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Randy Jackson: “Idol Can Go On For Another Five Or Six Years!”


Paula‘s gone, Simon‘s leaving soon and, if last night’s American Idol was any indication, the show is slowly becoming a shadow of its former self. The one thing that will remain is Randy Jackson. Jackson has certainly been the one that’s gotten lost in the Idol Judge Shuffle: he’s not one of the new girls, but he’s not as fun to watch as Simon or Paula either. He’s also steered clear of any contract disputes, cuz this dawg is just happy to be gainfully employed. “I’m there for a while. I still have some time left on my contract,” he recently told the New York Post, adding, “And we’ve built an amazing franchise that can go on for another five or six years.”

And what about the fact that he’s the most overlooked judge on the show? Even Kara DioGuardi gets more attention (Although if we’re writing about her, it’s usually negative attention. But still.) and Ellen DeGeneres‘ February debut will definitely be buzzworthy. Randy doesn’t mind flying under the radar. “I don’t necessarily feel ignored in the situation,” he said. “Look, I’m a musician. I’m a music guy. That’s my world, my life, so whenever I had antics, I was always on stage, performing. I’m just happy to be part of this team and I don’t feel slighted at all. I’m so blessed to be on this amazing ship of a show.”

For now, the S.S. Idol is still sailing, but we’re curious to see if it truly does have five or six more years in it without Captain Cowell. Our eyes are peeled for Coca-Cola and Ford sponsored icebergs ahead.

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Come On Feel The Illinoise! American Idol Hits Chicago

Yeesh. Last night’s American Idol bordered on tedious, no? Or maybe we, like the judges, just have no patience for an abundance of wacky contestants over genuinely good (or even terrible but entertaining) ones. As Simon Cowell put it so concisely, “This is a complete and utter waste of time.” Over 12,000 people showed up for the Chicago auditions and only 13 left with golden tickets to Hollywood, that’s how crappy the talent was, and the judges themselves couldn’t even fake their enthusiasm. But at least Shania Twain proved herself a capable and compassionate judge, even if she did like yanking her own drawstrings (not a euphemism). And hey, we also got a weird cover of the Growing Pains theme song so there’s that.

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Simon Cowell Turned Down $100M Offer From Idol


Every time Simon Cowell‘s American Idol contract comes up, we still marvel at the figures. Today, we’re marveling at the amount of money he actually turned down in order to depart the famous show. Reports that surfaced today have hinted that Cowell was offered an additional $100 million to stay with the franchise, but he opted out in order to work on his X-Factor series instead.

In other X-Factor news, there’s been a lot of chatter about what other music powerhouses Cowell will convince to join him on the show. Rumor has it Cowell has been considering Cheryl Cole, his UK co-judge, to join him for the U.S. version of the show. He’s also been considering Tommy Mottola – the head of Sony music and former Mr. Mariah Carey – to be a judge as well. And then of course there’s the rumor that he plans to bring Paula Abdul on board ever since Cowell was recently quoted as saying “It was always my intention in one way or another to carry on working with her.” The more we hear about this series’ progress, the more excited we’re getting. We wonder if Idol and X-Factor can co-exist peacefully, or if this will be the beginning of the end of Ryan Seacrest and Co.  [Photo: Getty Images]


Simon Cowell Admits He Wants To Get Back With Paula


We totally called it yesterday when we theorized that maybe Simon Cowell would find a way to reunite with Paula Abdul when he departs American Idol next year. Now Cowell has admitted that he does indeed want to work with Abdul again, saying “I’ve gone on record, I adore Paula. Whatever happens, I will be working with her in some capacity, because I miss her.” Now, we don’t know if this means she’ll definitely be hired for The X-Factor, but it sure sounds like it!

Funny, season 9 of Idol hasn’t even started yet (tonight, baby!) and already it feels like it’s unravelling – we sure hope all these departures don’t result in lost momentum and maximum suckage. We already went through that with this most recent season of Project Runway and we can’t handle another reality crap-fest.[Photo: Getty Images]

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Simon Cowell To Depart “Idol”


We…can…barely…type through our tears. Simon Cowell, the British man-bitch who made humiliation so wonderful to watch, is leaving “American Idol” after this season. (Check out VH1’s “American Idol” playlist.) Who the hell is going to ruin the lives of thousands of tone-deaf, aspiring singers? Ellen DeGeneres, the nicest woman on earth? Randy “Dawg” Jackson? That other lady no one cares about? We think not!

