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J. Lo Kissed, Steven Tyler Swears On American Idol

The big story from last night’s Idol would normally have been Casey Abrams kissing Jennifer Lopez during his rendition of Maroon 5‘s “Harder To Breathe” (an ironic choice considering M5’s Adam Levine is a judge on The Voice), but Steven Tyler had to go and steal Casey’s thunder with an f-bomb. “There are millions of people in America that are really angry, because you pissed them off because you’re so f—ing good!” shouted Tyler, who kept right on going (“you’ve changed so many people’s minds!”) as Randy Jackson futilely attempted to call a time out. It’s not surprising the Aerosmith singer wouldn’t realize his faux pas: if Steven Tyler had a dollar for every time he’s said “f—“…well, Steven Tyler actually might have a dollar for every time he’s said “f—.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Nigel Lythgoe and some Fox execs had a smiley-but-serious pow wow with Tyler during an ad break. While they must have known the singer could easily slip on a live show, it might have been his obliviousness to his crudity that got them nervous. Can’t have a guy on TV who doesn’t even remember which words are curse words, can you? See the kiss—and the f-bomb—after the jump.

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Idol Reject Pia Toscano To Perform On Dancing With The Stars

Pia Toscano may have been eliminated early from American Idol, but she’s doing just fine for herself these days. The singer has reportedly been dating Dancing With The StarsMark Ballas and she’ll actually be performing on DWTS next week, TMZ reports. Ballas will actually be dancing to the song Pia plans to sing, but when he was asked if he was responsible for getting her the gig, he told E! “No, I have no say in these things. I show up to my rehearsals on time, where I’m meant to be. And that’s that.”

Pia will also appear on American Idol this week for a cast-off reunion, so she’s certainly keeping busy.

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Kara DioGuardi Unloads A Lifetime of Bad Things In Her New Memoir

We’ve always been hard on former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi because we never found her particularly likable or insightful on the show. DioGuardi is about to make us feel terrible for every bad thing we’ve ever said about her though what with the release of her memoir A Helluva High Note, which comes out next week and reveals a lifelong history of abuse, rape and a whole lot more.

In the new book, DioGuardi reveals that she was molested by a family friend when she was just eleven years old. Later, as she was just starting her music career, she was date-raped by a “fairly known producer,” and was sexually harassed by a “hugely successful” recording artist and forced to watch strippers have sex while on a songwriting trip with this anonymous star. Sorry, was this book called A Helluva High Note, or One Low Note After Another? We’re confused and we also feel awful. To add to DioGuardi’s personal struggles, she also reveals her difficulty conceiving a child, having undergone unsuccessful IVF treatments while on Idol. She says that her desire for a family is one of the reasons she left the show, saying “I wanted a child and there was no way I could get pregnant under the stress of eighteen-hour work days and live TV.” Let’s hope she’s under less stress on her new show with Jewel called Platinum Hit, (formerly Going Platinum) which premieres in May.

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Idol Finalist Jacob Lusk Has A Criminal Past! (Sort Of)

Of all the contestants of this season of American Idol to be in trouble with the law, Jacob Lusk isn’t the first one we would have thought of. (Actually, this season barely has any bad seeds when you think about it, huh?) But leave it to TMZ to dig up Lusk’s mug shot from when he was arrested in 2010. Yes, the former spa concierge turned angelic-voiced Idol hopeful has a criminal past that almost prevented him from being on the show. Fortunately, it’s a pretty tame story that shouldn’t tarnish his reputation too much. (Although that wife beater he’s wearing in his mug shot is definitely something we didn’t peg him for.)

Lusk was cited in 2009 for not paying his fare on the L.A. Metro and received a ticket from the police. He didn’t attend his court hearing for the incident and a warrant for his arrest was created. Then, in 2010, one day after learning he was picked for Idol, he was pulled over in a traffic violation, and since he had a warrant, he was arrested and jailed for two days. After pleading with the judge, he was released from probation and allowed to compete on Idol. Hilariously, TMZ reports that Lusk sang to his fellow inmates while he was in jail which is adorable and also sounds like a lost episode of Cop Rock. Let’s hope that his new found fame means he’ll get driven everywhere from now on and he’ll stop getting into transit trouble.

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Chris Jericho Plays Matchmaker For Pia Toscano And Mark Ballas

So everyone was shocked when Pia Toscano was tossed out of American Idol so much so that Pia fans want Stefano Langone to either voluntarily resign or get booted off by Fox. Which — and we’re going to go out and say it at the risk of getting slammed — is just stupid. Firstly, that’s not going to happen guys, so y’all need to chill. Secondly, Pia’s doing just fine post elimination. Girlfriend kept her eye on a different prize and it came in the fine shape of one Mark Ballas. Pia got DWTS contestant Chris Jericho to pimp her out because “she had a crush” on Mark and the wrestler did his wingman thing!

It worked because Ballas was totally game and the two met for a date at Gulfstream (a restaurant) in Century City. We smell a hook-up! Question is…will they last? There are also murmurings that Pia is this close to inking a record deal with Interscope. So like we said, relax people. She’s raking it in!

