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James Franco Buys Portrait Of Himself From 13-Year-Old Super Fan

As much as we rip on James Franco non-stop, we’ve always felt that his weird giggly brand of self-involvement does more good in the universe than ill. Like, for example, when James Franco buys a portrait of himself from a 13-year-old super fan. While the 127 Hours actor stopped by the Toronto International Film Festival Sunday to promote his art installation “Memories of Idaho” (sure, of course), he spotted Macy Armstrong‘s yarn portrait of him and, knowing great art when he sees his own face on it, asked to buy it. Earning a spot on the wall in James Franco’s Hall of James Francos is no joke; someone else’s homemade college is headed for the fireplace as we speak.

“Ohmygod I don’t know what just happened but I can’t breath! I gave James my art! And he has my email! And he’s seen my 127 Hours painting!! AHHHH,” Armstrong wrote on her James Franco Forever tumblr yesterday. “He looked at me, he spoke to me, and I’m pretty sure we mentally got married Everyone on the street thinks I’m crazy because Im freaking out! Its like a dream!” Oh man, mental marriage is exactly the kind of thing Franco would be into…but hopefully Macy can wait a few years before making him her official brain-husband.

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James Franco Delivers His Invisible Artwork To The Masses

It looks like we’ve finally reached the point where even James Franco is starting to make fun of James Franco. Think about it: if you were writing, say, an SNL parody of the 127 Hours actor, what might you have him do? If you said, “Exchange nonexistent pieces of art for actual human money,” you might actually be Franco himself. As part of the Musuem of Non-Visible Art (already a bad sign), James will send you works “composed entirely of ideas” to raise money for his project with art team Praxis, which they claim “redefines the concept of what is real.” So, just to reiterate: there is no actual physical art involved, just Franco’s massive cojones.

A few of piece of art currently available include a nonexistent “full-scale steamboat” sculpture, a gigantic room filled with Jell-o and the “visualization of perfect peace.” In case you’re wondering if anyone would actually go in for Franco’s monkeyshines, the project has already managed to earn $11,431 through the group’s Kickstarter page, donations from supporters who apparently have no concept of the value of Earth money. We mean, at least James Franco’s album is going to have music on it. Unless….FRANCOOOOOOOOOOO!


Frances Bean Cobain Debuts Her Scary Art


Given her musical genes, you’d expect Frances Bean Cobain to perhaps follow in her parents’ footsteps and join a band. Franny B. has decided to channel her genetic angst into another outlet though as a visual artist. The seventeen year old is currently part of a exhibit at the Los Angeles La Luz de Jesus gallery, and the show is pleasantly called “Scumf*ck”.

Painting under the pseudonym “Fiddle Tim”, Cobain’s artwork is, well, scary. At least, it’s scary in the way that old Nine Inch Nails videos are scary, in a kind of phony-gothic way that makes us wonder what happened to people when they were kids to make them so dark. In Cobain’s case, Courtney Love is what happened to her, so she gets a pass. For a look at all of Cobain’s art, check out the gallery and let us know what you think.

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Lucy Liu Fails To Sell Painting For $28,000

We haven’t seen much of Lucy Liu since she bumped butts with Drew and Cam in Charlie’s Angels, and now we finally know why. The actress – not content with making millions prancing around on film – has been painting secretly under the name Yu Ling. Her most recent work – a painting of a couple kissing done on a linen canvas – is apparently for sale via the Eli Klein Fine Art Gallery for $28,000. Let that sink in for a second.

Is she really that strapped for cash that she needs to hawk her art for such a ridiculous amount of cash? Clearly her work can’t be that great, as her people had to finally reveal her name in order to get the piece to sell. Let’s hope James Franco fairs better in his second career – the handsome actor turned aspiring writer just sold a book of short stories. Still, we just don’t get it – why are these actors so eager to quit their cushy day jobs?  [Photo: WireImage]