Awards Season 2011


Rumors We Love: Jake Gyllenhaal’s Also Flirting With Mila Kunis!

Jake Gyllenhaal & Mila Kunis

Attention attractive young women of Hollywood: if you don’t want someone saying you’re flirting with Jake Gyllenhaal, don’t talk to Jake Gyllenhaal. With Jakey making Taylor Swift achy-breaky before they could even hit the red carpet together, gossipmongers are hungry to hook the Love & Other Drugs star up with someone pronto. We already heard Jake got friendly with Camilla Belle Saturday (the same hussy who dated Joe Jonas after Taylor did), and now E! says Jake was getting “just a little grabby” with Mila Kunis after the Golden Globes.

“They ended up talking in a corner practically the entire party,” says a witness at CAA afterparty. “They were laughing and smiling a lot. It was really flirty and they both looked like they were having a lot of fun.” That scream you just heard was Mila’s ex Macaulay Culkin slapping his face at the news. Unfortunately, the pair are “just friends,” but fair warning: Jake taking a friendly (and spoken-for) ex like Jenny Lewis to the Globes isn’t going to keep the tabs from setting him up with eligible ladies anyway.

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It’s Fanboy Justin Bieber With La Jolie


Who would’ve thought that these two would ever be in the same photo – or the same anything – together? But here’s it is, Justin Bieber and Angelina Jolie posing together at the red carper at the 2011 Golden Globes. The Biebs saw Angie on the red carpet and like any self-respecting male, had to ask for an autograph. Angelina agreed, and even though this could be a wax statue of the actress, she looked lovely. Seriously Angie, won’t hurt you to move some facial muscles and not look like a fembot?

A purple shades wearing Bieber tweeted the photo writing, “Angelina Jolie with @Justinbieber and 3D#purpleglasses oh yeahhhhh”. He totally was imaging her as Lara Croft, right? In 3D? That would be something.

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The Top 20 Best Dressed At The Golden Globes


Something was in the water at the Golden Globes tonight and that something was glamour. Olivia Wilde, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, and Emma Stone have never looked more stunning. The running themes of the night were sparkling shimmer, emerald green, and shades of redHailee Steinfeld made her mark as a trendsetter of tomorrow in a simple chic gown while Eva Longoria sizzled in a perfectly curve-hugging Zac Posen. Take a gander at the rest of our picks for best dressed and let us know if we missed any of your faves. [Photos: Getty Images]

20. Amy Adams

19. Sarah Hyland

18. Jane Krakowski

17. Lea Michele

16. Christina Hendricks

15. Julia Stiles

14. Leighton Meester

13. Julie Bowen

12. Claire Danes

11. Carrie Underwood

10. Mila Kunis

9. Emma Stone

8. Dianna Agron

7. Mandy Moore

6. Eva Longoria

5. Anne Hathaway

4. Hailee Steinfeld

3. Megan Fox

2. Angelina Jolie

1. Olivia Wilde

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The Top Five Worst Dressed At The Golden Globes: Beauties Dressing Badly


There’s no denying the actresses featured in our Golden Globes worst dressed list are beautiful. Some would argue that they could wear a potato sack and look better than most the U.S. population. Sadly for these five lovely ladies, we’re in the business of both praising and criticizing celebrity fashion.

Tonight Halle Berry wore a bizarre black gown, Helena Bonham Carter went stylistically bananas, and Heidi Klum managed to miraculously look less-than-perfect. Gabourey Sidibe chose an unfortunate printed frock and one of our favorite fashionistas Michelle Williams fell from grace. Take a closer look at our top five worst dressed at the 2011 Golden Globes. [Photos: Getty Images]

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Who Took Home Trophies At The 2011 Golden Globes (And What Was Up With Nat Port’s Laugh)?


Did you forget to watch the 2011 Golden Globes this evening? Well, aside from missing out on Ricky Gervais committing career hara kiri in front of an audience filled with Hollywood’s biggest power players, you missed a whole bunch of acceptance speeches with varying levels of grace and aplomb.

Before we get into the tonight’s full list of winners, we would be remiss if we didn’t call attention to Natalie Portman’s bizarre laugh. As TheFABLife buddy Molly Lambert over at This Recording noted on Twitter, Portman’s guttural guffaw sounded a lot like Charlene Yi in Knocked Up. Practice your laugh game before the Oscars, girl!

