Awards Season 2011


Happy Valentine’s Day! 14 Kisses From Javier Bardem

Javier Bardem received the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for No Country For Old Men in 2008, and this year he hopes to add a Best Actor statue to his mantle for his work in the film Biutiful. That’s not to say that the man who haunts our dreams (in a good way) hasn’t won any other awards though, he’s actually got quite the collection. Over the past few years, Bardem has won Best Actor honors at Spain’s Goya Awards, the Venice Film Festival, and the Cannes Film Festival among others. And after he wins, the man really likes to kiss his awards.

His affection is not just for shiny statues, though. Javier will kiss and be kissed at any time; there’s something about him that just makes people want to plant one on him. Check out the gallery we compiled of the sexy Spaniard putting the moves on his female co-stars, he mama, and his statuettes. If only we were one of the lucky ones on the receiving end of one of his besos.

14. Puttin’ The Moves On Portman

13. Smoochin’ On Salma

12. Oh, Yeah

11. Taste the Cup

10. Screen Kisser’s Guild

9. A Blow From Bardem

8. Julian + Javier

7. Kiss My Os-car

6. No Kisses For Old Men

5. Gettin’ It On With Goya

4. Eat, Pray, Smooch

3. Life Is Biutiful

2. Yes, He Cannes

1. Y Tu Mama Tambien

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Julia Roberts: Trophy Winner, Disco Sailor

The Hollywood award train isn’t going to stop just because of a little thing like the Grammys! The American Society Of Cinematographers threw a gala for Julia Roberts last night, giving her their annual Governors Award for helping to advance the arts or whatever (personally, we think the cinematographers were honoring her for marrying cameraman Danny Moder). Apparently being outshone by the music industry got to Julia a little, as she decided to try and get away with basically wearing a sailor suit sans jacket. Nice one, Julia! Way to look exactly like Robert Hays in the disco scene of Airplane!

See photos of Julia getting her groove on with presenter Tom Hanks in the gallery below. Hey, didn’t Julia give Tom a trophy from the American Cinematheque less than two years ago? That’s how it is in Hollywood: you award my back, I’ll award yours.

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The 15 Sexiest Fashion Statements At The 2011 Grammy Awards

We’ve grown to expect celebs to take fashion risks at the Grammy Awards. It seems no rules apply — human-sized eggs, leopard bodysuits and waist-high slits welcome. This year was no exception. Some of the music industry’s most popular artists, from Rihanna to Ciara to Katy Perry, were sporting ensembles ranging from revealing and sexy to over-the-line skanky (Miley Cyrus’ side boob and accompanying dreamcatcher tattoo). Check out plenty of celebrity skin and lots of trademark Grammy goofy below. [Photos: Getty Images]

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Lady Gaga Arrives At Grammy Awards In An Egg (Of Course She Does!)

Lady Gaga Egg Grammys

Did you miss Lady Gaga? Ha ha, that was a trick question! Get it? Because she never went away. That said, it remains clear that we’re in the early stages of what will surely be a new and possibly more intense phase of Gagamania.

It was just two days ago that Lady Gaga dropped “Born This Way,” the first single and title track off her new LP; not surprisingly, the song shot straight to the top of the iTunes Singles Chart. Tonight, she arrived at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for tonight’s 53rd Annual Grammy Awards in the most unusual fashion. Yes, that’s right, Lady Gaga showed up for the Grammys in an egg.

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Halle Berry Gets Animated For The Simpsons Pre-Oscar Special

To say Halle Berry is going through a bit of a rough time right now is an understatement. The custody battle with ex Gabriel Aubry over their daughter Nahla seems to be getting uglier and uglier every day and it doesn’t show any sign of abating anytime soon. But we kinda love the actress, and are happy to report some news that isn’t related to the drama, for once! Halle’s been asked to appear in The Simpsons pre-Oscar special.

This immediately got us all excited because…there’s a Simpsons pre-Oscar special! She’s going to appear as herself, natch, in an episode where she presents Bart with an Oscar. Bart apparently wins for a short film he made about Homer, called Angry Dad. And Halle’s cartoon self is going to be all about Oscar deja vu—the actress has given animators one of her favorite photos from the year she won an Oscar (back in 2002). Who can forget Halle’s gorgeous Elie Saab gown? If you have, you’ll get another chance to see it on cartoon Halle in the episode which airs on Feb. 20. We know we’ll be watching!

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Colin Firth’s Pre-Oscar Hustle: Can The King’s Speech Beat The Social Network?

Colin Firth of the sexy open shirt may be a shoo-in for Best Actor at the Oscars this year, but you wouldn’t know it from all the events he attended Monday. Following the traditional Oscar Nominees Luncheon, Firth skipped off to the AARP’s 10th Annual Movies For Grown Ups Awards with his The King’s Speech co-stars and crew. And if that wasn’t enough handshakes for one day, Audi threw a party for the film at the Chateau Marmont, attended by everyone from Mick Jagger and Orlando Bloom to Bridget Jones herself, Renee Zellweger. Why all the hobnobbing when he’s already won just about every trophy leading up to the big event? Because the Weinstein Company thinks they can do even better than Best Actor.

