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From Rihanna To Barbara Walters, The Time 100 Gala Pulls In A Diverse Spectrum Of Stars

The Time 100 Gala celebrating its “100 Most Influential People of 2011″ went down in the very sedate setting of the Frederick P. Rose Hall at Lincoln Center in New York last night. This instagram gallery of the event made us very happy, for some strange reason. Of course we had our own take of who the top 22 on that list of 100 stars are. We’re also concerned with what a number of those top 100 women wore yesterday, and we’re happy to say that it was a very colorful carpet. Amy Poehler decided to wear a black dress and bring it back to monotone, but it was so hot that she’s totally forgiven. Check out the low neckline and flounced skirt. Her buddy Kristen Wiig also wore a black lace jumpsuit but it had nude lining underneath, and she had a white jacket on, so it doesn’t count. We just wish the whole thing would fit better because Kristen’s such a babe.

Claire Danes wore a beautiful rusty-red Lanvin shift, but her updo could have been better style. Sticking to somewhat of the same color spectrum was Rihanna who looked stunning in a fuchsia prom dress by Marchesa with black Louboutin pumps. It was so pretty and girly — very different from her usual rude girl style. Tyra Banks wore the same color, only in a sweeping old Hollywood type of gown. We just can’t explain her crazy expressions, because there were plenty. That whole “smiling with the eyes” thing just isn’t working anymore. Other ladies who looked classy even though they have a couple of decades on the younger stars were Arianna Huffington in royal blue lace and Barbara Walters who wore a burgundy gown with a chain belt. Check out the gallery to see all the looks for yourself.

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Chelsea Handler Goes Fully Public With Her Boyfriend


And by that, we mean for us regular folk. We knew that Chelsea Handler and Andre Balazs were seeing each other. They’ve apparently been together since January, but it’s always been hard to find photos of them looking like they’re madly in love! They officially went public four months ago, but we haven’t seen anything much about them since. Till yesterday, when photos of the celebrity couple emerged getting some shopping together done in Beverly Hills. They look super cute and affectionate with each other! And check out that sharp suit Andre’s wearing. Even Chelsea’s looking totally put together. Must be his influence. Looking good, you two!

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Chelsea Handler Reportedly Dumps 50 Cent For Hotelier Andre Balazs

While these two seemed like an unlikely couple, Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent did look like they were having a blast together. Apart from their coy are we-aren’t we dating yo-yo we had pretty much made peace with the fact that they were dating. So when UsMagazine writes a piece on how Chelsea broke 50 cent’s heart, our reaction was pretty high on the WTF scale. Also because Fiddy doesn’t seem like the sort to get his heart broken and then mope around. But that’s exactly what he’s been doing, reportedly. And hello, ice-cold Chelsea!

The comedienne apparently dumped him before the holidays quite unexpectedly. When the rapper tried to win back her heart by sending her presents, she supposedly sent them right back. One returned gift, the magazine says, had a note tucked in that read, “I can buy my own gifts”. Bit on the brutal side, right? Where was your holiday spirit, Chelsea? Apparently, it had already spirited away to a new target. It being hotelier Andre Balazs who Chelsea has been reportedly getting hot and heavy with at Sundance. (Balazs also happens to have a famous ex, Uma Thurman).

People says this new supposed couple have been making out all over Sundance. They were also at the Florence+Machine gig where a source reveals, “They were making out in the corner of the dance floor upstairs.” Later at the Tao, another source says,” They were very touchy-feely, both laughing and very happy. They looked totally smitten.” That’s just dandy, but Fiddy’s also at Sundance. Try not to rub it in his face, guys.

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Courtney Love, Andre Balazs Screaming Match


Add one more to the “You got some Love” list. Although this one’s intriguing because it seems like a case of love-hate. Uma Thurman’s ex Andre Balazs and Courtney Love are a maybe item, even though she’s been calling him an “old-friend” and a “sometimes landlord”. Right, because that’s why you put the “boom” in the Boom Boom room. C.Love sure did stake her claim around Balazs, snitched a source, “They came to the Boom Boom Room together late Thursday night and initially went their separate ways. At first, Courtney was chatting with a couple of guys about her music. But eventually, she and Andre snuck out to the smoking deck together and were hugging and being touchy. They both seemed very sweet and genuine.”

Hold on…we did say love-hate. Balazs met a women he knew (who also had legs up till here) and that’s when the shiz went down. The source revealed, “When Courtney and Andre decided to call it a night and hail a cab, Andre was stopped by a woman he knew. As soon as he started talking to her, Courtney hit the roof. It was obvious to everyone that the woman was a business associate, but not to Courtney.”

Vintage Courtney behavior followed, said the source, “She acted like a toddler! It got so bad that the woman Andre was talking to got really embarrassed, and he had to apologize and walk away. By then, Courtney was crying and screaming. Andre started shouting right back at her. They eventually got into a cab, but the few people left on the street at that hour were in shock.” Why? It’s expected! All would not be normal with the world if Love acted… lovely.

BTW,there are more indicators the somethings brewing between the two. Another source juiced, “Courtney stayed at the Chateau Marmont in L.A for four months last year while she was having her home renovated, and whenever she’s in NYC, like she was this past week, she stays at the Mercer in SoHo. In fact, she’s spending more and more time at the Mercer.”

What’s the point of this snippet? Balazs owns both those properties, where Love allegedly get’s some VIP treatment. McSnitch capped off with, “Let’s just say she’s not exactly expected to pay the normal rate, if you know what I mean.” Gotcha.

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