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Our Favorite Golden Globes Moments: The Artist’s Dog, Penis Jokes And More

We actually had a scorecard ready to mark how many offensive things Ricky Gervais said at tonight’s Golden Globes, but it seems that he decided to leave the raunch and insults to others. Most of it, at least. Anyway, here are our favorite silly, cute, funny and moving moments from the 69th annual awards show, in semi-chronological order:

» Ricky Gervais said he wasn’t allowed to joke about Mel Gibson, or Jodie Foster’s Beaver. “I haven’t seen it myself; that doesn’t mean it’s not any good.”

» Ricky continued his amusing relationship with Johnny Depp by asking him onstage: “Have you seen The Tourist?” To which Depp answered, “No.”

» Julianne Moore and Rob Lowe very gracefully overcame a TelePrompTer fail. And Downton Abbey’s Elizabeth McGovern tripped UP the stairs. And during one cutaway, we saw Dame Helen Mirren chewing. Thus proving stars’ humanness once again.

» While standing next to Kate Beckinsale, Seth Rogen said, “Hello, I’m Seth Rogen, and I’m currently trying to hide a massive erection. ” And then the camera cut away to a show of Jodie Foster’s kids, for some reason.

» Speaking of kids, daughters seemed to be a big theme of the night. Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy winner Michelle Williams thanked her daughter, Matilda, for putting up with having months of bedtime stories in which “all the princesses were read aloud in a Marilyn Monroe voice.” Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series or Miniseries winner Peter Dinklage thanked his daughter who was home with her first babysitter. Best Director winner Martin Scorsese thanked his daughter, Francesca, for introducing him to the book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, on which Hugo is based.

» George Clooney borrowed Brad Pitt’s cane to introduce Moneyball.
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Jessica Lange Says Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga Are “Incredibly Emotional Actors”

Hello from the Golden Globes press room! Jessica Lange was just onstage answering questions after winning the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Supporting Role for her work on American Horror Story. She’s incredible on the show, and her scenes with Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga are particularly chilling. As huge fans of AHS and its stars, we were curious about what it’s like for the two-time Oscar winner to work with the show’s young talent.

“I think they’re both incredibly emotional actors,” she told us. “Especially with Evan — he has a rawness to him that I find very exciting in actors, where you can’t anticipate what they’re going to do. And the emotions are right there, and to me that’s the most exciting kind of acting.” She added with a smile, “I enjoy working with both of them immensely.”

When asked about a second season of the hit show, Jessica coyly answered, “Nothing is definite.” We’ll take that as a yes and keep our fingers crossed!

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Put A Bird On It! Aviarian Influences At The 2012 Golden Globes

You know the old saying, “Two is coincidence but three makes a trend?” Well, at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards tonight, one of the more sly trends of the evening was ushered in by the unlikely trio of Dianna Agron, Evan Rachel Wood and Emma Stone. Specifically, all three were wearing outfits that were either made from or paid tribute to our fine feathered friends, birds.

Evan Rachel Wood led the way with her stunning Gucci Premiere gown, which was decked out with shimmery bird feathers that reminded this viewer more than a little of Black Swan. Glee star Dianna Agron dazzled in another avarian-inspired outfit, which was designed by Giles and featured laser-cut swans (or so she told E! red carpet correspondent Giulana Rancic). Lastly, Emma Stone kept her dress in place with a sparkly eagle belt, which may or may not have been modeled after the most patriotic of the Muppets, Sam the Eagle. (Hint: It almost certainly wasn’t.)

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Golden Globes Red Carpet: The 20 Best-Dressed

We saw a whole lot of cray, even more neutrals and a healthy splattering of color on the red carpet at the Golden Globes tonight. And our favorites of the bunch come from all of the above categories. We weren’t too surprised that Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Reese Witherspoon topped the list — after all, they’ve had a lot of practice at these things — but we hardly could have predicted their dresses. They’re the kind of gowns that make little girls and grown women want to play dress-up. Check out our top 20 list below, and then tell us why we’re all wrong in the comments below!

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Piper Perabo Proves Golden Globes Neutrals More Colorful Than We Thought

Neutrals and blush: If done right, you’re instantly transformed into a more sophisticated and elegant version of yourself. Done wrong, you’re either a human-size Band-Aid or a couture Golden Girl. And not the hot one. Either way, Piper Perabo took pleasure in demonstrating how unbeige beige can be on the Golden Globes red carpet tonight, as did Charlize Theron, Heidi Klum, Katherine McPhee, Amanda Peet, Taissa Farmiga, E!’s Guiliana Rancic, and Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland and Julie Bowden. The neutrals and blushes are still coming fast and furious, but which is your favorite flesh-toned frock so far?