Though The Social Network has long been considered the front-runner for Best Picture, The King’s Speech is now considered the most likely dark horse candidate to steal the prize. Weinstein Company head Harvey Weinstein, a notorious Oscar angler who managed to push Shakespeare In Love past Saving Private Ryan in the ’90s, and he’s basically making the same campaign for The King’s Speech, pushing it as a family-friendly alternative to an ugly bit of zeitgeist—movies about the mean young pricks behind Facebook won’t really fly with the AARP crowd. Do you think they’ve got a shot or will they have to settle for Colin’s wall of Best Actor nods?

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Stars Stand Proud At The Oscar Nominees Luncheon

Before celebs can scoop up their Academy Awards later this month, first—if they want a better of shot of winning—they have to attend the show’s nominees luncheon. This year was no different, with potential “best” actors, actresses, supporting actors and supporting actresses all posing under a giant Oscar that stared down upon them like some ancient god. Natalie Portman, showing her trademark tact, didn’t highlight her baby bump, preferring to keep it hidden under a blue sash. But if we had to give anyone at yesterday’s function a trophy, it would be Mark Wahlberg for Trooper Of The Year, showing up as one of The Fighter‘s producers, despite being the only major cast member of The Fighter not to get an acting nomination, he still showed up, bas one of the film’s producers. He also served as a stand-in for the absent likely Supporting Actor winner Christian Bale. Can’t let Avengers Mark “Hulk” Ruffalo and  Jeremy “Hawkeye” Renner steal the trophy out from under Batman!

See what all the stars wore in the gallery below.

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Colin Firth’s Open-Shirted Sexiness: Through The Years

We first noticed Colin Firth in a big way when he portrayed Mark Darcy opposite Renee Zellweger in Bridget Jones’ Diary. Even back in 2001 he was rocking his signature red carpet look, the unbuttoned collar. Not many men can get away with having an open shirt at a formal event, but Firth’s been pulling this trick for so long that he’s mastered it. How else can you explain the fact that his leading ladies seem to hang all over him wherever he goes?

In honor of Colin Firth’s Oscar nomination for Best Actor in The King’s Speech, we thought we’d pull together some pictures of the charming, handsome actor through the years, but it was hard to miss the fact that rocks the same look again and again. He might play a stuffy character on film, but off-screen, he’s anything but buttoned up. Check out his trademark style in our gallery below.

11. On the Wireless

10. The King And His Queen

9. A Single Man

8. Hanging With Uma

7. The Devoted Husband

6. Nanny McV-Neck

5. Six Degrees

4. The Importance Of Being Colin

3. In The Driver’s Seat

2. Colin and ScarJo

1. Bridget Jones And The Look That Started It All

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Ricky Gervais Says NBC Wants Him To Host Globes Again, Globes Doesn’t

It hasn’t even been a month since the Golden Globes, and people are already buzzing about next year’s. Host Ricky Gervais rocked the awards show with an endless stream of “Oh no you didn’t”s, even acknowledging the Hollywood Foreign Press Assocation’s bribery scandal and implying The Tourist may have taken part. The Golden Globes’ apologized for Gervais, who said he’d never host again anyway. Then word got out that the Globes wanted Gervais back after the backlash turned out to be nothing.

Turns out some clarification is necessary, because the HFPA dismissed Gervais’ claim (“Nice try, Ricky.”). The Office mastermind now says that, while the people who live off of the Globes are still pissed off, the network that airs him would love him to return. “At no point did I talk to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association,” said Gervais, claiming it was a NBC executive who buttered him up. “It depends whether they care about fifty delicate egos in the room or the 200 million people watching at home who want a laugh…If they do invite me back and I accept, I’m going to pull exactly the same s— again or even worse.” We say screw the Globes and find a more credible show to host.

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James Franco Is Bringing His Grandma To The Oscars

Proof once again how unusually young this year’s hosts are—James Franco is bringing his grandmother to the Oscars. “Grandmother is coming to the Oscars. The whole family is coming to the Oscars. That’s one of the nice things about being the host is you get to invite a bunch of people, so they are all coming.” Expect Granny, already a star on Funny Or Die, to get some screen time. “She can’t wait for it either. Every day she counts the number of hits that she gets. I think we’re up to 400,000. She gives me updates.”

While this is undeniably a sweet gesture to the family Franco, we kinda feel bad for aging front-row regulars like Jack Nicholson. It’s bad enough they have to watch these sexy young studs dance around with their skinny bodies and working hip bones—now they’re going to have to make small talk with these whippersnappers’ grandparents? Ah well, Jack’ll probably still appreciate Anne Hathaway.

Watch James’ video with Grandma in the gallery below—the hits will make her happy!

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