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10 Weird Things About Rihanna’s Sexy New Armani Jeans Ad

Rihanna’s Armani ads consistently make us feel like we need to invest in new jeans and new undies and, well, new gym memberships. Her new Armani Jeans commercial, however, makes us feel like we’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of the mind. And like maybe Rihanna‘s apartment is haunted by sexy ghosts? Or she has some kind of terrifying memory problem…in a hot way? By our count, here are the ten oddest parts of RiRi’s spooky new spot:

  1. The fact RiRi is sleeping in her bra. We’ve all fallen asleep on the sofa watching 30 Rock, but girl’s brassiere looks like it’s going to suffocate her in the middle of the night.
  2. Rihanna owns a rotary phone.
  3. Not only does Rihanna own a rotary phone, she doesn’t seem to notice that it is off the hook, despite the loud beeping sound. Maybe you would stop tossing and turning all night if you would just hang up the phone, girl!
  4. Oh wait…Rihanna does hang up the phone, only to find it inexplicably off the hook again. Whaaaa? Is this real life? We’re calling it now: poltergeist.
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Rihanna Gets Super Sexy In Armani Ads, With And Without Pants

It’s no surprise that Rihanna posed for her new Armani print ads after stripping down to her lingerie. We expect no less from our rarely shy Riri. But what is  jarring is that she also was snapped wearing pants! The singer posed for Armani in equally steamy pics last September, donning a blonde wig and no pants. The fashion brand must have somehow coached her through her well-documented fear of  trousers. And we gotta say, it’s a good look! Rihanna might have missed her calling as a Levi’s model. Check out more sexy pix of her with (and without) in the gallery below!

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Rihanna Goes Blonde And Buff For Armani Ads

Emporio Armani unveiled its new print ads today, staring a scantily clad Rihanna lounging in the back of a classic car. And they manage to turn “dammmnnnn” into a nineteen syllable word. Seriously, this looks like the start of the best car wash of our lives. The steamy black and white images were photographed by Steve Klein, famous for directing Lady Gaga’s equally sexy music video for “Alejandro”. The Barbadian beauty showed off a new blonde Tinkerbell ‘do for the shoot, which we’re feelin’ is most likely a wig. RiRi was announced as the face, or should we say “body” of Emporio Armani underwear back in July, following in the footsteps of Megan Fox and Victoria Beckham. Whatever she’s selling, we’ll take it. Two, in fact.

[Photo: Emporio Armani]

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