want to be a guest judge. Always. And when my t*ts sag and my *ss gets huge, I’ll probably want to be a permanent judge.”

All of you who have seen the recent bikini pictures of her will instantly recognize that Perry is basically telling you not to hold your breath.