And now, for the winners…

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Hot Guys At The Golden Globes


Though cleavage, high hems and backless gowns often garner all the attention at award shows, we’d like to take a minute to toast tuxedos and the studly actors who so nicely fill them out. Robert Pattinson (photos) notoriously goes from hobo to smokin’ hot for red carpet events, while Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp are veterans of formal affairs. Justin Bieber is surprisingly confident in a tux for a teenager and Ryan Gosling…well, he looks adorable in whatever he’s wearing. Peep the gallery to see (and drool over) the handsomest men of the Golden Globes. [Photos: Getty Images]

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After The Party, It’s The Afterparty: What Happened After The Cameras Stopped Rolling At The 2011 Critics’ Choice Awards


Last night’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards were a star studded affair, full of impeccably dressed A-listers like Natalie Portman and laugh out loud moments. But in Hollywood, the party never really gets going until the cameras stop rolling. Fortunately, we were on the scene and are ready to spill our guts.

As the show closed, we made our way back to the Press Tent in hopes of catching another up close glimpse of Natalie Portman (who utterly transfixed us on the red carpet earlier, to the point where it wasn’t until after she left that we realized we were standing in a shallow pool of drool). As we waited around, we quickly realized that we were actually standing in the exact same place where every celebrity who attended stayed until the end of the show was getting picked up by their limos/Escalades/4-wheelers*. That’s when we saw…

  • The drop dead gorgeous Mila Kunis standing all by her lonesome, politely thumbing away on her BlackSwanBerry. Was she texting Macauley Culkin? Was she rearranging a reunion with Fez? Was she trying to send your @unclegrambo a DM? Sadly, we’ll never know, as we were far too nervous to actually talk to her and far too respectful of her personal space to peer over her shoulder.
  • As she was wrapping up her missive — yes, we were probably staring — our ears recognized a familiar, deep timbred voice. We broke our gaze, turned our head and thought to ourself, “Man, that guy looks a lot like Jon Hamm.” And guess what? It was! He and Kunis embraced on the carpet and we immediately began envisioning the future of what almost certainly would be the Best Looking Couple In The Universe™. Sadly, their conversation was interrupted by…
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Taylor Jacobson’s Top 10 Best Dressed At The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards


We knew Hollywood’s biggest movie stars would come out for the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, including Best Actor winner Colin Firth (The King’s Speech), Best Supporting Actor Christian Bale (The Figher), The Dude and his Best Young Actor co-star Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit), and the Black Swans Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman, who’ll be getting MUCH bigger in the next few months. So we asked bona fide fashion expert Taylor Jacobson, formerly of “Rachel Zoe Project” fame, to be our official red carpet commentator. She is now Creative Consultant for Taylor Jacobson by Kasil Workshop, a collaboration that’s resulted in several collections. She’s also Creative Director and Head Stylist for, an online private shoe club. Here’s Taylor’s list of the Top 10 Best Dressed CCMA Celebs. — Matt Muro

10:Nicole Kidman in Nina Ricci. Navy gown with tassels. Sooo cool!


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Jackass Takes A Swan Dive

What happened to your sweet girl? She’s gone…and has been replaced by one Mr. Rip Taylor! As much as we loved their crotch-jabbing version of Inception and armpit-licking take on The Social Network, the Jackass riff on Black Swan didn’t just make Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman bust up laughing. If you’ve ever longed to see Johnny Knoxville caress Ryan Dunn as he psychologically pushes him toward the brink of artistic perfection, then, against all logically odds, you’re about to get what you most desire. Can Rip play the Nina role in the inevitable sequel? Can Rip play all of the roles in the inevitable sequel?


Jimmy Kimmel F—s Matt Damon At The CCMAs

Jimmy Kimmel never brought up Sarah Silverman‘s “I’m F—ing Matt Damon” video when he and a four-eyed Emily Blunt presented Damon with the Joel Siegel Award at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, but it was clearly on his mind. Mocking Damon’s charitable work, cracking “have another Evian, Mr. Water.Org” and generally being a boor, Kimmel had the room laughing in disbelief. And when Damon said he had no idea why Jimmy was there in his acceptance speech, Jimmy charged out of the room furiously. Too bad Silverman was backstage (having already been cursed out by co-presenter Joan Rivers on-air), and didn’t get to watch from the audience.