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Mariah Carey “Unaware” Concert Was For Gaddafis; JLo Turned Them Down

When you’re used to getting paid millions of dollars to sing any three songs off  “Butterfly,” maybe you don’t always take the time to find out exactly who is forking over all that cash. So we understand how it could possibly be that Mariah Carey didn’t know she was playing a Gaddafi concert. Whoops! “I was naive and unaware of who I was booked to perform for. I feel horrible and embarrassed to have participated in this mess,” Carey said in a statement today. Look, are we really going to blame Mimi for this? If a mysterious figure offered to pay off our student loans, you think we’d turn it down? Well, we would now since, you know, it’s almost certainly money from a dictator.

Not that every celeb is so in the dark about the people sitting in the front row; Jennifer Lopez turned down a Gaddafi concert to the tune of $2 million. Either way, it looks like Carey has to humble herself before the judging eyes of society, as humble as an eight-month-pregnant woman wearing five-inch Louis Vuittons can be. “Ultimately we as artists are to be held accountable,” Mariah admitted. “Going forward, this is a lesson for all artists to learn from. We need to be more aware and take more responsibility regardless of who books our shows.”  So is Carey going to donate her Gaddafi money like Beyonce or Nelly Furtado? “Mariah has and continues to donate time, money, and countless hours of personal service both here and abroad,” Carey’s rep Cindi Berger said, which we take to mean not really. Looks like Mariah has to start looking at who’s signing her checks; next thing you know she’ll be hitting the high notes in “Honey” to applause from Darth Vader and the Imperial Army.

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Let The Healing Begin Between The Glee Cast And Lindsay Lohan

It’s a week of healing for the pretend high schoolers over at Glee. First Lea Michele hangs out with Hailee Steinfeld at the SAG awards, now nearly the entire Glee cast apologizes to Lindsay Lohan for jokes made about her whirlwind tour of American rehab facilities. Reportedly the cast (minus Lea and Jane Lynch) were dining out in West Hollywood on Sunday when they ran into the Mean Girls star. They took it upon themselves to apologize to Lilo and in response Lindsay…graciously accepted it! She didn’t even drive over their tables in her Maserati or anything! We were hoping a group mediation lead by Sue Sylvester would be in order, but we guess we’ll just have to save it for the old dream journal.

The Lohan joke, you may recall, features Gwyneth Paltrow ripping on “loco” Lohan in Spanish. So technically speaking it’s Gwyn who owes Lindsay an apology, not the actual cast. Don’t tell Dina Lohan or she’s try to sue all over again. No amount of apologizing and good will in the world is worth one cent of Paltrow’s GOOP money.

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New Zealand Tourism Deparment Apologizes To Anna Faris

Given how sweet she seems in real life, Anna Faris is the last actress we’d imagine would piss off an entire nation. However, the New Zealand Tourism Board apologized to Faris today for her unpleasant experience with the men down under…and, um, for making fun of her in the press. Apparently Faris spoke to Lopez Tonight about two carloads of Kiwi men who screamed “F–k you, a–hole!” and “Show me your t–s you stupid b—h!” at the Yogi Bear actress. “Ms. Faris spoke about disrespectful behavior she experienced during her stay in New Zealand and as a consequence her impression of New Zealand men is, to say the least, poor,” a rep admits. Yeah, doesn’t exactly make us want to pack our bags for a nineteen-hour flight either.

While the tourism board didn’t exactly send the car full of jerks after Anna, they did bad-mouth Faris to the New Zealand Herald, insinuating the actress might be lying.  “She accepts an award for being a pothead stoner of the year… I don’t think she has any credibility,” their spokesman scoffed at the time. Apologizes the rep today, “The inference that Tourism NZ did not take Ms. Faris’ comments seriously is very much regretted and was certainly not intended.” Now if Anna will only apologize for Yogi Bear, we’ll be that much closer to world peace.

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Taylor Momsen Apologizes To Her Parents For Pointing Out Their Poor Parenting Decisions

In a surprising twist of events, apparently Taylor Momsen has apologized to her parents for badmouthing them in an interview. That’s usually our job Taylor, but we don’t mind if you step up to the plate once in a while. Reportedly Mr. and Mrs. Momsen felt “horrible” after Taylor complained about their terrible parenting choices to Revolver magazine, claiming “My parents signed me up with Ford at the age of two. No two-year-old wants to be working, but I had no choice…I was working constantly and I didn’t have a real life.” Unless Mr. and Mrs. Momsen follow up her statement by apologizing for whatever terrible lack of foresight resulted in Taylor filming a nude music video at 16, we’re going to have to declare ourselves Team Taylor on this one.

Accurate or not, Momsen took it upon herself to take back her harsh words, saying “I love my mom and dad. Maybe I didn’t have the childhood people think you should have, but I still went through the ages. I was still a child. Maybe it wasn’t a conventional one, but you know… I like where I am now, so it’s OK.” Even if “where you are now” is a vomit-cover death metal bar in Norway? This does not sound like the surly Taylor we have come to know and love. We swear, if she doesn’t follow this up by torching her parents’ above-ground pool, we are going to be so disappointed in her.

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Lea Michele Apologizes To Hailee Steinfeld, Is Slowly Winning Us Over

As much as we love the idea of Glee’s Lea Michele as a haughty diva who’d sooner slap you across the face than look you in the eye, we sadly have to admit that this is probably not the case. For example, Lea Michele apologized to Hailee Steinfeld today for blowing off the True Grit actress’s request for an autograph. Said the singer, “I heard Hailee was upset and feel terrible. The Glee schedule is so jam-packed that the PA probably pulled me so that I wouldn’t be late to set. I never meant to hurt her feelings.  She’s an extraordinary talent and I look forward to meeting her one day.” Normally we’d say that PA should watch his or her back, but could it be that Lea is…genuinely nice?

As if that wasn’t enough to melt our ice-cold hearts, additionally Michele recorded a video for a terminally ill fan as part of a request sent through The Willow Foundation, an organization that grants “special days” for ailing patients. “I just wanted to wish you well and tell you to stay strong and I’m sending you good vibes. Good Glee happy vibes,’” Lea chirps as she shows him around the hair and make-up room at a photo shoot. Okay, Michele, you’ve convinced us that you’re a sweetheart for now. But the second you throw a cell-phone at your assistant? We are all over it.

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Coco Apologizes For Accidentally Stealing Jimmy Kimmel’s Rudolph Joke

It takes a strong man to admit he’s wrong, but it takes an even stronger one to admit that he might have accidentally ripped off Jimmy Kimmel. Earlier today Conan O’Brien apologized for copying Jimmy Kimmel’s Rudolph video in a web-exclusive message he posted to his TeamCoco site. While both bits involved Sarah Palin gunning down the beloved Christmas icon, Coco’s video aired this past Wednesday and Jimmy’s video premiered two weeks ago. In all honesty, Conan could do a entire word-for-word reenactment of Wayne’s World and we wouldn’t care, but it is nice of him to clear the air.

Conan’s version of Rudolph’s untimely demise has since been removed from the show’s website, but Jimmy’s Kimmel Kartoon is still viewable online. What do you think? Is this case of unintentional plagiarism, or just a really easy joke? Given that former Governor Palin did shoot a reindeer on her reality show Sarah Palin’s Alaska, and has proudly talked about devouring delicious caribou and moose, we’re going to assume it’s the latter. More importantly, would Sarah Palin eat Rudolph if given the opportunity and/or proper ammunition? Our guess is: probably.