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Twilight World? Stephenie Meyer, Austenland Stars Discuss Which Books Would Make The Best Theme Park

You don’t have to read too much into Twilight to realize that before she was the creator of books people obsess over, Stephenie Meyer was obsessed with other people’s books. She took that obsession to new levels recently, becoming a producer on the film Austenland, based on Shannon Hale’s book about a woman (played by Keri Russell) who visits a Jane Austen theme park in search of some old-fashioned romance. At the flick’s Sundance premiere, VH1 News asked Meyer and a handful of the movie’s stars what books or authors they’d like to see made into theme parks, a la The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

“[Austenland] is my theme park,” Meyer said. “If this place really existed, if I could go and dress up in Regency attire and hang out all day, reading books in a beautiful library, I would totally … That’s my vacation.”

And no, she doesn’t really see a Twilight World in our future. “There was interest in that, and honestly, what are you going to do?” she asked. “That doesn’t sound like fun. What kind of rides are you going to have? There’s not as much scope for an amusement park there.”

I don’t know, Stephenie, I think a lot of us would love the chance to hop on Edward’s back for a ride through the treetops.

Speaking of Twilight mania, Meyer told us that none of that craziness followed her to the Austenland set, which lived up to its idyllic name in the English countryside:
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If Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Happy At Sundance, We All Win

“I remember watching Reservoir Dogs and Sling Blade and Swingers and Big Night and The Usual Suspects and all those movies that came through Sundance back when I was working on 3rd Rock From the Sun, and I said to myself, ‘One day I’m going to have a movie at Sundance,’ ” Joseph Gordon-Levitt told VH1 News at the Sundance (and world) premiere of Don Jon’s Addiction on Friday night. And boy has his dream come true in a big way. Since his days as a sitcom alien, Joe’s been in quite a few Sundance films, but Don Jon’s marks his writing/directing debut. You could say he was rather pleased about that: “I’m kind of astonished and flabbergasted and just happy!”

This meant the rest of us got to enjoy plenty of photos and videos of JGL being astonished and flabbergasted and happy as he partied at the Sundance Channel’s house on Friday night, along with co-stars Julianne Moore and Tony Danza. And we’re going out on a limb here and guessing that his beaming face is part of what helped him sell the film about a Jersey guy so addicted to porn that he gives up a relationship with Scarlett Johansson for it. On Monday, Relativity Media confirmed the huge deal they gave JGL that will land the movie on 2,000 screens this summer.
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