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2011 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards—The Winners!


The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards has traditionally been a good indicator of what films will take home Oscars at the end of February, and this year looks like it will be no different. The Social Network continued its awards season sweep, taking home Best Film, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Score, though The Fighter managed to steal some acting trophies—with Christian Bale and Melissa Leo winning the Supporting Actor trophies and whole cast taking Best Acting Ensemble.

Another long-deserving/rarely trophy-bound actor, Colin Firth, won Best Actor for The King’s Speech (which also took Best Original Screenplay), while Natalie Portman snagged Best Actress for Black Swan—at least one hot young star sneaks away with one of these things. Another young actress, Halle Steinfeld, won Best Young Actor/Actress, and could still serve as a challenge for Portman or Leo at the Oscars—depending which category the Academy puts her role in. Though The Social Network got top honors, Inception actually took home more trophies: Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Best Editing, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound and Best Action Movie! Our favorite upset of the night had to be Easy A winning Best Comedy—we’re glad to see this movie get some love.

See the entire list of winners after the jump.

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The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards’ Hot Under 25


As much as we love Keri Hilson’s lacey gold pumps and Emily Blunt’s giant plastic specs, we couldn’t help but notice that the fiercest clothes game at the CCMA is being worn by the section of the nominees not yet old enough to rent a car. From Winter Bone’s Jennifer Lawrence’s rainbow gown to Let Me In’s Kodi Smit-McPhee’s intensely fierce Little-Prince-Meets-Count-Dracula suit, the kids at the CCMAs prove that you don’t have be able to legally drive to bring the heat. So enjoy the fashion styling of Hollywood’s kid siblings as we present to you the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Hot Under 25.

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Maroon 5’s Adam Levine Ditches His Clothes Once Again In Advance Of Tonight’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

Adam Levine, the dashing frontman of Maroon 5, set the internets on fire last week when pictures of him posing totally nude (!) to raise awareness for prostate cancer were released. Well, our saucy VH1 News correspondent Janell Snowden caught up with Adam and Maroon 5 keyboardist Jesse Carmichael yesterday afternoon at the Hollywood Palladium, the site of tonight’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. And while we were chatting with tonight’s CCMA house band after rehearsals yesterday, Levine’s exhibitionist streak washed over him once again, as he spontaneously ripped off his clothes and landed nearly naked in Janell’s arms! Fortunately, we had cameras rolling and we’ve got video of this hilarious (and sexy) moment above.

As a reminder, the CCMAs are airing LIVE tonight on VH1 at 9/8c. There will also be a red carpet pre-show, which will also feature the sultry sounds of Maroon 5 and is hosted by MTV’s Tim Kash and our own LaLa Vasquez, starting at 8pm. We’ll also be giving you an insider’s view of today’s show rehearsals, all the red carpet festivities and what’s going on backstage at tonight’s 16th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards on Twitter, so be sure to follow @TheFABLife, @VH1 and @unclegrambo (that’s me!).

If you weren’t following our Twitter feeds yesterday, here’s a small sampling of some of the pics we snapped during yesterday’s rehearsals. More to follow all day today. Enjoy!

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Golden Globes Producers Sued, Accused Of Nomination “Payola”

Golden Globes

Awards season just got ugly! Former Golden Globes publicist Michael Russell is suing the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for fraud, claiming the show’s producers failed to renew their contract as promised in 2010. Russell, who worked the Globes since 1993, brings up far bigger crimes in his legal papers, including accusations of nomination-purchasing and voter-lobbying—habits Russell wanted them to stop. “Most of HFPA’s members are not full-time journalists and rely on income generated from these questionable practices each year,” he claims. “[The HFPA President] expressly acknowledged to Russell that these activities were problematic and the HFPA was a corrupt organization, that its members are only out to use the organization to generate income for themselves and that many conflicts of interest exist with regard to the above-specified activities of the HFPA and its members.”

This is hardly the first time the Golden Globes have been accused of shady dealings. Pia Zadora won “Newcomer Of The Year” in 1981 for Butterfly, and the FCC accused NBC of “misleading” viewers as to how winners were picked in 1968. But this case could mean serious trouble for the 67-year-old show: if the payola charges gain publicity, will actors even want to win this year…or ever again?

If you’re looking for something a little more credible this year, the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards—whose voters are actual critics, and don’t give nominations to bombs like The Tourist—will be airing on VH1 tonight.

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Natalie Portman To Get “Out Of The Public Eye” After Pregnancy

Natalie Portman may be in everything right now, but that won’t be the case once she drops her first tot.  “I’ll be out of the public eye after [this],” said the CCMA Nominee, promising she’ll deal with new work “as it comes.” Considering she’ll appear in next week’s sex comedy No Strings Attached, April’s medieval stoner jam Your Highness and May’s comic book epic Thor (with shelved indie flicks Hesher and The Other Woman still awaiting release dates), it’s not like fans will starve for her presence.

Portman says she’s made few other plans for her first kid, however. “I’m very superstitious,” she explained. “I’m very Jewish that way. We don’t do that.” See if she wins Best Actress for Black Swan at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, airing tonight on Vh1, and check out photos of her at the No Strings Attached premiere earlier this week in the gallery below.

