Ashley Greene


Ashley Greene Gets Naked (Again)

Proving once again that her career path is only loosely associated with acting, Ashley Greene has stripped off her clothes for attention. This time, Greene is shilling for SoBe’s zero calorie drinks, and in the video and photo’s on the brand’s website, she appears naked but for some artfully painted-on fish scales. The Twilight star’s hot bod was last seen over the summer when some personal photos were leaked by accident.

Greene explained the artistic process she underwent to prepare for the shoot, saying “It took the artist 12 hours to paint the SoBe scales on each skinsuit.┬áBut it was totally worth it. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.” It’s probably an experience most 12-to-22-year-old boys sitting at their computer won’t forget either. For a complete look at the seductively boob-heavy photo gallery, check out the SoBe site.