Awards Season 2011

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Jump Start Live’s Morning Buzz For Friday, January 7

tyson-levinernrnVH1’s Jump Start Live will be coming to a TV screen near you from 10-11am each and every weekday from now until the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards air on Friday, January 14 at 9pm. If you haven’t been watching the show, what’s stopping you? Each morning, host Carrie Keagan and her partner-in-crime, comedian Gabe Liedman, talk through some of the stories that everyone’s talking about during a segment called the Morning Buzz. In case you missed it, here’s what they covered today:rn

rnrnOne more huge announcement! At next week’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, superstars Eva Mendes, Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara, Jimmy Kimmel, The Kardashians and Emily Blunt will all be on hand to present.rnrnDon’t forget to tune in to Jump Start Live on Monday morning at 10am/9c to see guest appearances from Southland‘s Regina King and the Black Keys.


10 Young Stars To Look Out For In 2011

Astrid Berges-Frisbey, Chris Hemsworth, Elle Fanning, Rooney Mara

Awards season reminds us which stars had a great 2010, but whose careers are set to get a boost in 2011? We’ve picked ten actors and actresses we think will get a major bump in name recognition this year, with three of them already nominated for trophies at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, airing Jan. 14th on VH1.  Check out the gallery below to get the scoop. Let us know in the comments if we left out your favorite rising star.

10. Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit)

9. Hayley Atwell (Captain America)

8. Chris Hemsworth (Thor)

7. Aimee Teegarden (Scream 4)

6. Astrid Berges-Frisbey (Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides)

5. Rooney Mara (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo)

4. Alex Pettyfer (Beastly)

3. Emily Browning (Sucker Punch)

2. Andrew Garfield (Spider-Man)

1. Elle Fanning (Super 8)

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Maroon 5’s Adam Levine Gets Naked For Prostate Cancer Awareness


First of all, you’re very, very welcome. Second of all, how does one get hired as a hand model, just in case Maroon 5’s Adam Levine poses nude for prostate cancer awareness again? The singer rocked out with his prostate exam out for Cosmo UK in a campaign to promote self-exams for signs of testicular and prostate cancer. Let us say, we have never been as aware of Adam Levine’s prostate (and, well, ever other part of him) as we are right this moment.

Levine and Maroon 5 will kick out the jams January 12 at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards and while he will probably be wearing something with a little more coverage, we can still dream. As Levine explained in his interview, “I spend most of my life naked. In fact, I often have to be told by the people around me that it’s inappropriate to be as naked as I am. But I live in California, where it’s always warm, so why not?” There is no why not, Adam. And don’t let anyone ever tell you differently.

[Photo: Cosmopolitan UK]

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Seven Fashion Flops At The People’s Choice Awards

pca-worst-2rnrnAs the old saying goes, “Every yin has it’s yang.” Then again, maybe we’re thinking of “Every rose has it’s thorn.” Or even “What goes up, most come down.” Where’s that copy of Bartlett’s when we need it? Regardless! For all of the SQUEEing we did when Robsten (PHOTOS) emerged at last night’s People’s Choice Awards or OOOHing we did while watching last night’s other best dressed stars, we did an equal amount of SHUDDERing when we saw some of our favorite stars, um, well, not necessarily looking their best.rnrnFrom unfortunate spray tan disasters — yo Tiz, shoulda checked yourself before you wrecked yourself — to Leighton Meester’s unusually disheveled appearance, here’s our selection of last night’s seven biggest fashion flops.rnrn

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Khloe Kardashian’s New Hair: Love It?


Hard as it was to tear ourselves from Robsten (photos) at the People’s Choice Awards, we did manage to check out the action with other celebrities at the show. Our radar swooped straight onto Khloe Kardashian, who just missed our list of the 10 best dressed stars at the show. Her sister, Kim Kardashian represented though, and one Kardashian’s enough! We do like Khloe’s strapless Grecian gown, we just wish she had gone with another color.

It was hard to miss Khloe with her new auburn-chestnut hair. Do we like it? We’re not sure yet, but it’s slowly growing on us! What’s with the new color debut, Khloe? Is someone trying to get more mileage for their spin-off show? We’d like to hear your thoughts. Love the hair? Hate the hair? Meh about the hair? Sound off in the comments section.

[Photo: Getty Images]


Top 10 Best Dressed At The People’s Choice Awards: From Sweetpeas To Sexpots


Amidst the People’s Choice Awards‘ teleprompter flubs, boring video packages, and less-than-funny hosting was some surprisingly foxy fashion. Traditionally celebs wait to pull out the big style guns for the Golden Globes or Oscars (or any award show with a televised red carpet) but Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart, Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez looked every bit the Hollywood starlets tonight at the PCAs. Swift rocked her usual feminine, soft, retro look while Kardashian wore a shimmery curve-hugging dress. KStew looked better than ever in an ultra-mini Reem Acra dress and sky-high heels.

