Andrea Kremer

by (@shalapitcher)

Best Olympic Job Ever: NBC’s Andrea Kremer Interviews The U.S. Men’s Swim Team

Andrea Kremer, Michael Phelps, Conor Dwyer, Ryan Lochte and Ricky Berens

To those of us who aren’t big sports fans during normal times, the Olympics provide an introduction to all those sportscasters the rest of you know and love (or don’t) the whole year through. This week I feel like I got to know veteran sports reporter Andrea Kremer. She’s a veteran and a pioneer with all sorts of accolades — but none of that is what impresses me. It’s how she’s able to hold a mic up to these beautiful specimens of the male body, still panting from the races they’ve won or lost, their swimsuits hanging impossibly low on their hips (do they yank them down for the camera?), their hair mussed and free from caps, their skin glistening just so with pool water, and she looks at their EYES. The Atlantic Wire says her questions are sometimes biting and hard, but we think they’re rather straightforward — “What happened?” “How does it feel to win?” And then she smiles and nods in response without once reaching out to test Michael Phelps‘ abs, to stroke a Ryan Lochte pec, to point out that Conor Dwyer’s trunks are showing a little too much. That, my friends, is a skill that comes only with practice and hard work. Here’s a little gallery of Andrea Kremer NOT staring at male swimmers’ chests at the 2012 London Games.

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