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Adam Lambert Is Curious About Bedding Women


Yes, we know Adam Lambert is gay and no, that doesn’t make us want him any less. Who says a girl can’t dream about getting it on with gay dudes (Nate Berkus, we haven’t given up on you)? And now it looks like our dream is one small step closer to become a reality. The “American Idol” winner tells Out, “I will make out with a girl at a bar. I mean, after a couple of drinks.” Squeee! Shots on us, Adam!

Yes, Glambert tells the mag that while he’s a 100% gay, he’s still a little intrigued by the idea of touching lady parts. “That’s why I say I’m curious,” he says. “There are gay guys that gag and go ‘eww’ at the thought of having sex with a girl. I’m curious about it, because I’ve never done it.” He adds, “The point of the matter is that I would not rule it out. The idea is intriguing.”

But never fear, ladies who want to be Adam’s first (and only). He’s not totally inexperienced – he once performed oral sex on a girl when he was 18 and drunk. Now all that’s left to do is somehow be in the right place at the right time with the right amount of booze and… [Photo: GettyImages]


Simon’s Mom Reveals Embarrassing Secrets

If there’s one thing we can’t help loving, it’s celebrities’ veneer of super-cool sophistication falling by the wayside when their family start embarrassing them by speaking to the press. Forget Michael Lohan-style dysfunction, we’re more thinking Justin Timberlake‘s grandma Sadie Bomar ‘fessing up that he’s not ready to marry that Jessica Biel girl. And now Simon Cowell‘s glamorous mom Julie has got in on the act, giving an interview to UK showbiz mag New!, which is the equivalence of opening up those baby photos of him on the potty to the whole world.

  • On Simon’s early musical prowess: “He formed a band with his brother and two friends. We were on holiday in the Caribbean once and he convinced the hotel to let them play. They were awful!”
  • On Simon’s tragic first loss: “When Hammy the Hamster died, Simon was upset for a very long time.”
  • On Simon’s ex-girlfriends: “Top of the class was Terri Seymour...she was my favourite but sadly Simon is married to his work.”
  • On Simon’s bad habits: “His smoking – I hate it.”

Ahhh, parents. Don’t you just love them?


Dear Lord, Please Let This Be A Wig


Hold up there, Katharine McPhee, what have you done to yourself?? (Yes, that really is Katharine McPhee, we could barely recognize her.) The American Idol singer, known for her gorgeous long brown locks has done something rash and cut them all off – we haven’t felt this way about a hair hacking since Felicity and we don’t like it one bit. McPhee was on hand at Macy’s in New York City to make an appearance, but we think she and her new hair will be showing up more often these days since she has an upcoming album scheduled for a January 2010 release. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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The “American Idol” Judges Discuss Ellen

Kara DioGuardi, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul have all offered up their opinions now that it’s confirmed that Ellen Degeneres is the new “American Idol” judge, and their verdict is nothing but love. DioGuardi for one, is excited that she will no longer be the newest member of the team (“I got slagged,” she said of her critical reviews last season), but also had this to say about her new co-worker: “She’s somebody who loves music, she’s positive, she loves kids…She is somebody who has watched the show from the beginning, knows everything there is to know about American Idol and I think ultimately it’s going to be a great new energy.”

Randy also said that Ellen’s point of view will be refreshing for viewers to hear. “There’s so much music industry insider talk with me and Simon and Kara that I didn’t think we needed any more of that. Ellen hit it right on the head—I think she could be the voice of the people,” Jackson told E Online. “It’s like somebody in the home audience watching and going, ‘What would I say?’ Ellen’s going to be saying it.”

Last but not least, Paula Abdul, the one everyone’s been waiting to hear from, also made a statement, in which she called Degeneres, “wildly funny and talented in her own right. I wish her and the show only the best of luck.” Sounds like there’s no hard feelings – what we’d really love though is for Ellen to have Paula on her show to discuss it all – we’d watch! [Photo: GettyImages]


Ellen Is The New Paula


When we woke up today, we greeted the rising sun with a wink and a smile, little birdies dressed us, and tiny mice scampered to tie our shoelaces. The reason for such a fairy tale morning? Why, we heard Ellen Degeneres was going to be the new judge on “American Idol.” Now, obviously Ellen is no Paula Abdul. She doesn’t have the music background that Paula has and she certainly doesn’t have the, er, quirks, that mada Paula so fun to watch, but man, we love us some Ellen.

Degeneres is no stranger to judging shows like this one either – she had a brief stint as a guest judge on “So You Think You Can Dance” earlier this summer (and if there’s on thing Ellen does know, it’s dancing. Well, dancing and sensible blazers.) In a statement about the new job on Idol, Ellen said. “I’ve watched since the beginning, and I’ve always been a huge fan. So getting this job is a dream come true, and think of all the money I’ll save from not having to text in my vote.”

