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Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Assaulted, Charges Dropped Against Accused Attacker

Lindsay Lohan Assaulted In Hotel Room, Charges Dropped Againat Attacker

This has been one crazy weekend for Lindsay Lohan. She called the police early Saturday morning claiming a man she had just met and brought to her hotel room — Christian LaBella — had attacked her. The chain of events happened after the two got to know each other at the Chelsea club, 1Oak, but things got ugly when LiLo saw him taking photographs of her when they were in her hotel room later, with some other friends. According to TMZ, she told the cops that when she confronted him about the photos, he got violent and pushed her on her bed. She said she sustained scratches because of his assault. Apparently, she found approximately 50 pictures and videos of her on his phone that he had been emailing to his friends. It gets worse: she ran out of the room, supposedly, but upon her return, reports suggest that he assaulted her again, choked her and then threw her on the ground and then got on top of her. As mentioned earlier, her friends were present through this episode, and one of them succeeded pulling him off. Lindsay then claims she pulled the fire alarm to signal distress and police arrived on the scene to arrest LaBella on two misdemeanor counts of assault and two charges of harassment. Her spokesperson, Steve Honig had this to say, “Lindsay was assaulted early this morning in a New York hotel. While she did sustain some injuries, she was not hospitalized. The assailant was arrested and is currently in police custody. Lindsay has spoken with police and is fully cooperating with the investigation.”

But here’s a new wrinkle: Charges have been dropped against LaBella as there is insufficient evidence against him to build a case, and detectives can’t prosecute him on Lindsay’s story without proper cause. This sounds particularly worrying. While Lindsay isn’t exactly the straight arm of the law, would she really make something like this up? Where are the pictures and videos he took? Are there bruises and scratches on her body to prove what happened? What about eyewitness accounts, since her friends were present? Or was Lindsay exaggerating? We need to hear more of this story to put the pieces together.

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Road Trip‘s DJ Qualls Tweets About Alleged Police Beating

While publicity is always good to have, the DJ Qualls police beating is pretty much the worst way you could possibly get back in the public eye. “I was tackled, he put his forearm against the back of my head pushed it into the road, busting open my chin..dont wanna relive,” Qualls tweeted about the alleged incident, which reportedly happened Friday while the actor was in Vancouver filming an episode of Supernatural. “Was not arrested b/c was innocent. I was handcuffed and bleeding while the cop kept saying to me, ‘you think youre f—ing better than me?” This sounds awful. Plus if we remember The New Guy correctly, DJ Qualls weights about 75 lbs soaking wet. It would be like pummeling a Swiffer Sweeper! Why would anyone do such a thing?

Qualls says he “literally did nothing wrong” to incite the incident, which he claims happened after he approached police to alert them to a domestic violence situation he had witnessed on the street. The Vancouver Sun reports that the police department has already begun an internal investigation into the incident. Tweet Qualls yesterday, “The events of Friday night in no way shape or inform my opinions of Vancouver or Canada as a whole. I feel fortunate I get to work here.” Though, imagine how fortunate he would feel if he hadn’t gotten a surprise Canadian beatdown.

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Gavin DeGraw Cancels More Concerts, Vows To Be Back By The End Of August

Considering the man got hit by a taxi, it makes sense that Gavin DeGraw’s concerts have been canceled for the next couple weeks. It makes less sense that DeGraw plans to definitively join Train and Maroon 5 for a concert August 24. How do they know if that’s enough time for him to heal from a “concussion, broken nose and other injuries”? Even DeGraw tweeted yesterday, “Still sometimes seeing double. NYC looks overpopulated.” So, what, on August 24 his manager will just open the trapdoor under Gavin’s sick bed and drop him directly onto a piano bench? Actually, we would pay a lot money to see that…so we’re back on-board with the whole deadline idea!

DeGraw’s rep released a statement today confirming that the singer would need “additional time to recover” from his attack earlier this week, and would have to skip 8 concert dates that stretch from tomorrow night until the 22. According to US Weekly, new details about Gavin DeGraw’s attack suggest that that the musician was beat up at random. “These guys jumped him out of nowhere,” a source claim. “It’s weird because they didn’t take anything, I think they did it for sport.” This might be cruel, but we hope those attackers’ loved ones all had tickets to Gavin DeGraw concerts that they can longer use.

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Gavin DeGraw Tweets His Fans Post Assault

The circumstances surrounding Gavin DeGraw‘s brutal assault on Monday are still murky. The attack on him came as a shock to everyone, considering he was walking down East Village in New York and was suddenly jumped by a group of men. People are saying that Gavin and the assailants got into “some kind of argument” which led to the violence. What’s especially strange is that an injured DeGraw somehow walked for a mile after the incident, and ended up getting hit by a taxi. He was then taken to Bellevue Hospital by ambulance after someone rang 911.

He’s out of hospital now after being treated for a broken nose, concussion and facial lacerations. And even though all may still not be well, Gavin tweeted his fans, writing, “Hi my friends. Honestly, I don’t remember much. I only know I can recover from here. Thank u all for your genuine concern. I love u guys.”  Police are still trying to piece it all together. They’re also trying to determine if he was intoxicated or not, as he can’t remember much which is causing all the holes in how this happened

A police source has stated that the “assailants were unknown to victim” and DeGraw himself “can’t clearly recall” what they the argument was about. We do now now that the incident went down close to a club he co-owns with his brother called the National Underground. They’re trying to find footage or sources that’ll help them track down who did this. There’s no excuse for this sort of violence and we sincerely wish him the best with his recovery.