Simon will apparently be bringing his hit U.K. show “The X Factor” to the States in the fall of 2011, and will serve as its judge. Says the gajillionaire, “I’m thrilled that we have put a date on the launch of the U.S. version of ‘The X Factor,’ and delighted to be continuing to work with Fox.”

We have three words for”American Idol” – Bring. Back. Paula. That is – if Simon doesn’t snag her for “The X Factor” first. [Photo: GettyImages]


Is Simon Cowell Easing Out Of Idol?


We sure wouldn’t give up a $45 million salary, but it looks like Simon Cowell might be willing to. The American Idol judge has been toying with the idea of leaving the country’s favorite show in order to bring his other series, The X-Factor, to the U.S.  The plan is to give Cowell a smaller role on the upcoming season than we’re used to. “Expect to see less and less of Simon this season,” a source tells PopEater. “The focus is going to be back on the contestants and less on Simon’s harsh criticisms of them. They also will be spending more time focusing on Ellen [DeGeneres]once she gets through her first few weeks live from Hollywood.”

First Paula Abdul leaves, now Simon is backing away from the show, too? This show is going to be a shell of its former self, especially if it means we have to endure more Kara DioGuardi. Maybe we can petition Ellen to wear low-cut, tight cotton v-necks so that it will make the transition less harsh. [Photo: GettyImages]


HairStyle Wars: McPhee’s Glam Makeover

“American Idol” runner-up Katharine McPhee has been rocking a modified blonde bob for almost six months now and it’s starting to take its toll on her tresses. During her “Idol” days, we admired her long, silky brown locks, but now her Gwen Stefani-esque mop is beginning to look damaged and processed. What do you prefer? McPhee as an au natural brunette or glam’d up platinum blonde?

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Paula Abdul Regrets Leaving “Idol”


As excited as we are about Ellen DeGeneres joining the “American Idol” team, we regret Paula Abdul‘s departure a lot. (We wonder why Ellen couldn’t replace Kara DioGuardi instead, but that’s just a thought we entertain in our fantasy world.) Sounds like Paula is regretting her decision to leave too, because a source revealed to Pop Eater that Paula is struggling to find work these days. “Paula was full of optimism when she left ‘Idol,’ ” the friend of Paula’s revealed. “She was confident she would get her own talk show and even a gig performing live on the Las Vegas strip — none of which has materialized. It’s going to get worse in January when ‘Idol’ is everywhere with Ellen sitting in her seat.”

Ellen will be awesome for sure, but she probably won’t have the same chemistry Paula had with Simon Cowell. Why do salary disputes ruin everything?? Let’s not forget that Paula hasn’t become a jobless hobo – she has picked up gigs here and there, like when she hosted the “VH1 Divas” concert in September, but we hope for her sake she finds a niche for her special brand of musical, garbled crazy that we love.  [Photo: GettyImages]


Carrie Underwood: It’s Better In The Bahamas


Carrie Underwood votes for American Idol, but she gets our vote for sexiest ex-Idol in a bikini. The singer soaked up the sun and played with dolphins while vacationing at the Cove in Atlantis in the Bahamas. Looking good!   [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Carrie Underwood Still Votes For Idol


“American Idol” has a history of picking the most likable, friendly and perky contestants as its winners (flashback: Kris Allen and his wife own matching aprons). Go ahead, we dare you to pick a winner that’s done something objectionable. As further proof to our theory, in a recent interview season four winner Carrie Underwood gushed about her love for the show, saying, “I will always have the biggest love for the show as a participant and as a fan.”

She also admitted that she, like the rest of America, still votes for her favorite singers. “It’s so crazy for me to watch and think I was on it,” Underwood said in a conference call with press. “I love the people working on it and I love to go back and talk to the contestants. I vote too, just like everybody else! It’s great being able to see both sides.”

Underwood’s humility and down-to-earth attitude is pretty cool, especially considering she just became Idol’s the biggest-selling winner, surpassing Kelly Clarkson this week with over 10.5 million albums sold.  [Photo: GettyImages]