While Ellen is certainly not going to bring a severe point of view such as Simon Cowell‘s to the show, she probably won’t be as condescending and irritating as one Ms. Kara DioGuardi either, and we expect a lot more humor, which we look forward to. Of course this means we’ll have to revamp our Idol drinking game, but we welcome that challenge. And just in case you’re a fan of her talk show, don’t worry – like Kelly Ripa before her, she will be working a day and a night gig and has no plans to leave the talk show. [Photo: GettyImages]


Simon Cowell Plans Extravagant Birthday Bash

Earlier this summer we discussed the fact that Simon Cowell‘s “American Idol” salary would be reaching $45 million a year starting next season. With that kind of money, he can pretty much afford to do whatever he wants, and we’ve learned that Cowell does indeed plan to go all out when it comes time to celebrate his upcoming 50th birthday.

The big day isn’t until October, but apparently the guest list  (which numbers over 400) and venue (Wrotham Park, an estate outside London) are already set. Attendees include Sir Elton John, Kevin Spacey, Denise Richards, Kate Moss, and Donald Trump and the affair will also feature performances from Il Divo, Westlife and Leona Lewis. So, with so much opulence it’s no surprise that the estimated cost for the party is $400,000. But of course that’s just a drop in Cowell’s diamond-encrusted bucket. More importantly though, we wonder if Paula Abdul‘s invited? [Photo: GettyImages]


Is Idol Overcompensating For The Loss Of Paula?


With the news that Paula Abdul wouldn’t be returning to “American Idol” next season, the producers started scrambling immediately to find replacements to fill her always unpredictable (and available on QVC) shoes. Though they often have guest mentors, the show has never seen such a roster of guest judges like the one they’re pulling together for the 2010 season.

After Abdul announced her departure, Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham was asked to join the judges for one episode (maybe more), and in the past week, the list of guests has grown. Adam Lambert-o-phile Katy Perry will appear on the show, as will Shania Twain, Mary J. Blige, Joe Jonas and Kelly Clarkson. Radar Online is also reporting that Faith Hill is in talks to join Simon Cowell and Co. Personally, we think Paula should feel kind of honored that the show needs to book so many celebs to make up for her departure.

The real question is, will this rotating roster of famous faces at the judges’ table equal one Paula? We think not – it’s hard to instantly create chemistry (both good and bad) with a temporary guest – but we’ll have to wait and see. [Photo: GettyImages]


Smiling Posh Ready For Judging Duties


She’s (sort of) smiling and ready to destroy lives! We’re joking of course (again, sort of). Victoria Beckham arrived in Denver over the weekend to take up her guest-judge role on American Idol, and already a new Posh was in play. She was still dressed ready for the Oscars, but demonstrated a willingness to look actually happy at her plum new job. We’re rather unnerved by the sight of Posh turning up the corners of her mouth, pretty as she may look, and are assuming this is a cunning decoy to head us off at the pass. She’s surely going to be a smiling assassin to those unfortunate contestants… [Photo: Splash News Online]


Maroulis Gets In Fist Fight Over Paula Abdul


Cipriani’s in downtown Manhattan is not the setting for bar brawls and such, it is what you’d call a classy venue. On Wednesday night, however, Constantine Maroulis got into a fist fight with another party-goer there, over a comment made about Paula Abdul leaving American Idol. Seriously.

Maroulis was just sitting there talking about the show that made him famous, when he expressed his desire to see Paula return to the show. All of a sudden and from out of nowhere, “Some drunk dude tackled me in the middle of the concert and jumped on me,” he Tweeted.  Said another source, “It was hilarious! Constantine got into it with this guy who was probably 6 inches shorter and 60 pounds lighter. The guy body-slammed him and punched him in the face and then just stood up, straightened his tie, and said, ‘Bitch, don’t you ever,’ before walking away.”

One of these days we’re going to get our Fly On The Wall machine working just to see a man in a suit say, “Bitch, don’t you ever.” [Photo: GettyImages]


Lambert Denies Going Off On Fan


We have this internal struggle going, ’cause for six months this year, we were so anti-Adam Lambert it was all we could think about. We imagined that his voice was like a special sound that would somehow trigger the release of hell-demons, that’s how much we didn’t want him to win American Idol. The screeching, oh, how it makes us shiver! And yet, when it comes to Lambert as a person, we want to be friends with him in a bad way; he’s hilarious and he gives a great interview. Just yesterday, Lambert rebuffed a tabloid rumor that he went off on a fan for smudging his nail polish, saying, “That never happened. Oh my god, I love it! I love how they always go with a ‘very reliable source,’ ‘a close friend of Adam.’ I’m like, ‘Who?'”

As if the rumor wasn’t ridiculous enough on it’s own, Lambert goes on to explain his mani routine to further prove his point. “What’s really funny is, if I indeed painted my nails that day, it wouldn’t have been at the time when we meet and greet fans.” Like, no duh! Everyone knows you don’t paint nails before the meet and greet. It really is too bad we don’t like his voice, because we love everything else about Glambert. [Photo: GettyImages]