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Back To Life: TV Shows That Resurfaced On Different Networks

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Fans of NBC’s cult favorite, Community, were disappointed this past spring when the network announced they were canning the comedy. However, it looks like our favorite students from Greendale Community College will be back after all.

Yahoo! Screen, a streaming service connected to the venerable tech company, is going to pick up new episodes of the series. Of course, Community isn’t the first series to be resurrected after getting the ax.

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Your Netflix Original Content Viewing Guide


With Ricky Gervais’ Derek debuting today on Netflix, it’s obvious the service is staying in the original programming game. And as other series like House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black get tons of buzz, you might wonder what streaming gems will whet your appetite. Check out our guide to Netflix’s content and which television shows you should be watching after you finish your favorite original series.

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The Arrested Development Drinking Game!


It’s finally here! After seven years of being off the air, Arrested Development is finally coming back…TODAY! To celebrate the premiere of season four on Netflix, we’ve put together an Arrested Development drinking game that’s guaranteed to get you Lucille Bluth levels of drunk.

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Faux Real: 10 Fake Movies and Shows We’d Pay to See!

Katharine McPhee

In a cruel twist of pop culture fate, some of our most beloved movies, TV series, and musicals only exist in other movies, TV series, and musicals! From SMASH’s fictional Broadway show, Marilyn, to Scream’s delightfully meta Stab series, we rounded up our favorite shows-within-a-show — now someone get on Kickstarter and get these gems made. Read more…

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Rumor We Love: Henry Winkler Is Helping Homeless Co-Star Erin Moran Get A Role On Arrested Development

Henry Winkler rumored to be helping Erin Moran get a job on Arrested Development

We were pretty bummed last week to learn that former Happy Days star Erin Moran was not exactly having happy days. The 52-year old is currently homeless in Indiana, bouncing between cheap hotels with her husband Steve Fleischmann. We cursed the fates for being so cruel to Erin, and wished that somebody would do something to help her. And then, like a hero on a horseback, entered…The Fonz.

Erin’s one-time co-star Henry Winkler is reportedly working to secure the struggling actress actress a part on the new series of Arrested Development. The series is produced (and narrated) by her ex-TV brother Ron Howard, so it can’t be that hard, right? “Henry is absolutely shattered over what’s become of Erin,” a friend told the National Enquirer. “He desperately wants to help get back back on her feet.” Winkler plays the Bluth family lawyer Barry Zuckerkorn on the cult TV show. And yes, he’s very good.

Moran’s career has essentially bottomed out since her last major role in the Happy Days spinoff Joanie Loves Chachi back in 1983. She had a few TV guest spots, and an appearance on VH1’s own Celebrity Fit Club in 2008. Her house went into foreclosure in 2010, and over the summer she was forced out of her mother’s trailer. We know it could just be a rumor, but we like to think that The Fonz looks after his own. And we know that’s  a little cornball.

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Isla Fisher and Terry Crews Join The Cast For The New Season Of Arrested Development

Isla Fisher and Terry Crews join the cast of Arrested Development series

When we saw pictures of Michael Cera in the set of the Bluth family model home last month, we nearly blue ourselves. Now we  have even more exciting news to pass on about the new series of Arrested Development coming to Netflix next year. According to Zap2It, Bachelorette star Isla Fisher and ex-footballer/current Newsroom actor Terry Crews are reportedly joining the cast, along with the usual suspects like Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Portia De Rossi. Their roles haven’t been announced yet, but we’re still pretty pumped. Will Terry be the Bluth family’s personal linebacker? Will Isla invite her husband Sacha Baron Cohen on the show? A guest spot by Borat would definitely be something! Or maybe the British beauty will play the lovely Rita Leed’s friend. Charlize Theron says she’d definitely be down for it, and so would we! Check out the gallery below to see what’s new with your favorite Arrested Development cast members these days.

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