Check out our top 10 best dressed celebs at the People’s Choice Awards. [Photos: Getty Images]

10. Malin Akerman

9. Johnny Depp

8. Emma Roberts

7. Zac Efron

6. Minka Kelly

5. Taylor Lautner

4. Kim Kardashian

3. Taylor Swift

2. Selena Gomez

1. Kristen Stewart

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Did we miss any of your favorite looks of the night? Let us know in the comments.


50 Reluctantly Hot Robsten Moments At The People’s Choice Awards


It’s fair to say that Robert Pattinson (photos) and Kristen Stewart (photos) are exceptionally good-looking human beings. Add the appeal of vampires, eternal love and real-life romance, and it’s no wonder why the couple’s every move is analyzed by every Twi-blogger on the web.

Their collective modesty and discomfort in the spotlight, however, is what sets them apart from the rest of Hollywood. Robsten (photos) refuses to give into their rabid fans’ desire for them to suck face on the red carpet and the duo get visibly uneasy when attention is brought to their smokin’ hot appearance.

Never was this hesitation to embrace their dead-sexiness and present their togetherness more obvious than at the People’s Choice Awards. Check out our 50 most reluctantly hot Robsten moments, including plenty of RPattz not-so-stealthly checking out KStew’s enviable legs, and the pair sneaking each other adoring glances. [Photos: CBS, Getty Images]

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Julia Roberts Says “We’re F—ed” If Academy Ignores Javier Bardem

Oscar Nominations come out January 25, and actors are ravenous for little tiny statues they can display in their bathrooms. Leading the brigade is Julia Roberts as she campaigns for Javier Bardem in Biutiful like a furious grizzly bear campaigns to keep hikers away from her cubs. Raves Roberts about Bardem’s role in the Spanish-language film, which she screened for a high-profile audience in L.A., “He’s so raw and completely open to sharing every emotion this character has.” When an EW interviewer informed her that someone he knew couldn’t finish the film as it was too “bleak,” Roberts retorted, “I don’t know how you couldn’t want to know what happens. I hope that person is haunted until the end of time wanting to know what happened.” Til the end of time! A-list actresses with their claws out are just the thing to get us through these long winter months. And even longer award shows.

So if her Eat Pray Love co-star was soooo great in his new film, why wouldn’t Javier get a nom? According to Roberts, it all has to do with the award campaign process. “I think the movie hasn’t gotten the exposure. You don’t know where it is. It’s like this hidden little jewel. Especially in this particular season, people don’t hunt for things. They just take what you throw in their face,” Julia explains. Like when Sandra Bullock campaigned so hard for The Blind Side last year that she won Best Actress, even though the movie is basically a cheesy family drama. Wait, who said that? Oh right, it was us. So if Bardem doesn’t get the nod? “If there’s not hope for talent, then we’re f–ed,” Julia fumed. She doesn’t just mean Hollywood either, you guys. She means everyone on the planet. And we believe her, because she’s Julia f—ing Roberts.

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Nicole Kidman Tortures Jen Aniston With Perfect Husband Keith Urban


It must have been hard for Jennifer Aniston to interview Critics’ Choice Movie Award nominee Nicole Kidman about her amazing spouse when she kept “getting something in her eye” and had to weep for 45 minutes at a time. As the Just Go With It co-stars revealed in an interview for Harper’s Bazaar, Nicole Kidman prayed for husband Keith Urban…or a man just like him. About meeting her future hubby in 2005, Kidman gushes, “I remember thinking, Oh my God, if you ever gave me a man like that, I promise I would be completely devoted for the rest of my life. Something that wild. I remembered praying after I met him that I’d meet somebody, if not him, like him.” Jeez Nicole, have some tact. You don’t show a starving person your delicious pastrami sandwich when you know they don’t have one of their own.

Despite the wild success both women have had in their field, both Aniston and Kidman agree that nothing is more important than a man. Nothing! “Jen and I like to ask people if they would rather have a great love that lasts a lifetime or an amazing career where you go down in history. Some people do answer that they want an extraordinary career,” Nicole explained. Predictably Aniston didn’t agree with that point of view, maintaining “I know what I would choose. That’s a no-brainer. I would choose the love of my life.” We get it, Jen! You’re a 40-year-old millionaire with the body of a college sophomore, but it all means nothing without a big slobbery dope to love. We get it already.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Matt Damon To Receive Joel Siegel Award At Critics’ Choice Movie Awards


Hot off the presses, here’s an announcement about a special award that True Grit star Matt Damon will be receiving at next week’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. Read on for more deets.


9:00 PM ET/PT ON VH1

(SANTA MONICA, CA – January 5, 2011) — The Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) announced today that renowned actor and philanthropist Matt Damon will be presented with the fourth annual Joel Siegel Award at the 16th annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. The ceremony will air live on VH1 on Friday, January 14 at 9:00 PM ET/PT.

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