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Aubrey O’Day To Show More Skin For Second Playboy Appearance

Aubrey O’Day has no regrets about posing nude for Playboy. Not only does she have no regrets, she wants to do it again and get even more naked this time.

“I absolutely want to do it again, any day. I’ve been asked to actually. I only took a little bit off so I’ll be back,” the former Danity Kane crooner said.

Aubrey said she is not phased by the creepy attention she got after putting her privates on display on the pages of a glossy magazine for all to see.

“I get sent a lot of creepy pictures like of guys licking the pages,” she said.

The fabulous maybe-lesbian also feels that her firing from Danity Kane is just representative of what is going on in the economy. “A lot of people last year were fired, we are in a recession. We are all going through hard times. I’m just a public representative for being fired in 2008 and moving on in 2009.”

Yes, that’s exactly how it went down. Diddy was just sitting at his desk going over his numbers and kindly told Aubrey, “I’m sorry, Aubrey, but you know the state the economy is in right now…” [Source: PopTarts; Photo: Getty Images]


The Aubrey O’Day Lesbian Dating Matrix

Former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day has never been shy about her love for the ladies. On the red carpet of the film “Pedro,” Aubrey teased MTV News about her love of lesbians.

“I’m a huge supporter of the gay community – possibly a member myself, you never know.”

Audrey and her lesbian tendencies got us to thinking, who should Miss O’Day date? Thus we’ve spawned the Aubrey O’Day Lesbian Dating Matrix, where we rate who the self-proclaimed “pop star” should get busy with. See who our panel of lesbian experts gives the highest score to based on our scientific point system.

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Desperation Never Looked So Hot

Oh girl-kissing, how we never weary of your tempting ways. We’ve seen it a billion times – mostly around 2AM at Senor Frogs on a foggy spring break trip after tequila shots – and the outcome is always the same: the girls involved get a bunch of attention and grab a little boob, while the rest of the world gets all horny watching.

Needless to say, this was a great game plan for Aubrey O’Day (the most plastic of the Danity Kane girls) and socialite-turned scarecrow-turned actress Lydia Hearst, who put on quite a show outside Butter in NYC last night. Surely they were hoping for some “are they or aren’t they!” buzz a la Lindsay and Sam, but O’Day’s already proven herself to be publicity hungry, BFFing it up with Jenna Jameson and supposedly spreading rumors (and then squashing them) about a hook-up with her Hairspray co-star, Ashley Parker Angel. Still, we can’t help but watch as these two blond bobble heads go at it. They win.

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