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Gavin DeGraw In Hospital After Brutal Beating

Gavin DeGraw is in hospital currently after being brutally assaulted in New York City yesterday. He’s believed to be in stable condition at the Bellevue Hospital now after being attacked around 4.30 in the morning in Manhattan. Apparently, the singer was out with friends when a “pack of thugs” went at him on the street leaving him with a broken nose among other injuries. To make matters even worse, after he was viciously beaten, he was hit by a taxi when getting away.  There’s not much else to go on at the moment, but his people have released a statement saying, “Gavin DeGraw was assaulted … and was taken to the emergency room at Bellevue Hospital by ambulance. He is currently under observation. We have no additional information at this time.” What an awful story. Any leads on who did this to him? We’re wishing him a speedy recovery and will keep you posted on more details as and when they surface.

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Gabrielle Union Defends Rihanna’s “Man Down,” Talks About Her Own Assault

A lot of people are up in arms about Rihanna’s “Man Down” video, though we’re guessing most of them haven’t actually lived through such a harrowing ordeal themselves. Actress Gabrielle Union supports Rihanna’s “Man Down” video, however, in large part because it’s, well, pretty true-to-life. Tweeted Union, “Every victim/survivor of rape is unique, including how they THINK they’d like justice 2 be handed out,” giving Rihanna props by saying, “#mandown video did a GREAT job of getting the ENTIRE world TALKING abt RAPE. I hope tht it leads 2 HEALING & PREVENTS RAPE.” Gabrielle later went on to explain that, as in the video, she tried to shoot the rapist who attacked her when she was 19. “Stranger who robbed the store I worked at. He put his gun dwn durin the rape & asked me 2 had it 2 him,” Union tweeted to an inquiring fan, linking to an Oprah sexual assault survivor show she did in 2009. Call us crazy, but we’re probably going to go with the opinion of someone who actually lived the video, rather than everyone else who just watched it.

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LeBron James’ Mom Arrested For Alleged Assault In Miami

There are certain crimes that only very, very wealthy get arrested for: running Ponzi schemes, poaching endangered birds, hunting men for sport. We can probably add valet abuse to the list after hearing reports alleging  LeBron James’ mom assaulted a valet in Miami Beach. “There was an incident involving Mrs. Gloria James and an employee of our valet parking provider while she was exiting the hotel early Thursday morning,” a spokesperson for the Fontainebleu Hotel said. People reports that Gloria James’ arrest came after an employee of the hotel couldn’t locate her keys; Mama James attempted to swing at him with her purse, missed, then proceeded to slap him in the face. You see, what makes this alleged attack so clearly a rich person crime is that you have to be near enough to a valet to hit one. You also have to be so delirious with money and power to not know how crazy that seems to everyone else on the planet.

According to TMZ, valet parker Rockfeller Sorel told police that Mama James had hit him in the face hard enough to knock herself to the ground, after which he sought medical attention. James was ordered to appear in court on simple battery and disorderly conduct charges. Even more embarrassing for the basketball star, Ms. James was released to Steve Stowe, a Miami Heat executive. LeBron commented on the arrest this afternoon, explaining ““It’s very sensitive because it’s your mother. Of course to have an incident, it’s very sensitive. But the people around me are helping me.” LeBron is going to hear no end of teasing from the guys at the locker room. Or the polo club. Or at the golf club. Or at the second society of which all rich people are a member…club. Pretty much anywhere he goes, LeBron’s going to hear about this.

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Jersey Shore‘s Ronnie Charged With Assault


It was only a matter of time before one of the Jersey Shore cast members got charged with a serious crime; our money was on JWOWW, but honestly it was a coin-toss. A New Jersey grand jury has charged Ronnie Ortiz-Mago with one count of third-degree assault, which, if he’s convicted, could mean up to five years in prison. The indictment claims that Ronnie “purposely or knowingly caused significant bodily injury to Stephen Izzo by striking in the face with a closed fist, causing him to lose consciousness” on Sept. 4, 2009. Considering how often everyone on Jersey Shore loses consciousness, we would have thought this wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Then again, we’re jerks like that.

Unlike most celebrities’ crimes (but like every dumb thing the cast of Jersey Shore has ever done), you may have already seen the alleged assault with your own eyes on TV.  Jersey Shore’s season one, episode eight “One Shot” showed the brawl between Ronnie and Izzo that lead to the charges. We’re no experts, but we assuming the fact it all happened on camera is known around the legal field as “not great news.” [Photo: Getty Images]

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Justin Bieber Cleared Of Charges In Assault Case


You mess with the Bieb, you get the…um…sweet smile and adorable wink? In case there was any question in your mind, Justin Bieber has been cleared of criminal charges stemming from an incident in which a 12-year-old boy claimed Bieber punched in him the face at a Canadian arcade. “This investigation into the incident is now complete and no charges will be forwarded as the evidence collected [doesn’t] support doing so,” said Corporal Turley of the Richmond Royal Canadian Mounted Police, suggesting that Justin Bieber has officially become so charming, he has gained total control over the Mounties.

Initially Justin was accused of the crime on October 15 at the Planet Lazer Entertainment Center in Richmond, British Columbia. Evidence quickly came out, however, that his tiny accuser had been bullying Bieber with homophobic slurs. You might think being heckled by a seventh-grader when you’re a high-school-age pop star wouldn’t be so intimidating. If so, you have clearly never been to Canada. [Photo: Getty Images]