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American Idol Elimination Shocker: What Do You Think Of Last Night’s Results?

This season of American Idol is throwing us off our game. We’re so used to fast forwarding through intolerable Ford music videos and suffering through silly critiques from “musicians” like, but this season is changing all the rules and providing so much jaw-dropping entertainment. Literally, last night when Ryan Seacrest announced that front-runner Pia Toscano was this week’s eliminated contestant, our mouth hung open in awe. Toscano was gorgeous and wowed everyone from the get-go, but in all honesty, we didn’t think she’d take the whole thing because she lacks the stage presence and personality that some of the other contestants have. (Hell, Paul McDonald‘s painted blazer has more personality.) Still, we thought she’d make it to the top three and were shocked to see her go. Wonder if the judges are regretting using that save on Casey Abrams?

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Report: Nikki Reed Lands Idol Boyfriend

Well done Nikki Reed. The Twilight actress is allegedly dating American Idol contestant Paul McDonald. We’ve long given up on watching Idol, so we have no idea if this dude is the next big thing or the next Blake Lewis. Either way, he’s kinda already won by landing Nikki. The two met at the premiere of Red Riding Hood – McDonald was there with the Idol crew, Nikki was supporting Twilight director and pal Catherine Hardwicke. Nikki actually approached McDonald, introduced herself, gushed and then awkwardly ran away, leaving McDonald to declare, “Was she a famous actress or something? I’d hang out with her.”

You want to see that interaction on tape, you say? You’re in luck! Check out their flirtation below. Nikki even blogged about their meeting, writing:

Finally Paul McDonald, with all 32 teeth sparkling (assuming he still has his wisdoms in) walked my way. I turned red (duh), looked to the ground and told him I thought he should be the next American Idol, and that I needed to walk away because I was overwhelmed and speechless…and…well…I still may have not matured past the age of 12.

Awwww, it was meant to be.


Steven Tyler’s Grandson Won’t Watch Idol, Says Daughter Liv

While Liv Tyler watches American Idol to support her father Steven (“I love it”) she admitted to Extra that her 6-year-old son Milo is not a fan. “You know what’s really funny? Milo does not want to watch it. and gets really grumpy with me, like, ‘We are NOT watching American Idol!'” she laughed. “And I’m like ‘excuse me, young man! We have to watch!'”

“It’s right at that time of, you know, bedtime and story time,” she explained, “well, that’s [Milo’s] lame excuse.” We can’t blame her for being suspicious.  A little boy who’d rather go to bed and have mom read a story than stay up late to watch TV? It probably has something to do with watching his goofball Grandpa strut and shriek at the drop of a hat. Milo probably gets enough of that on holidays.

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American Idol Contestant James Durbin Angers The Jackson Family

The contestants of American Idol start off as media virgins and learn pretty quickly what it’s like to be in the spotlight and have your every move and every word scrutinized, and contestant James Durbin is finding that out the hard way. A comment he made on Wednesday night’s show has touched off some drama between Durbin and Michael Jackson‘s family.

On the live show, Durbin, who performed next to a flaming piano, told Ryan Seacrest, “I have a lot of hairspray in my hair to keep it from jumping around— so much so, the one thing I was worried about was having a ‘Pepsi moment’,” referring to Michael Jackson’s infamous Pepsi commercial shoot where his hair caught fire. Though he didn’t specifically say Jackson’s name, the Jackson family is still offended. The family released a statement saying “We were shocked to see this. It’s nothing to make light of and everybody should be focusing on who was responsible for Michael’s death.” A death which had nothing to do with the Pepsi commercial, so they’re kind of missing the point, we think. Still, Durbin apologized to the family but then Tweeted “Talkin about MJs passing is too soon. Making a reference to an incident 25 years ago..not too soon. The stab was at pepsi people.” Exactly.

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So Much American Idol Drama Last Night!

If you DVR’d American Idol last night and haven’t watched yet, a big spoiler alert to you all – you may not want to read on. Last night’s Idol was easily the most entertaining episode in recent years. A Steven Tyler birthday celebration! A wrestling throwdown in the (haunted!) Idol mansion, a special appearance by Hulk Hogan, and a hugely emotional finale. Come ON! So good. For the past two weeks, early favorite Casey Abrams hasn’t been performing as well as America liked though, with a terrifying version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” two weeks ago and a slick-haired rendition of “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” on Wednesday.

America must’ve missed his upright bass or something because they voted Casey, who is one of the clear front-runners, to the very bottom last night and he had to sing for the judges. In case you missed it, Casey didn’t get more than fifteen seconds into his song when the judges dramatically stopped him and told him he was saved, causing a chain reaction of tears, screams, a pasty and shaking Casey on the verge of near-collapse (he does have health issues, we were worried for a sec), and then an awkward Casey headbutt into Ryan Seacrest‘s crotch. It was amazing. But with only one judges’ save per season, should they have used it on him? We’re glad they did, but what do you think, should they have saved it in case someone like James Durbin or Pia Toscano needed it?

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