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Yaya DaCosta on Playing Whitney Houston and Having Temporary “Amnesia” from ‘America’s Next Top Model’

Yaya Dacosta Whitney Houston

On Saturday, Yaya DaCosta will take on the role of one of the greatest voices in modern music, Whitney Houston. The Lifetime biopic, Whitney, directed by Oscar-nominee Angela Bassett follows Houston’s rise to superstar status, as well as her struggles with addiction and a turbulent marriage to Bobby Brown.

VH1 recently caught up with DaCosta about playing a real life person, working with Bassett in the director’s chair, and shedding her America’s Next Top Model past. (This interview contains some spoilers.) Read more…

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The Definitive Ranking of America’s Next Top Model Judges


With the return of America’s Next Top Model, we are revisiting our favorite moments, including all the winning photo shoots, from the first 20 cycles of the series. While we ranked the cycles according to Tyra Banks’ hair, we didn’t take into account of all the judges that have served on the show’s panel. Since they’ve helped Tyra decide who would become America’s next great fashion hope, it’s important to examine all 13 of them.

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Every Cycle of America’s Next Top Model Ranked According to Tyra’s Hair

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After 20 cycles of tears, hair, and Tyra mail, America’s Next Top Model is showing no signs of slowing down. The show is returning with cycle 21 — the second competition featuring guys and girls premieres on Monday, Aug. 18 — and promises to deliver everything we love about the show. Of course the main draw is Tyra Banks herself.

A fierce supermodel in her own right, she has always made sure that she is the star of the series. And in order to be on top, she has to always model from “H to T.” But she hasn’t always gotten the “H” part right. Tyra can certainly smize but her hair hasn’t always given her reason to. With that in mind, we decided to rank every cycle of the series according to the model’s signature hairstyles.

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Every America’s Next Top Model Winner’s Photo Spread

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After 20 cycles of America’s Next Top Model, it’s hard to believe the show is still chugging along. But given the appetite fans have for seeing Tyra Banks teach girls week after week how to model instead of pose, the series shows no signs of slowing down. While there have been some down cycles, most of them have been ups thanks to the host’s wild antics and the personalities that fill each round of competition — some were winners, while most were losers. But it was those winners we want to enjoy the success awarded by the show.

Of course, by now, we all know the fabulous prizes include a modeling contract, a contract with a cosmetics line and a photo shoot with photographer Gil Bensimon in the selected magazine of that cycle. Over the years, winners have won fashion spreads in Elle, Jane, Marie Claire, Nylon, Seventeen, and Vogue Italia. While each publication holds its own esteem, it’s ultimately the models that make those prized spreads a success. McKey for Seventeen? Just eh. Jaslene for Seventeen (again)? Oh no. But then there’s Laura and Jourdan for Nylon. So hipster cool. But that’s just our opinion.

Check out shots from all 20 shoots in the gallery above and decide who made the most of their big prize.


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The 5 Greatest Fan-Made Reality TV Supercuts


Reality TV has had it’s ebbs and flows in popularity. As some the best series outlast their welcome, it’s fun to look back on all the craziness that has gone down. Thanks to super fans and the ease and power of YouTube, there supercuts of just about every moment on TV. In this genre’s case, that means collecting all of the times contestants have claimed they are not here to make friends or RuPaul telling his girls not to f*ck it up before fighting to not get eliminated. Then there are the other gems: Michael Kors best critiques on Project Runway and Jade Cole’s ridiculous quotes from America’s Next Top Model.

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The Winner Of America’s Next Top Model Visits Best Week Ever (And Talks Tyra’s Butt)!

Jourdan Miller beat out all the other girls and guys to win Cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model! Now she’s dropping by Best Week Ever to talk to Nick Turner about what it’s like to be the winner of a reality show past its prime. Does it feel amazing? What does Tyra Banks smell like?  What does Tyra Banks’s butt feel like? How does a tall, blonde model transform herself into an angry panda? Check out the video above for the answers to these burning questions! And don’t forget to tune in for an all new episode of Best Week Ever tonight, Friday, November 22 at 10/9C!

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12 Reality Shows That Are Past Their Prime

Reality Shows Past Prime

With the 20th season of America’s Next Top Model set to premiere on August 2nd and the return of shows like Project Runway and America’s Got Talent, we’ve come to the realization that some of TV’s longest running shows are reality series. That’s right, most of these shows have lasted longer than Cheers, Friends, and M*A*S*H. But unlike those scripted programs, some of these have worn out their welcome.

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Top Model’s Rob Evans Wanted For Felony Assault With Deadly Weapon

Rob Evans of America's Next Top Model is wanted by police for felony assault

Oh, dear. We really hope there’s a good explanation for this one: Rob Evans, the man who’s been prettying up the America’s Next Top Model judges’ panel since Nigel Barker’s departure, is wanted for felony assault with a deadly weapon, according to TMZ. The British model apparently beat up a guy in Beverly Hills back in March, and the alleged victim wound up in a hospital. The fact that Evans used to be a boxer isn’t helping matters.

TMZ sources say there was a warrant out for Evans’ arrest after the incident, but they didn’t pursue it because he cooperated with police immediately. But now he’s stopped communicating with them, so they’ve sent out a “fugitive team” to get him. That part sounds fishy as hell — a guy who looks like that can’t possibly hide. Maybe it’s all a misunderstanding? Ugh. Everyone, especially you famous folks, use your words, not your fists, please. We don’t mind if that leaves us with fewer things to write about here.

Incidentally, when Tyra Banks stopped by the Steve Harvey Show last week, she adamantly denied rumors that she’s been dating 24-year-old Evans. Why the hell not? “I’m really ready to have some babies. I want babies!”

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