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The King’s Speech Under Fire For Claiming No Animals Were Harmed

Don’t worry, there are no reports of Colin Firth punching a horse in the face during filming…yet. However, the American Humane Association might sue The King’s Speech for using their trademark phrase “No animals were harmed” in the film’s credits. You’d think they would be thrilled to hear no puppies or kittens were injured, but it turns out movie makers failed to give the AHA access to the script or set during shooting. “We are in conversation with them and hope to work something out,” says AHA vice president of film & television Sharon Gold. If producers refuse to remove the disclaimer, they could face legal action…or have every animal rights activist in Hollywood tossing red paint at their Best Picture Oscar.

If the respective groups can’t resolve their dispute, this would mark the first time AHA has taken a movie to court. If it makes film makers feel any better, sources reports that Queen Elizabeth loved King’s Speech. “To learn Her Majesty has seen the film, and was moved, in turn moves and humbles me greatly. When, thirty years ago, the Queen Mother asked me to wait and not tell this story during her lifetime, because the memory of these events was still too painful, I realized the depths of the emotions involved,” said screenwriter David Seidler. Given how much that woman loves her Corgis, we’d bet she’d like it even better if the movie’s producer got right with the AHA.

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Sarah Palin Busted For Beating Fish To Death On Film


Do you find it “weird” to hold the still-thumping heart of a dying creature in your hand? Well then you and Sarah Palin have something in common, my friend! Around Thanksgiving 2008, Sarah Palin gave a filmed interview with a turkey being slaughtered in the background. Maybe that sparked some kind of Thanksgiving animal cruelty tradition for the Palins, because now they’re under fire for a segment on their reality show. Animal rights activists are furious over a clip from Sarah Palin’s Alaska which depicts the former Vice Presidential candidate clubbing a halibut to death.

Camera crews filmed Sarah and dancing-queen-daughter Bristol while on a fishing expedition over the summer. But this was no ordinary Hallmark-style fishing trip down by the creek. This venture included beating the fish to death with a blunt instrument, allegedly a common practice among fishermen. The Alaska Charter Association claims that this technique is actually the most “humane” way to kill a fish, saying that it “minimizes the suffering.” Even so, we’re not so sure where grabbing the animal’s beating heart comes into play. Neither is the activist group In Defense of Animals, which isn’t too thrilled with the whole thing. “Sarah Palin’s complete lack of compassion as demonstrated in this snuff video is disgusting,” they said in a statement. “Most disturbing is the way she seems to enjoy causing suffering to other beings. When they laugh about the beating heart that Bristol holds in her hand, their complete insensitivity to the animal kingdom becomes clear.”

It’s an Alaskan Thanksgiving with the Palins!

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