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Adam Levine And His Model Girlfriend Film “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” Video…In Bed

Maroon 5 is pretty busy these days. They’re the house band for the Critic’s Choice Movie Awards, which airs this Friday night on VH1, and frontman Adam Levine just posed nude—almost —for prostate cancer awareness.  The band is currently filming the video for their upcoming single “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” and, surprise, surprise, Levine and girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna went method for the shoot. The singer and his Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend filmed their sexy scenes in a bed set in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater, attracting onlookers of all ages and camera-phone models. This video, much like a Chinese fortune cookie, proves that everything is better when you add “in bed” to it. Check out more shots from the filming in our gallery below.


Amy Adams’ Top 20 Hottest Dresses

Amy Adams

While it was Amy AdamsCritics’ Choice Movie Award winning performance in Junebug that first brought the actress to our attention, it wasn’t until she got down with Will Ferrell on a restaurant table in Talladega Nights that we realized just how hot she was (“And you ride it—you ride it like a skeleton horse through the gates of hell!”). A regular on the red carpet thanks to big roles in Enchanted, Doubt and Julie & Julia, Adams has had plenty of opportunities to show off her stuff in glamorous gowns and tiny—but tasteful—dresses. Whether Adams wins another CCMA for playing the sexiest bartender in Lowell, Massachusetts in The Fighter (we’ll totally forgive the almost anachronistic tramp stamp), we’re sure she’s got some killer looks lined up for awards season.

Check out 20 of our favorites in the gallery below and see if she wins when the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards air on VH1 this Friday night.

1. Crimson Cutie

2. Zebra Flower

3. The White Swan

4. Red Wine Divine

5. Enchantress

6. Naughty Nun

7. Black and White Beauty

8. Sheer Perfection

9. Palm Sprung

10. Dark Damsel

11. Sexy Swirl

12. Redhead In Ribbons

13. Oscarmarine

14. Ravishing Red

15. Nice At The Museum

16. Drool-worthy & Julia

17. Powerful In Pink

18. Worth Fighting Over

19. Closet Goth

20. Loose Strap Siren

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Michelle Williams: Nothing Can Fill Void Left By Heath’s Death

After initially pulling back her comments about Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams is opening up about the actor’s death more than ever, this time in the February issue of Marie Claire. “Obviously, for me and for [Matilda], there’s a hole in our life,” the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards-nominated actress explained. “Of course the natural inclination is to want to fill it and make it disappear, but what I’ve come to recently is that it’s impossible. Nothing will fit in that hole because what we want back we can’t get, which is this one person.” Even if it is extremely personal, we applaud Williams for opening up about Ledger. We don’t like the idea of a world without Heath either, and that’s based on his performance in 10 Things I Hate About You alone.

Not that Michelle is ready to indulge in any new romances at this point in her life. “My poor mom really wants me to meet someone. I think she wanted to believe the Ryan Gosling rumor more than anybody,” Michelle laughed, finally crushing that particularly sexy dream for us. If Michelle and Ryan’s smoking hot romance isn’t in the cards, maybe Grandma Williams can take solace in know that Kate Winslet fantasizes about Michelle. “From a distance, I feel as if I’ve actually been having a secret love affair with Michelle. She and I are quite intimate in my fantasy friendship, built on admiration and respect,” Winslet admitted. Even if it is strictly just professional, that is one pretend relationship we wholeheartedly endorse.


Nicole Kidman Finally Admits She Used Botox: A Timeline

Nicole Kidman

We’re a little suspicious about this quote—everyone’s crediting it to a nameless “German glamor mag”—but it looks like Nicole Kidman has finally admit to using Botox…if only in the past tense. “I’ve tried a lot of things but apart from working out and a good diet most things don’t help,” she allegedly confessed. “I even tried Botox but I didn’t like how my face looked afterwards. Now I don’t use it anymore—and I can move my forehead again.”

Despite constant denials, the Critics’ Choice Movie Award nominee became notorious for her facial work—you can even tell which scenes in The Invasion are reshoots by watching her eyes. Check out our timeline gallery below and make your guess as to when (and if!) she had work done.

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The Social Network Sweeps National Board Of Review Gala

Kevin Spacey & Social Network Dudes

The Social Network‘s award season sweep continued at last night’s National Board Of Review gala, with the movie taking home Best Film, Best Actor (Jesse Eisenberg), Best Director (David Fincher) and Best Adapted Screenplay (Aaron Sorkin). Other winners included Another Year‘s Lesley Manville (Best Actress), Christian Bale (Best Supporting Actor) and Jennifer Lawrence (Breakthrough Performance). Not a lot of surprises, though the quickly forgotten Ryan Reynolds vehicle Buried got Best Original Screenplay and made the Board’s Top Ten Independent Films list. Guess we’ll go put that on our queue.

See photos of the winners, as well as stars like Blake Lively and Jennifer Garner, in the gallery below. Find out if The Social Network continues its winning streak at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, airing on VH1 this Friday.