Arpad Buson

by (@hallekiefer)

Uma Thurman Pregnant With Third Badass Child

We know that Uma Thurman isn’t just a carbon copy of the vengeful mom she played in Kill Bill. We’re just saying if she’s even 1/16 as protective as Beatrix Kiddo, the actress’s new bundle of joy is in safe hands. Safe yet deadly hands.

People confirmed today that the Bel Ami actress is expecting her third child; Baby Thurman will join tween siblings Maya and Levon from Thurman’s marriage to Ethan Hawke, which ended in 2004. Ethan also happened to welcome his own baby girl Indiana Hawke with wife Ryan this past August, though we can’t imagine his infant will be nearly as handy with a katana. Uma’s new baby will be her first with financier boyfriend Arpad Busson, who better be up for midnight diaper duty unless he wants to experience the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. The choice is his to make, really.

[Photo: Getty Images]