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Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Reveals Everyone’s Rooting For The Help

As we’ve said before, last night’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards was the opening act to one of our favorite times of year, ski awards season. And on the red carpet, it was easy to spot who was new to this whole deal and who’s been strolling down carpets for decades.

“My whole body’s shaking right now,” The Help’s Jessica Chastain admitted to us on the red carpet. George Clooney, meanwhile, told us, “I never get truly nervous, but I’m always happy to be here.”

It was a big night for The Artist, which won Best Director and Best Picture, and The Help, which nabbed three acting prizes. Viola Davis moved everyone to tears with her speech, in which said portraying women like her character in the film was basically why she was born. Even the stars who were ostensibly competing against the Help cast were pulling for wins by Davis and company.
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Jason Segel Says Date With YouTube Fan Was “More Awkward” For Her

Jason Segel, star of the The Muppets, upped his awesome factor when he took a fan and her twin sister out in Chicago last week. Chelsea Gill posted an adorable video of herself singing an original song asking Jason out for drinks, and the star eagerly obliged. “It felt like hanging out with some of my friends,” the 23-year-old told Showbiz Tonight after the big date. “He’s so down to earth.”

At the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, we asked about his decision to contact Gill and take her to the Chicago Film Critic Awards show. “I thought she showed a lot of guts!” he said. “It was really nice and really sweet and sorta reminded me of when I was a kid.”

Jason also spilled the dirty details about their very G-rated date. “We hung out with her and her twin sister,” he said. “It was cool. It was more awkward for them than it was for me. I like jumped right into and we started singing and stuff. She felt incredibly awkward.”

Sounds like every first date we’ve ever been on. Check out Jason above and Chelsea’s adorable video below.
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George Clooney Calls Co-Star Shailene Woodley “A Pain In The Ass”

George Clooney is like the Bill Clinton of Hollywood — he makes every person he talks to feel like his best friend. I know this because I talked to George last night at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, and we’re now best friends. Seriously, we are. I think. George, accompanied by lovely girlfriend Stacey Keibler, chatted with VH1 about his Descendants co-star Shailene Woodley, who was nominated for two awards and is poised to be the next big thing around LaLaLand. ‘I don’t care for her,” he teased. “She’s a pain in the ass.” Coming from George Clooney, that’s a compliment, right?

“She’s not just a really great actress,” said the star, who took home the Best Actor trophy. “She’s like a really normal smart young woman. I’m really impressed with her.” Awww! Spoken like a true movie dad.

Descendants director Alexander Payne had similar praise for the Secret Life of the American Teenager star when we spoke to him in November. “I didn’t have an also ran,” he said of casting her. “She just came in and knocked my socks off. My mental model had been a young Debra Winger — that look, that fire and vulnerability in her eyes. I didn’t find Debra Winger, I found this gal. She has her own version of that package of fire and vulnerability. She’s going places. And she’s nice as pie.”

Stay tuned to see if Shailene and George will take home a Golden Globe on Sunday!

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CCMA Trend Watch: The Pink Ladies

While a major trend at the Critic’s Choice Movie Awards was goth, with a lot of beautifully textured black gowns spotted on the red carpet, a more feminine color also made its presence felt at the event. Careening wildly to the other end of the color spectrum, pink also staked its claim. Viola Davis and Busy Phillips picked more punchy shades, wearing gorgeous vibrant raspberry. Busy picked an Antonio Berardi gown, while Viola chose a Raoul number. Jessica Chastain and Missi Pyle were a lot more sedate. Jessica looked lovely in a pink Balenciaga column and Missi wore a blush, strapless Grecian gown that looks quite Marchesa-esque.

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The question is, whose do you prefer? Let us know in the poll below.

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Critics’ Choice Movie Awards: Our Favorite Speeches, Toasts And Deaths

For some people, an awards show is all about who wins and who’s snubbed. For those people, we have this list. For others, however, it’s about all of those other moments in-between — the awkward speeches, the hilarious skits, the cutaways to the tipsy A-listers sitting at tables full of empties. Here’s a list of our favorites from the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards (in chronological order):

» Octavia Spencer began her Best Supporting Actress speech with a flustered, “Well I’m not prepared, I wasn’t a Girl Scout.” But then she pulled it together and quite elegantly thanked a whole lot of people.

» Christopher Plummer in his pink shirt, said he was “completely turned on” by his Supporting Actor win. “At my age, I need all the help I can get in that department.”
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